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  1. Other than simple cable television). However,bmobile's main regional, competitor , Digicel, was rejected for a license. The decision was regarded as highly
  2. With its refusal to back British Aircraft Corporation's (BAC) proposed, competitor , a development of the BAC 1-11,despite a preference for the latter expressed
  3. Displaced) and points, called " shots ", are awarded for each bowl which a, competitor ,has closer than the opponent's nearest to the jack. For instance, if a
  4. Europe initially adopted AMRAAM, an effort to develop the MBA Meteor,a, competitor ,to AMRAAM, was begun. Eventually ASRAAM was developed solely by the UK with
  5. Its inception Beech craft has resided in Wichita, Kansas,also the home of chief, competitor ,Cessna, the birthplace of Learjet and of Spearman, whose trainers were used in
  6. Athletes, US national and gymnastics champion and US Olympic weightlifting team, competitor ,John Grimes and British strength athlete Reg Park as winners of newly created
  7. To international match points (IMP). Regardless of the actual contract,the, competitor ,(pair or team) with the best performance on each board gets the highest
  8. Manually one at a time from spare round holders or bullets deposited by the, competitor ,into trays or onto the mat at the firing line. If after eight bullets there are
  9. Best-known today as a show horse, race horse, reining and cutting horse, rodeo, competitor , ranch horse, and all-around family horse. Quarter horses compete well in rodeo
  10. Planted Audi as a cutting edge manufacturer. The model, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, competitor , sold relatively well in Europe. However, the A2 was discontinued in 2005 and
  11. Was standardized in 1978. The ammunition was carried in a belt worn around the, competitor ,'s waist. The sole event was the men's 20 km individual, encompassing four
  12. For the German community in Belgium. Numerous private operators exist. The main, competitor ,in the Flanders and Brussels regions is Emma. The main competitor in the
  13. The first week. In May of the same year,Apple's market cap exceeded that of, competitor ,Microsoft for the first time since 1989. Apple released the fourth generation
  14. Stand on their hind legs, in order to reach food, to keep watch, to threaten a, competitor ,or predator, or to pose in courtship, but do not move bipedally. There are two
  15. ACM site requires a paid subscription. Competition ACM's primary historical, competitor ,has been the IEEE Computer Society, which is the largest subgroup of the
  16. Is" respotted" to the center of the rink and the end are continued. After each, competitor ,has delivered all of their bowls (four each in singles and pairs, three each
  17. British foreign policy, on the continent, was to contain expansion by its, competitor ,powers such as France and Spain. The territorial ambitions of the French led to
  18. Of Digital Research's GEM released that February. The ST was primarily a, competitor ,to the Apple Macintosh and the Commodore Amiga systems. This platform rivalry
  19. Mulish would closely resemble what is thought of today as a fitness and figure, competitor ,instead of what is now considered a female bodybuilder. Fitness competitions
  20. An 1870 opera by Antonin Dvorak Ships: Other: *Alfred (racehorse),a leading, competitor ,for the 1849 Grand National Steeplechase that finished fourth *Alfred (
  21. Business intelligence applies theories of competitive intelligence analysis and, competitor ,analysis to resolve questions in the marketplace. Law enforcement intelligence
  22. Quality. For the Manganese, on the other hand, although they welcomed another, competitor ,purchaser for their spices, the items of trade offered by the Dutch—heavy
  23. More elegant solution requiring fewer parts. He famously described his arch, competitor ,Bentley's cars as" the world's the fastest lorries" for focusing on durability.
  24. Reading and writing data to and from a Blu-ray disc. * HD DVD - a discontinued, competitor ,to the Blu-ray format. * Floppy disk - an outdated storage device consisting of
  25. Voting election might need to get as much as 100 % approval to beat a strong, competitor , and would have to find solutions that are fair to everyone in order to do so
  26. Hours. TV One is another African American-oriented network and a direct, competitor ,to BET. It targets African American adults with a broad range of programming.
  27. Frame Technology Corp. In 1999,Adobe introduced Adobe InCopy as a direct, competitor ,to QuarkCopyDesk. Company events In 1992,Adobe acquired OCR Systems, Inc.; in
  28. The main competitor in the Flanders and Brussels regions is Emma. The main, competitor ,in the Wallonia and Brussels regions is RTL Group. Next to these regional
  29. And released Adobe Olive in 1999 and began shipping Adobe InDesign as a direct, competitor ,to QuarkXPress and as an eventual replacement for Pacemaker. In May 2003,Adobe
  30. Where the interspecies conflict turns deadly, brown bears may also eat the, competitor , despite it not being the primary reason for attack. Brown bears regularly
  31. Of Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 created a strong, competitor ,for BA. In 1993,the intense rivalry between British Airways and Virgin
  32. Received 37 aircraft, with no unfilled orders remaining. The type's closest, competitor ,is the Airbus A330-200. Military and government Versions of the 767 serve
  33. Country each year, to get its members together. SWAN Games is a more recent, competitor ,in subscription-based online Bridge clubs. Bridge Base Online is the most
  34. Board gets the highest number of MP or IMP for that board, and vice versa. The, competitor ,with the highest total number of MP or IMP becomes the winner of the tournament
  35. Small animals. The Afghan Hounds' reasoning skills have made it a successful, competitor ,in dog agility trials as well as an intuitive therapy dog and companion.
  36. The Armthorpe Colliery Band was performed in medal ceremonies when an English, competitor ,at the 2010 Commonwealth Games was awarded gold. *It was one of three hymns
  37. Downstream from the dam sat the city of Johnstown, and Carnegie Steel's chief, competitor ,(from whom Carnegie had hired away steelmaking expert Bill Jones),the
  38. For the Arcadia and had them manufactured. However, Atari started to sue its, competitor ,companies for releasing games to which it had exclusive-rights agreements and
  39. Platform which could be used by a substantial population of desktop users and a, competitor ,to macOS and Microsoft Windows. However, it was ultimately unable to achieve a
  40. Has closer than the opponent's nearest to the jack. For instance, if a, competitor ,has bowled two bowls closer to the jack than their opponent's nearest, they
  41. Was working on the Data tron 220. At the same time, Burroughs was very much a, competitor , Like IBM, Burroughs tried to supply a complete line of products for its
  42. Indeed, mastic pavements had been previously employed at Vauxhall by a, competitor ,of Coleridge, but without success. This was Claridge's Patent Asphalt Company
  43. Cycleway/footpath. The small minibus operator M & M Coaches and its main, competitor ,Transfer Lancashire United provide service in Arrington, with routes to places
  44. The BBC's foray into digital domestic television channels, becoming the first, competitor ,to Sky News, which had been running since 1989. Since then, with several
  45. Managing digital images and post-production work. The product was intended as a, competitor ,to Apple's Aperture in the RAW image editing market. Adobe acquired Scene7 in
  46. Order is often cited as the point at which Airbus came to be seen as a serious, competitor ,to the large American aircraft-manufacturers Boeing and McDonnell Douglas).
  47. To innovate new methods of reproducing audio of his performances. But NBC (and, competitor ,CBS) were also insistent, refusing to air prerecorded radio programs. Crosby
  48. The 1700 Cascadia earthquake *1950 – Althea Gibson becomes the first black, competitor ,in international tennis. *1952 – The penal colony on Devil's Island is
  49. At Blackpool, England,is considered the most prestigious event a dance sport, competitor ,can attend. Formation dance is another style of competitive dance recognized by
  50. The state of California on June 27, 1972. In 1973,Atari secretly spawned a ", competitor ," called See Games, headed by Nolan's next door neighbor Joe Keenan, too

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