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  1. In debt to their banks as the victim has usually sent a large portion of the, cheque , by some non-reversible 'wire transfer' means (typically Western Union) to
  2. Or answers all questions correctly, thus usually letting the host rip the, cheque , for £500,000 apart and winning the top prize of £1 million. New formats and
  3. The perceived source of the movement—Serbia (this is often called" the blank, cheque ,"). He wanted to remain in Berlin until the crisis was resolved, but his
  4. To her financial advisers. Whenever she received a letter soliciting money,a, cheque , would be sent by the next post, regardless of the authenticity of the mendicant
  5. Fraudulent draft on their account. It has been suggested that in some cases the, cheque , is genuine — however the fraudster has a friend (or bribes an official) at
  6. Paper surface. Checks should either be printed with liquid ink or on special, cheque , paper with toner anchorage. For similar reasons carbon film ribbons for IBM
  7. Sent a poem to an American publication, Gordon suddenly receives from them a, cheque , worth ten pounds—a considerable sum for him at the time. He intends to set
  8. Set in 1789) shows the middle-aged Lady Lyndon signing Barry's annuity, cheque , as Bullingdon looks on. One last title card closes the film:: Epilogue ... It
  9. Negotiable instruments such as checks. The machine-readable lower portion of a, cheque , however, must be printed using MICR toner or ink. Banks and other clearing
  10. Within 1–5 business days, regardless of how long it actually takes for the, cheque , to clear and funds to be transferred from the issuing bank. The checks
  11. The police found the memoirs and returned them to Zaroff. On payment of a, cheque , to the policemen, Zaharoff re-acquired the manuscript, which he then consigned
  12. In other countries) concerning checks: when an account holder presents a, cheque , for deposit or to cash, the bank must (or in other countries, usually ) make
  13. By the magazine. Reportedly, as Thompson was waiting for a $75,000 advance, cheque , to arrive, he learned that Rolling Stone publisher Jane Winner had pulled the
  14. Forces is beaten back with heavy losses. * February 16 – The first known, cheque , ( 400 pounds) is written (on display at Westminster Abbey). * April 22 –
  15. Host Lenny Henry with" the biggest check of the night"—a physically huge, cheque , for ten pence. In 1989 Enfield realized a personal project, Norbert Smith - a
  16. For example at the Versailles Peace Conference – was that this" blank, cheque ," licensed Austro-Hungarian aggression regardless of the diplomatic
  17. Anonymous, in Ego 5: I find I am richer this year than last; so I enclose a, cheque , for 500 pounds for you to distribute among young writers and artists and
  18. Holder to be covered with the funds from the bank clearing the check. The, cheque , given to the victim is typically counterfeit but drawn on a real account with
  19. For example" Gregory Peck" ( an actor) meaning" neck" and also ", cheque ,";" Ruby Murray" ( an Irish singer) meaning" curry ";" Alan's ", meaning "
  20. Power struggles, with Fuller reportedly receiving a 10 million pounds severance, cheque , to keep quiet about the details of his sacking. Months later, in May 1998
  21. Eventually becomes apparent either to the bank or the account holder that the, cheque , is a forgery. This can be as little as three days after the funds are available
  22. For the tremor to worsen in" performance" situations, such as when writing a, cheque , for payment at a store. ET-related tremors do not occur during sleep, but
  23. Example, programme for program, manoeuvre for maneuver, skilful for skillful, cheque , for check, etc.). AME sometimes favors words that are morphologically more
  24. Clyde side UCS workers' work-in of 1971 by sending a bouquet of red roses and a, cheque , for £5,000. On moving to New York City in August that year, they befriended two
  25. Not known if Mr. Dick ever received anything. (An image of Media Logistics ', cheque , is shown on Roberts' website) Both Roberts and Dick are well known figures in
  26. While leaving the studio after presenting host Lenny Henry with" the biggest, cheque , of the night"—a physically huge check for ten pence. In 1989 Enfield realized
  27. The 5000 pound sterling sum, which surprises even Watson, and then pats the, cheque , saying," I am a poor man ", an incident that could be dismissed as
  28. Funds are available if the bank supposedly covering the check discovers the, cheque , information is invalid, or it could take months for a business or individual to
  29. US$1.30 on the parallel market. On 15 May 2008,a new $500 million bearer, cheque , was issued by the RBZ. At time of first issue it was worth US$1.93. In a widely
  30. And true to its word, the CPR named the pass" Rogers Pass" and gave him the, cheque , This however, he at first refused to cash, preferring to frame it, and saying
  31. Of the amount of time involved, once the cashing bank is alerted that the, cheque , is fraudulent, the transaction is reversed and the money removed from the
  32. Assigned to a surveyor named Major Albert Bowman Rogers. The CPR promised him a, cheque , for $5,000 and that the pass would be named in his honor. Rogers became
  33. To the account holder to be covered with the funds from the bank clearing the, cheque , The check given to the victim is typically counterfeit but drawn on a real
  34. Subject to some conditions. At the date of first issue the $250 million bearer, cheque , was worth approximately US$1.30 on the parallel market. On 15 May 2008,a new
  35. Delegation of powers, stating that" … we are asked not merely to give a blank, cheque , but, to give an uncrossed check to the Government. " He lost his seat at the
  36. In denominations of $5 billion,$25 billion and $50 billion. #21 July:“ ago, cheque ,” for $100 billion. Inflation by 16 July officially surged to 2,200,000 % with
  37. Funds in it. With a piece of software like QuickBooks and/or pre-printed blank, cheque , stock,using the correct banking information, the scammer can easily print a
  38. To write the word dollars as it is usually already printed on the check. On a, cheque , UK residents would write three pounds and 24 pence, three pounds 24 or three
  39. Payment is handled in a variety of ways: online credit card payment, mailed,check, money order, or PaidByCash, or phone order. For credit card payments, the
  40. As three days after the funds are available if the bank supposedly covering the, cheque , discovers the check information is invalid, or it could take months for a
  41. By the IBM 1412 and 1419 Check Sorters, with Magnetic Ink Printing (for, cheque , books ) on 1445 Printers (a modified 1443 that used an MICR ribbon).
  42. Trying to parse individual characters from script. Reading the Amount line of a, cheque , ( which is always a written-out number) is an example where using a smaller
  43. This unconditional support for Austria-Hungary was called a blank, cheque , by historians, including German Fritz Fischer. Subsequent interpretation – for
  44. Using quantum key distribution was carried in Vienna, Austria. An important, cheque , which needed absolute security, was transmitted from the Mayor of the city to
  45. In single-entry bookkeeping is the cash book, which is similar to a checking (, cheque , ) account register but allocates the income and expenses to various income and
  46. Stock, using the correct banking information, the scammer can easily print a, cheque , that is absolutely genuine-looking, passes all counterfeit tests, and may even
  47. The time between the funds appearing as available to the account holder and the, cheque , clearing is known as the" float ", during which time the bank could
  48. Paying bank to claim it is a fake week or even months later when the physical, cheque , arrives back at the paying bank. Regardless of the amount of time involved
  49. By Canada's trade history. For instance, the British spelling of the word, cheque , probably relates to Canada's once-important ties to British financial
  50. During these years was to photograph Montgomery cashing his old age pension, cheque , at the local social security office. Due to his eminence, the British public

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