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  1. The twentieth century. Non-scientific legacy While travelling, Einstein wrote, daily ,to his wife Elsa and adopted stepdaughters Margot and Else. The letters were
  2. Workers on assembly lines while studying industrial mass production in their, daily ,work. Heidi became a union shop steward in the aluminum foundry where she
  3. Skills and thus decreasing the occurrence of challenging behaviors. Consistent, daily ,use of an individualized visual schedule will increase a child's organization
  4. That a patient must experience chronic anxiety and excessive worry, almost, daily , for at least 6 months due to a number of stressors (such as work or school)
  5. Angeles, passing major cities like Chicago, Dallas and Las Vegas during the 13, daily , stages,as well as natural wonders including the Rocky Mountains, Death Valley
  6. As" the relationship between lord and subject is established, hearts become, daily ,filled with evil designs, until the manacled criminals sullenly doing forced
  7. Existing cases and the country's emergency reserves are depleted. When the, daily ,number of deaths jumps to 30,the town is sealed and an outbreak of plague is
  8. Democratic candidates. However, on September 1,2010,when Agassi appeared on, daily ,NYC public radio program" The Brian Leader Show," Agassi stated that he is a
  9. From Westport to Chill via Newport and Mulroney. * Bus Ireland 440 provides, daily ,commutes to Westport and beyond from the island's scattered villages. * Bus
  10. Generally living at home and needed considerable support and supervision in, daily ,living,46 % needed specialist residential provision from facilities
  11. Of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to meet their, daily ,communication needs. Differences in communication may be present from the first
  12. Of editing a film only after all footage has been shot—was to edit a film, daily , bit by bit, during production. This helped particularly when he started using
  13. Of the Italian Anarchist Union (20,000 members plus Humanity Nova, its, daily , paper ) grew accordingly ... Anarchists were the first to suggest occupying
  14. Thickness is very effective at controlling inside temperature through the wide, daily ,fluctuations typical of desert climates, a factor which has contributed to its
  15. Showed that, in spite of the high fat content of almonds, using them in the, daily ,diet might lower several factors associated with heart disease, including
  16. Results regarding its usefulness. Another study has demonstrated that, daily ,use of an alum-containing mouth rinse was safe and produced a significant effect
  17. Present in the community are an obvious and visible part of the city's, daily ,life and contribute to many cultural flavors uncommon for the North, such as
  18. Zealand). The fastest ferries in the world (100 km/h) operate up to 10 times, daily ,from the port of Aarhus to the port cities of Sjællands Odde and Lundberg on
  19. Nares. In this randomized controlled trial, patients used nasal mupirocin twice, daily ,5 days a month for 1 year. *Chlorhexidine baths, In a randomized controlled
  20. Of the Washington Monument in 1884,a time when one ounce (30 grams) cost the, daily ,wage of a common worker on the project; The capstone, which was set in place on
  21. Kilometres southeast. Summers are moderately warm but rarely hot. The average, daily ,high in August is, and or higher is only measured on average on 3 days, placing
  22. Thus, to make his point very clear, and show the extreme necessity of, daily ,exercise for health, Ibn Sing states: Massage Before you begin to exercise it
  23. After several years, most patients require help to carry out activities of, daily ,living such as self-care, feeding,and transportation. MND is typically fatal
  24. And in 15 % of residents receiving mupirocin ointment plus chlorhexidine baths, daily ,for the first three days of mupirocin treatment (4/27). Although these
  25. Prime minister of the island nation, Mike Man, is of Jewish descent. Average, daily ,consumption in is about 37,000 metric tons. Places of interest
  26. Scattered around the city with Arms being the newest and largest featuring, daily ,exhibits of contemporary art. Other museums include Aarhus Kunstbygning also
  27. Pegged to the rock floor, covering an area of, where a pair of vultures feasted, daily ,on his liver. Trojan War Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague into the
  28. Airport (DCU). Rail For rail transport, Amtrak schedules the Crescent,a, daily ,passenger train, running from New York to New Orleans with stops at Anniston
  29. As a correspondent covering Congress and the White House for a Pennsylvania, daily , Meanwhile, his wife worked at a specialized library for business and behavioral
  30. Verbal prompting system that talks people with cognitive impairment through, daily ,routine tasks. Claims Since children with autism process visual information
  31. Art concerned not only with fighting proficiency but with the betterment of, daily ,life, this mental aspect is of key importance to aikido practitioners.
  32. To control and can cause serious mental anguish that interferes with normal, daily ,functioning. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV
  33. Communicating with friends or family outside the town. The separation affects, daily ,activity and depresses the spirit of the townspeople, who begin to feel
  34. Edited by Pat Hackett, is a diary dictated by Warhol to Hackett in, daily ,phone conversations. Warhol started the diary to keep track of his expenses
  35. Ten Watermark, and Dappermarkt. Some of these markets are held on a, daily ,basis, like the Albert Upmarket and the Dappermarkt. Others, like the
  36. In North America, while the Calgary C-Train has one of the highest number of, daily ,riders of any LRT system in North America. Alberta is well-connected by air
  37. Diaries, Pat Hackett did the transcriptions and text for the book based on, daily ,phone conversations, sometimes (when Warhol was traveling) using audio
  38. Currently served by suburban rail and two subway lines with about 300,000 total, daily ,commuters, and three additional subway lines are under construction. Sports As
  39. Music producer. *Time Capsules: In 1973,Warhol began saving ephemera from his, daily ,life – correspondence, newspapers,souvenirs, childhood objects, even used
  40. Are lower than in the coastal areas and much lower at higher elevations, but, daily , fluctuations are greater. Daytime maximum temperatures in the interior basins
  41. A month, the store sold 60 million applications and brought in $1 million, daily ,on average, with Jobs speculating that the App Store could become a
  42. As slave labor in German-controlled territories or simply killed. The facts of, daily ,life in the plague-stricken city resemble life in wartime France: the showing
  43. Political situation, as well as the economic and social issues affecting their, daily ,lives. One was conducted in 2010 by the Asia Foundation (with technical
  44. Being the birthplace of News Corporation itself. The only South Australian, daily ,newspaper is The Advertiser, published by News Corporation six days a week
  45. From" low" tech to" high" tech, should be incorporated into every aspect of, daily ,living in order to improve the functional capabilities of children with autism.
  46. Somewhat arbitrary. Or on how much support the individual requires in, daily ,life; these subdivisions are not standardized and are controversial. Autism can
  47. Paste made of cornmeal and water. Media Up until April 2010 there were two, daily ,newspapers: Daily Observer and which also published newspapers on other
  48. Dry air permits rapid loss of heat, and the nights are cool to chilly. Enormous, daily ,ranges in temperature are recorded. The highest official temperature was at In
  49. Transmitted, Speer sought a new project. He found one while taking his, daily ,exercise, walking in circles around the prison yard. Measuring the path's
  50. And produced a significant effect on plaque that supplemented the benefits of, daily ,tooth brushing. However, many studies acknowledge that Chlorhexidine remains the

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