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  1. Of this pressure on the armrests. Armrest needs to be adjustable to, assure ,shoulders are not over stressed. Organizations The International Ergonomics
  2. In rebuilding the armed forces, with major efforts being made in trying to, assure ,regular payment of salaries to armed forces personnel and also in military
  3. Law of 1791 stated," All new discoveries are the property of the author; to, assure ,the inventor the property and temporary enjoyment of his discovery, there shall
  4. Ordinary operating systems, on the other hand, lack the features that, assure ,this maximal level of security. The design methodology to produce such secure
  5. Petitions a lodge. The brethren will then investigate the candidate, to, assure , themselves of his good character, and hold a secret ballot election (often
  6. The exercise of the natural rights of each man has no limits except those which, assure ,to the other members of the society the enjoyment of the same rights. These
  7. Assumptions implied by the method. Examples are ** Re-sampling in order to, assure ,that the image coordinate system is correct. ** Noise reduction in order to
  8. Earl of Derby about my daughter's allowance' and that Derby had promised to, assure ,his new bride £1000 a year, but was now about to leave for Lancashire without
  9. Benny C. Schmidt, Sr. convinced the hospital to test laetrile so that he could, assure ,others of its ineffectiveness" with some conviction. " These mistakes were
  10. Discretion rests with the prescribing doctor, while the regulations chiefly, assure ,that the product operates as expected. In European Union nations, the national
  11. S bank and as the government's bank. As the banker's bank, it helps to, assure ,the safety and efficiency of the payments system. As the government's bank, or
  12. The cast for the Royal Academy of Music, founded by a group of aristocrats to, assure ,themselves a constant supply of baroque opera or opera serial. Handel may have
  13. Community, including the creation of a national intelligence director who would, assure ,that" what one person knew, everyone else knew. " Powell announced his
  14. Every polynomial of the form in − a split into linear factors is not enough to, assure ,that the field is algebraically closed. If a proposition which can be expressed
  15. Alan Lowlands. Here annual rainfall between 1,500 and 2,150 millimeters helps, assure ,a dense forest cover. In addition to timber, the area is rich in minerals. The
  16. Conviction and execution. In the latter case, the government would, assure ,his family full pension payments and a state funeral claiming he had died a
  17. Of political and economic freedom. According to Rand, voluntary trade alone can, assure ,that human interaction is mutually beneficial. Rand's student, Leonard Payoff
  18. Kent. By soliciting help from the Frankish kings and bishops, Gregory helped to, assure ,a friendly reception for Augustine in Kent, as Æthelbert was unlikely to
  19. Evidence. Computational modeling is now widely accepted as an approach to, assure ,the internal consistency of language-evolution scenarios. Approximately
  20. The main difficulty in computing factorials is the size of the result. To, assure ,that the result will fit for all legal values of even the smallest commonly
  21. Simply certification or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to, assure ,qualification to perform a job or task. Many certifications are used as
  22. Times, Lay would issue a statement or make an appearance to calm investors and, assure ,them that Enron was headed in the right direction. By August 15, 2001,Enron's
  23. Campaign to try to explain the decision from a business perspective and, assure ,customers that quality of the aircraft will not be compromised. The reaction to
  24. Really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry's father. I can absolutely, assure ,you that I am not ... I can understand the interest but Harry was already
  25. Assumptions are accurate. Austrian economists hold that induction does not, assure ,certainty like deduction, as real world economic data are inherently ambiguous
  26. Right parties some time. The more you shoot, the better I will like you, and I, assure ,you no policeman will get into trouble for shooting any man. Attributed to Lt.
  27. Literary circles of the 6th and 5th centuries BCE. He said that it served to, assure ,the Israelites in exile that despite the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple
  28. John Stan hope of the Privy Chamber reported," the Queen is so well as I, assure ,you, six or seven billiards in a morning, besides music and singing, is her
  29. And gold. Metals were mined, weighed,and stamped into coins. This was to, assure ,the individual taking the coin that he was getting a certain known weight of
  30. That the image coordinate system is correct. ** Noise reduction in order to, assure ,that sensor noise does not introduce false information. ** Contrast enhancement
  31. Meaning" to trust, to have confidence, faithfulness,to be reliable, to, assure ,". Ethical Culture is a humanist religion that centers on
  32. The UK and US should carefully negotiate the details of the marine reserve to, assure ,that US interests were safeguarded and the strategic value of BIT was upheld.
  33. Formatting, and required matching to the drive (after formatting) in order to, assure ,reliability. Each control cable could serve two or more drives, while a
  34. Sensor noise does not introduce false information. ** Contrast enhancement to, assure ,that relevant information can be detected. ** Scale-space representation to
  35. Second-source chip suppliers, including MOS Technology, Inc., in order to, assure ,his supply. He agreed to buy MOS, which was having troubles of its own, only on
  36. As availability of PCs and other media facilities are concerned. In order to, assure ,maintenance and support of the school PCs, the city of Frankfurt in cooperation
  37. Being placed elsewhere on the head with a non-visible material as a control, to, assure , the subject is not responding to the touch stimuli of the spot's presence.
  38. Unique set having no elements; its size is zero. Some axiomatic set theories, assure ,that the empty set exists by including an axiom of empty set; in other theories
  39. In my recovery, I could not then explain the modes of my relief. I could only, assure ,him that the divine Spirit had wrought the miracle—a miracle which later I
  40. Production and were thus able to fix the prices paid to cultivators in order to, assure ,profits for their shareholders. Europeans established coffee plantations and
  41. The policy, adjusting losses, and supplying the capital needed to reasonably, assure ,that the insurer will be able to pay claims. For small losses these latter
  42. Put God to the test they escape' " (3:14-15). Once again, Malachi has Yahweh, assure ,the people that the wicked will be punished and the faithful will be rewarded.
  43. What happened on Thursday as an incident. The situation is now stable. I can, assure ,you that institutions will return to their normal functions. " The UN secretary
  44. Piece of information, it is usually necessary to process the data in order to, assure ,that it satisfies certain assumptions implied by the method. Examples are **
  45. Power, the caliph named Tapir as governor for his military services in order to, assure ,his loyalty. Tapir and his family became entrenched in Iranian politics and
  46. Was provided with training and equipped from different foreign countries" to, assure ,reliability and retention of power. " The military consisted of the following:
  47. Heed how we commit ourselves to armed multitudes for fear of treachery; but I, assure ,you, I do not desire to live to distrust my faithful and loving people ... I
  48. In films about particular animals, but also used as visual elements that, assure ,the accuracy of historical stories. Both live horses and iconic images of
  49. Concern and reassurance provided by a homeopath as part of the consultation can, assure ,the patient the symptoms are minor and easily treated, or alleviate tension
  50. Of gold, the standard of silver and billion pieces being further degraded to, assure ,the possibility of keeping fiduciary minting alongside a gold standard. The

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