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  1. Kashmiri militant group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen had become a part of the al-Qaeda, coalition , According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees al-Qaeda is
  2. And territory legislatures. This was the first time any single party or any, coalition ,had achieved this since the ACT and the NT gained self-government. The party
  3. People often shared power in parliament as a partner in the five-party Petra, coalition , The party's leader Antonin Sheila (1873–1933) was prime minister several
  4. Minister of War and the dominant figure in the newly formed socialist-liberal, coalition ,government. On 10 May (Julian calendar),Kerensky started for the front, and
  5. Rule. In the ensuing Greco-Persian Wars Athens, together with Sparta, led the, coalition ,of Greek states that repelled the Persians, defeating them decisively at
  6. Just underwent an unsuccessful attempt at Christianization of Lithuania. This, coalition ,was a prelude to Union of Crew in 1385 and Union of Lublin in 1569 that
  7. Practice, the monarch always names a person acceptable to the ruling party or, coalition ,of parties in the autonomous region. In theory, were the candidate to fail to
  8. S stroke, went on to win plurality of Knesset seats, becoming the senior, coalition ,partner in Israel's 31st government. Early life Sharon was born in Far Mall
  9. Captured the city of Kabul. After the siege in 1992 he and Mason fought in a, coalition ,against Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Civil War In 1994,Dos tum allied himself with the
  10. Now he had no troubles with the other tribes. He warned the Romans that a, coalition ,of other tribes were planning to attack them and would get the support of the
  11. Celebrated in Madrid in October 1994,was the scene of a protest by an ad-hoc, coalition ,of what would later be called anti-globalization movements. They tried to drown
  12. New allies. The center-right lost by 24,000 votes in favor of the center-left, coalition ,The Union. Individually AN received nearly 5 million votes, amounting to 12.3 %
  13. Years, and the President is automatically the leader of the winning party or, coalition , It is for the President to appoint (and dismiss) all the following: * The
  14. Her heir instead. The Milanese Filippo Maria Viscount joined the anti-Aragonese, coalition , Alfonso requested support from Bracero the Monotone, who was besieging Joan's
  15. Likely date of the Battle of Megiddo between Thutmose III and a large Canaanite, coalition ,under the King of Keynes, the first battle to have been recorded in what is
  16. Begins when the King of the South moves against the Beast-False Prophet, coalition , which takes place 'at the time of the end. '" #" The King of the South is
  17. To the Afghan people. While the Taliban began regrouping inside Pakistan, more, coalition , troops entered the escalating US-led war. Meanwhile, the rebuilding of war-torn
  18. In the area, the Europe. The Europe were members of a large tribal, coalition ,effectively wiped out during the final phase of Caesar's War in Gaul. After
  19. Mediations of the Karma regime, the U. S. -led international military, coalition , and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, as well as the
  20. 2003 until May 2007 the council was run by a Liberal Democrat and Conservatives, coalition , Following the May 2007 elections the Liberal Democrats formed a new coalition
  21. From the Southern state of Tennessee, as his running mate. To broaden his, coalition ,to include War Democrats as well as Republicans, Lincoln ran under the label of
  22. In three friendly fire incidents: two incidents of Patriot shootings at, coalition ,aircraft and one of U. S. aircraft shooting at a Patriot battery. A new version
  23. The council is currently controlled by the Angus Alliance which comprises a, coalition ,of Independent/Conservative/Liberal Democrat & Labor councillors Sister areas
  24. Who was the Assyrian king of Babylon, exacting savage revenge on the, coalition ,of Chaldean's, Nabateans, Arameans, Sutu, Arabs and Examines who had supported
  25. And minister of post and telegraph Nikita. He retained his post in the final, coalition ,government in October 1917 until it was overthrown by the Bolsheviks. Kerensky
  26. Ibn SA' dun al-Surunbaqi. The Algarve was dominated completely by a multi, coalition ,led by SA'id in MAL, who had expelled the Arabs from Beja, and the lords of
  27. Example of a working direct democracy. Aftermath Alexander the Great had led a, coalition ,of the Greek states to war with Persia in 336 BC, but his Greek soldiers were
  28. Minister-Designate. Older had an initial period of 28 days to form a governing, coalition , with a possible two-week extension. On 11 April 2006,the Israeli Cabinet
  29. Of the Third Military District under General John Pope. In 1874,the political, coalition ,known as the Redeemers took control of the state government from the
  30. Coalition. Following the May 2007 elections the Liberal Democrats formed a new, coalition ,with the Scottish National Party. In May 2007 the council consisted of: 15
  31. Subsequent expeditions in 849 BC and 846 BC against a similar but unspecified, coalition ,seem to show that he met with no lasting success. According to the Tanaka
  32. Parties, such as the Communist Party and current PM Romano Prodi's Union, coalition , Eight years have passed, and the city of Genoa is still trying to recover from
  33. October 1996 Dos tum came to an agreement with Massed to form the anti-Taliban, coalition ,that outside Afghanistan became known as the Northern Alliance. They vowed to
  34. Rivalries," and forged a national organization of durability. The Jackson, coalition ,handily defeated Adams in 1828. During the election,Jackson's opponents
  35. Older, received the most Knesset seats, followed by Labor. The new governing, coalition ,installed in May 2006 included Karima, with Older as Prime Minister, Labor (
  36. Republicans, in part by suppressing the African American vote. After 1890,a, coalition ,of whites passed laws to segregate and disenfranchise black residents, a
  37. Door to an alliance between the Empire and the Franks against the Lombards,a, coalition ,agreed to by Gun tram in about 571. Albion is generally thought not to have been
  38. Of Diego Volga. The present Mayor is Eliot Manuel Delgado the Main, elected by a, coalition ,between the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Social Center. The
  39. Unicameral parliament (also called the National Assembly) is dominated by a, coalition , called" Unity" ( Miasnutyun),between the Republican and Peoples Parties
  40. In the wake of the Gothic War. After succeeding in gathering together a large, coalition ,of peoples, Alboin began his trek in 568. After crossing the Julian Alps he
  41. Participates in NATO's Partnership for Peace. Azerbaijan joined the U. S. -led, coalition ,against Iraq in 2003. It sent 150 troops to Iraq, and later troops to Kosovo.
  42. AN. Government participation The party was part of all three House of Freedoms, coalition ,governments led by Silvio Berlusconi. Gianfranco Fine was notably nominated
  43. In chief Kerensky as" persuader in chief ". On 2 July 1917,the first, coalition ,collapsed over the question of Ukraine's autonomy. Following July Days unrest
  44. Themes and recently smaller ones of some specific liberal nature. A 'rainbow, coalition ,' emerged from six parties: the Flemish and the French-speaking Liberals
  45. Restored their independence. In spite of this, the Abdul joined the Gallic, coalition ,against Caesar (B. G. vii. 42),but after the surrender of Vercingetorix at
  46. Total of the number of the votes. The unicameral parliament is controlled by a, coalition ,of three political parties: the conservative Republican Party
  47. SNP by election gain from the Conservatives on 16 August 2007,the Lib Dem/SNP, coalition ,held 28 of the 43 seats). In August 2009 a councillor resigned from the
  48. Of Count Edouard von Gaffe, Austrian prime minister from 1879 to 1893. Building a, coalition ,of clergy, conservatives and Slavic parties, Taaffe used its power to weaken
  49. Program provided economic relief to African Americans; Roosevelt's New Deal, coalition ,turned the Democratic Party into an organization of the working class and their
  50. High Court ruled that the city has no birthday). *1812 – Peninsula War: A, coalition ,of Spanish, British,and Portuguese forces succeed in lifting the

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