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  1. Nights" about these incidents. In it, the first-person narrator seems to, approve ,of the troops' crimes as revenge for German atrocities, expressing his desire
  2. And 1996),Algeria is a multi-party state. The Ministry of the Interior must, approve ,all parties. To date, Algeria has had more than 40 legal political parties.
  3. About 100 state-controlled) firms, obligate or disburse expenditures, approve ,or veto regulations, declare states of emergency, and appropriate and spend
  4. Of a credible and comprehensive peace strategy and its application, but it did, approve ,2 million USD in aid for the process. Individual EU members such Sweden, Italy
  5. Terms by popular vote. The National Assembly has the power to enact laws, approve ,the budget, schedule presidential elections, select and dismiss the Prime
  6. Urban growth boundary. This has put continuing pressure on the city council to, approve ,development applications for subdivisions outside the city fringe. In
  7. The parties represented in the 120-member assembly proceeded to draft and, approve ,a new constitution, which was promulgated September 24, 1993. It established a
  8. Of a woman bishop. On 7 July 2008 the church's governing body voted to, approve ,the ordination of women as bishops and rejected moves for alternative episcopal
  9. Was" ungovernable ". In particular, an attempt by the Legislative Assembly to, approve ,a law that opened up the electricity and telecommunication markets (controlled
  10. Also negotiated to purchase the Danish West Indies, but the Senate refused to, approve ,the purchase in 1867 (it eventually happened in 1917). The Senate likewise
  11. The ultimate assessment of his presidency is still divided between those who, approve ,of his reduction of the size of government programs and those who believe the
  12. Kingdom, which also retains responsibility to ensure good government. It must, approve ,any changes to the Constitution of Bermuda. Bermuda now exists as an overseas
  13. Out right by an absolute majority of MEPs. If the Council still does not, approve ,the Parliament's position, then the text is taken to a" Conciliation
  14. With their respective Anglican body, bishops in the ELLA or the CELTIC not only, approve ,the" fostering" of all ordained pastors, diaconal ministers, and associates
  15. Cruse Murphy approached Tweed to find out whether New York's aldermen would, approve ,the proposal. Tweed's response was that $60,000 for the aldermen would close
  16. S PLN, which has established a coalition with PUSH and ML in Congress to, approve ,the implementation laws in Congress, as well as different business chambers
  17. Further multiplied, went to Lyon. There he succeeded in persuading Gregory to, approve ,his new order, making it a branch of the Benedictines and following the rule of
  18. 1939 to produce, direct,write, and act in two feature films. The studio had to, approve ,the story and the budget if it exceeded $500,000. Welles was allowed to develop
  19. For which the rope was to be used. We are not required at this time either to, approve ,or to dis approve the application of the rule that was made in these cases. It
  20. To either sign or reject the law within 15 days. The National Assembly must, approve ,the prime minister’s plan of government and may force the prime minister to
  21. Forces. The governor has a duty to enforce state laws and the power to either, approve ,or veto bills passed by the Alabama Legislature, to convene the legislature
  22. Medicine advocates disagree with the restrictions of government agencies that, approve ,medical treatments. In the United States, for example, critics say that the
  23. To otherwise communicate with spoken language. However, Bliss did not, approve ,of his language being used as an AAC; he sued the cerebral palsy centers who
  24. Country. For example, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not, approve ,bromide for the treatment of any disease, and it was removed from
  25. King said to him::" On this account I have not the power, nor do I dare, to, approve , the objects of your mission until I can consult our gods by the casting of lots
  26. Movement is also suspect according to the Roman Catholics as they presumably, approve ,of the ordination of females, and may have even undergone an (invalid)
  27. Which is used to purchase 'such books as Professor Barberry might or might not, approve ,of. '" Students have followed this tradition ever since, and the fund
  28. As a saint by the majority of major Christian denominations which officially, approve ,of and recognize saints. His feast day is observed on 2 May, the day of his
  29. By banking executive Larry Parnell, was successful in getting Denver voters to, approve ,a 0.1 percent sales tax to help finance a new baseball stadium. Also, an
  30. The non-Soviet zones of the country into one zone for reconstruction and, approve ,the extension of the Marshall Plan. The Eastern Bloc and the Berlin airlift
  31. And the San Francisco Castro Theater. Positive responses pushed the studio to, approve ,work on an official director's cut. It was re-released with the 5-disc
  32. 21 aircraft. The amendment was narrowly defeated. Nonetheless, Congress did not, approve ,funding for the purchase of any additional B-2 bombers. Upgrades A number of
  33. His desire to follow his own way, saying," I am sure the Institute would not, approve , for, naturally it regards the path which it ordains as the only right one. But
  34. To them which I have been permitted to see, are not of such as kind as to, approve ,themselves on all points to my understanding. " Further, the text of the
  35. Event, to allow for congregation elders to assess their suitability. Elders, approve ,candidates for baptism if the candidates are considered to understand what is
  36. Father, whose role it is to witness the young protagonist’s moral growth and, approve ,of it. In his very first film, Sanshiro Sugar, after the Judo master Yang
  37. To be a government when Congress is not in session. # Requires nine states to, approve ,the admission of a new state into the confederacy. It pre- approve d the British
  38. As by President Rodriguez, but the first of three required legislative votes to, approve ,it provoked the largest protest demonstrations the country had seen since 1970.
  39. In order to" save appearances" of certain phenomena, which Alien did not, approve ,of due to his insistence on scientific demonstration. Unlike some later
  40. Time. Neither the organizers nor Rudolf Hess were willing to decide whether to, approve ,the plans, and Hess sent Speer to Hitler's Munich apartment to seek his
  41. The Upper House of the Convocation of Canterbury resolved that bishops might, approve ,the use of the 1928 book, notwithstanding the lack of parliamentary authority.
  42. Assembly has the power to decide the direction of domestic and foreign policy;, approve ,or amend the constitution; declare war on another state; ratify or annul
  43. Including George Kennan) believed that the Japanese treaty led Stalin to, approve ,a plan to invade U. S. -supported South Korea on June 25, 1950. Korea had been
  44. The fate of the controversial agreement. As the February 28, 2008 deadline to, approve ,or reject CAFTA loomed, Arias decided to call for the referendum himself, and
  45. Oath was not so easily dispensed with. Without his oath, the king refused to, approve ,his election. For four years Cauchy was in the absurd position of being elected
  46. In Damascus and Cairo. They review language development, monitor new words and, approve ,inclusion of new words into their published standard dictionaries. They also
  47. Oscar Arias returned to office, the political debate has centered on whether to, approve ,or reject CAFTA. Main supporters of the approval include the President's PLN
  48. Not justified in the light of Qur'an. Judaism The official teachings of Judaism, approve ,the death penalty in principle but the standard of proof required for
  49. Showed him a rough of this Frank Frazetta-like painting. The actor had a day to, approve ,it or, as he was told, there would be no ad campaign for the film. Rail ran
  50. From 26,000 to 165,000 by the end of the year. Bell was given the authority to, approve ,of any TV announcer. But, each NFL franchise was empowered to independently

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