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  1. Underestimate of the overall impact, since it does not include lung or skin, cancer , and explicitly underestimates the exposure. Those exposed to levels of arsenic
  2. Risk of oral cancer . McCullough and Farah also state that the risk of acquiring, cancer ,rises almost five times for users of alcohol-containing mouthwash who neither
  3. Concluded on the basis of existing evidence that abortion does not cause breast, cancer , The concept of a causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer is
  4. Aluminium increases estrogen-related gene expression in human breast, cancer ,cells cultured in the laboratory. The estrogen-like effects of these salts have
  5. Dose-dependent connection between chronic arsenic exposure and various forms of, cancer , in particular when other risk factors, such as cigarette smoking, are present.
  6. Important isotope is now astatine-211. This isotope is important in prostate, cancer ,treatment, and,in fact, is the only important isotope of the element. Isotopes
  7. And friends in his East Village loft in New York City, succumbing to liver, cancer ,via complications of hepatitis. He was 70 years old. Ginsberg is buried in his
  8. The funeral. Andre's other sister, Tami,like their mother, Betty,is a breast, cancer ,survivor. Long-time trainer Gil Reyes has been called one of Agassi's closest
  9. Deanna Nolan, American basketball player * 1981 – Clare Oliver, Australian, cancer , activist (d. 2007) * 1987 – Amy Macdonald, Scottish singer and songwriter *
  10. That using mouthwash that contains alcohol will increase the risk of mouth, cancer ,". Studies conducted in 1985,1995,and 2003 did not support an association
  11. Medical personnel, and ensuring access to reproductive-health services. Breast, cancer ,hypothesis Some studies have suggested an association between abortion and
  12. As an author, anthropologist,and prominent In 1955,Maria died of breast, cancer , In 1956, he married Laura Archers (1911–2007),also an author. She wrote This
  13. Death Lovelace died at the age of thirty-six, on 27 November 1852,from uterine, cancer ,and bloodletting by her physicians. She was buried, at her request, next to her
  14. Use Cryosurgery procedures such as cryoablation use liquefied argon to destroy, cancer ,cells. In surgery, it is used in a procedure called" argon enhanced coagulation
  15. A biography of Huxley. In 1960 Huxley himself was diagnosed with laryngeal, cancer , and in the years that followed, with his health deteriorating, he wrote the
  16. In the bones and liver for a period of tens of years. As a result, after the, cancer ,cells were quickly killed by alpha particles from 225Ac,the radiation from the
  17. Variety of ways over the past 500 years, but most commonly in the treatment of, cancer , The US Food and Drug Administration in 2000 approved this compound for the
  18. Armenian and Iranian origin. Andre Agassi's mother, Betty,is a breast, cancer ,survivor. He has three older siblings – Rita, Philip and Tami. Mike Agassi
  19. It remains permanently; in all these organs, americium promotes formation of, cancer ,cells as a result of its radioactivity. Americium often enters landfills from
  20. Concerns that the aluminum in antiperspirants may increase the risk of breast, cancer , and aluminum has controversially been implicated as a factor in Alzheimer's
  21. Did not support an association between alcohol-containing mouth rinses and oral, cancer , Andrew Penman, chief executive of The Cancer Council New South Wales, called
  22. And actor Anatolia Solzhenitsyn all died from the very same type of lung, cancer , Vladimir Sharon, sound designer in Stalker, is convinced that they were all
  23. The upper GI tract, though some evidence of its effectiveness in preventing, cancer ,of the upper GI tract has been inconclusive. Its preventative effect against
  24. Cord blood of exposed babies shows DNA damage that has been linked to, cancer , Follow-up studies show a higher level of developmental delays at age three
  25. Significant concentrations of arsenic in groundwater. Increased levels of skin, cancer ,have been associated with arsenic exposure in Wisconsin, even at levels below
  26. The Objectives movement. " A heavy smoker, Rand underwent surgery for lung, cancer ,in 1974. Several more of her closest associates parted company with her and
  27. In 2004 found a statistically significant increase in the risk of pancreatic, cancer ,among women, while a meta-analysis of several studies, published in 2006,found
  28. This purpose. The role of aspirin in reducing the incidence of many forms of, cancer ,has also been widely studied. In several studies, its use did not reduce the
  29. A study of cancer rates in Taiwan suggested that significant increases in, cancer ,mortality appear only at levels above 150 parts per billion. The arsenic in the
  30. After the 1991 coup and the claim by one of Tarkovsky's doctors that his, cancer ,could not have developed from a natural cause. As Tchaikovsky, his wife Marisa
  31. Cancer diagnosis were found to have lower risks of overall and colorectal, cancer ,death compared to patients not using aspirin. A 2010 article in the Journal of
  32. Arsenic exposure suggests a small but measurable risk increase for bladder, cancer ,at 10 parts per billion. According to Peter Ravens croft of the Department of
  33. Oncology has suggested aspirin may reduce the risk of death from breast, cancer , While the information has been well-circulated by the media, official health
  34. Sacrifice in Sweden. At the end of the year he was diagnosed with terminal lung, cancer , In January 1986,he began treatment in Paris, and was joined there by his son
  35. Validated, include improved complexion and possibly a lower risk of, cancer , Preliminary research associates consumption of almonds with elevating blood
  36. Die. Cesium chloride (non-radioactive) has also promoted as an alternative, cancer ,therapy, but has been linked to the deaths of over 50 patients, when it was
  37. Include a neutron source and an agent for radiation therapy targeting, cancer ,cells in the body. History André-Louis Debate, a French chemist, announced
  38. The incidence of prostate cancer . Its effects on the incidence of pancreatic, cancer ,are mixed; one study published in 2004 found a statistically significant
  39. The ability of radiation to cause certain biological effects, notably either, cancer ,or cell-death, for equivalent radiation exposure. The higher value for alpha
  40. Between mouthwashes that contain alcohol, and an increased risk of oral, cancer , McCullough and Farah also state that the risk of acquiring cancer rises almost
  41. Breast cancer . The concept of a causal link between induced abortion and breast, cancer ,is currently promoted primarily by pro-life groups. Some factors in a woman's
  42. Some studies have suggested an association between abortion and breast, cancer , Proponents of a causal link between the two suggest that the interruption of
  43. Health Organization's standard of 10 parts per billion. However, a study of, cancer ,rates in Taiwan suggested that significant increases in cancer mortality appear
  44. Study analysis would predict an additional 2,000 cases of bladder, cancer ,alone. This represents a clear underestimate of the overall impact, since it
  45. Studied. In several studies, its use did not reduce the incidence of prostate, cancer , Its effects on the incidence of pancreatic cancer are mixed; one study
  46. Every day. On 5 March 1887,when Crowley was eleven, his father died of tongue, cancer , Plaster would later describe this as a turning point in his life, and he
  47. Of over 50 patients, when it was used as part of a scientifically invalidated, cancer ,treatment. Cesium is present in the body at about 20 ppb. *Francium has no
  48. Said" the available evidence does not support a connection between oral, cancer ,and alcohol-containing mouth rinse ". Mouthwashes containing cetylpyridinium
  49. Medical Association, men and women who regularly took aspirin after colorectal, cancer ,diagnosis were found to have lower risks of overall and colorectal cancer death
  50. Only 225Ac itself, but also its decay products emit alpha particles which kill, cancer ,cells in the body. The major difficulty with application of 225Ac was that

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