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  1. And 10 MV/cm, respectively ). Another two reactions may be used in plasma to, deposit ,Sing: :2 SiH4 + N2 → 2 Sing + 3 H₂: SiH4 + NH3 → Sing + 3 H₂ These films have
  2. Naphtha): (1655 Goodyear translation). The 'Judaicum Bitumen' is a famous, deposit ,of native asphalt seeping through diapers at the bottom of the Dead Sea, which
  3. Review of agate chemistry is a recent text by Moon cited below. The first, deposit ,on the wall of a cavity, forming the" skin" of the agate, is generally a dark
  4. Sea began to attract interest from chemists who deduced the Sea was a natural, deposit ,of potash and bromine. The Palestine Potash Company was chartered in 1929
  5. People to work. Iron is usually found as iron ore on Earth, except for one, deposit ,of native iron in Greenland, which was used by the Inuit people. Native copper
  6. Such as corn stalks or excess hay into large weighted bales of biomass and, deposit ,it in the alluvial fan areas of the deep ocean basin. Dropping these residues
  7. It began as a means for merchants to exchange heavy coinage for receipts of, deposit ,issued as promissory notes from shops of wholesalers, notes that were valid for
  8. In the South Wales East region, who obtained 3,210 votes (1.89 %),losing the, deposit , In the 2007 Welsh Assembly elections the BNP fielded 20 candidates, four in
  9. The community of believers, and the obligation to transmit and preserve the ", deposit ,of faith" ( the experience of Christ and his teachings contained in the
  10. Established and maintained through canon law, and embodying both a historic, deposit ,of formal statements of doctrine, and also framing the regular reading and
  11. They contested, took a 0.7 % share of the overall vote, and retained a, deposit ,in 40 of the seats. 2010 The BNP put forward candidates for 338 out of 650
  12. Bertrandite, and which comes mostly from the company-owned Sport Mountain, deposit ,in the State of Utah. The smelting and other refining of the beryllium is
  13. Of the CBS true crime journalism series 48 Hours, was arrested after trying to, deposit ,the check. He was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury and pleaded not guilty to
  14. Is often used to describe people that collect recyclable materials for their, deposit ,value. Background Traditionally, most people who resort to dumpster-diving are
  15. The classic Parthenon. This" Persian debris" is the richest archaeological, deposit ,excavated on the Acropolis. The Periclean building program Most of the major
  16. The submarine surfaces in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain to, deposit ,a dead man planted with false invasion plans and dressed as a British military
  17. The people The currency component of the money supply is far smaller than the, deposit ,component. Currency, bank reserves and institutional loan agreements together
  18. Was also extended to those without dependents; orphans could make an" enrolled, deposit ," with the Army finance officer earning 5 % interest returned in full at
  19. Base. Commercial pollucite contains over 19 % cesium. The Nikita pegmatite, deposit ,in Zimbabwe is mined for its petalite, but it also contains a significant amount
  20. The Soviet Union or to a joint Soviet-Finnish company. The license to mine the, deposit ,had earlier been granted to a British-Canadian company and the proposition was
  21. Deposits in China are Xikuangshan Mine in Hunan province with an estimated, deposit ,of 2.1 million metric tons. Production The extraction of antimony from ores
  22. And be accepted without regard to credit quality and the ability to direct, deposit ,paychecks and government benefits onto the card for free. Some of the first
  23. First, crocoite from Russia was the main source, but in 1827,a larger chromite, deposit ,was discovered near Baltimore, United States. This made the United States the
  24. Due to bank fraud, and instead now gives each error finder a" certificate of, deposit ," from a publicly listed balance in his fictitious" Bank of San Service ". *
  25. Cans and dumpsters for recyclable materials that can be redeemed for their, deposit ,value. These winners earn on average about $40 per day for several garbage bags
  26. He was one of 9 hijackers to open a Entrust bank account with a cash, deposit ,around June 2001. He is believed to have moved in with IAD Jar rah, who got a
  27. 99.99 % pure. It was the object of the first known battle for a hydrocarbon, deposit , between the Seleucid's and the Galatians in 312 B. C." The Judaicum Bitumen is
  28. The opposite direction, as the photons on the shiny side being reflected would, deposit ,more momentum than on the black side where the photons are absorbed. The actual
  29. And turning opaque. Calcite alabaster is found as either a stalagmite, deposit , from the floor and walls of limestone caverns, or as a kind of travertine
  30. Flow through the reaction chamber. Microfabrication processes widely use CVD to, deposit ,materials in various forms, including: monocrystalline, polycrystalline
  31. And hardened. Once in this form, water passing through the rock can carry and, deposit ,minerals, which can alter the color of the rock. Cross-bedded layers of stacks
  32. The community of believers, and the obligation to transmit and preserve the ", deposit ,of faith" ( the experience of Christ and his teachings contained in the
  33. Refer to: * CD-ROM, the same technology used for computer data * Certificate of, deposit , bank account in the United States with a fixed maturity date In science and
  34. Cement a natural cement mined from a massive deposit of a large milestone rock, deposit ,discovered in the early 19th century near Rosedale, New York. Rosedale cement
  35. Until it is sold, and may even incur costs (for example, the cost of safe, deposit ,box storage) in the interim. Coin hoarders may be similar to investors in the
  36. Crystal' from the planet Bally bran. Black Crystals cut from the same mineral, deposit ,could be" tuned" to sympathetically vibrate with each other instantly, even
  37. Is in place and underwent significant reforms in 1999. There is no customer, deposit ,insurance system. Benin has a lively and diversified microfinance sector. Data
  38. Which gave Belfast its name (). The River Far set is also named after this silt, deposit ,(from the Irish first meaning" sand spit" ). Originally a more significant
  39. The amount of carbon retained in the retained humid material. They also, deposit ,carbon directly to the soil in the form of char that does not significantly
  40. Part of a nation's money supply consists of bank deposit s (sometimes called, deposit ,money),ownership of which can be transferred by means of checks, debit cards
  41. Scale use of cement was Rosedale cement a natural cement mined from a massive, deposit ,of a large milestone rock deposit discovered in the early 19th century near
  42. And chemical barrier in manufacturing ICS. The following two reactions, deposit ,nitride from the gas phase: :3 SiH4 + 4 NH3 → Si3N4 + 12 H₂ :3 SiCl2H2 + 4 NH3
  43. Are contained. Some individuals and companies also keep their backups in safe, deposit ,boxes inside bank vaults. There is also a fourth option, which involves using
  44. Has not proceeded far enough to fill the cavity, and in such cases the last, deposit ,commonly consists of quartz, often amethyst, having the spices of the crystals
  45. Rossetti once showed his sons a key to a Vancouver, British Columbia, safe, deposit , box which, he claimed, contained the long-missing ransom money. Gossett's
  46. Of almost solid salt west of Badalona, was the world's the largest known salt, deposit , There were also large deposit s of gypsum near Salt Mountain, making the
  47. Victims chosen from among the animals that graze freely on the island, and to, deposit ,in exchange the price which they consider fair. But in case the oracle denies
  48. Was an early realization of the ampere, defined as the current that would, deposit ,grams of silver per second from a silver nitrate solution. Later, more accurate
  49. Time. He was one of 9 hijackers to open a Entrust bank account with a cash, deposit ,around June 2001,and on June 29 received either a Florida State Identification
  50. Be designated 'Barberry Day,' and on that day friends of the University would, deposit ,their loose change in brown jugs to augment the fund, which is used to purchase

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