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  1. Feature. In addition, the asteroids rotated, a new enemy dubbed a killer, satellite ,was added to the game, and would break apart into two smaller ships that homed
  2. In Chicago, Illinois,videotape is first demonstrated. *1958 – The Soviet, satellite ,Sputnik 2 falls from orbit after a mission duration of 162 days. *1967 –
  3. Although officially declassified, the original film taken by U. S. Corona spy, satellite ,in the 1960s has been altered prior to declassification; in answer to freedom
  4. Can also take place using HF (especially for trans-oceanic flights) or, satellite ,communication. Navigation is the determination of position and
  5. Field to an amateur audience. In 1989,the European Space Agency's Hipparcos, satellite ,took asymmetry into orbit, where it could be less affected by mechanical
  6. 1.6 million visitors per year. Influence in popular culture *The first French, satellite , which was launched in 1965,was named Astérix-1 in honor of Asterix. Asteroid
  7. Auschwitz III–Monowitz, also known as Luna–Monowitz (a labor camp); and 45, satellite , camps. Name "/NP"> Krakow"/> Auschwitz had for a long time been a German
  8. Cruiser, the USS Lake Erie, successfully intercepted a non-functioning, satellite , From 1992 to 2000 a demonstration system for the US Army Terminal High
  9. Missile technology with the launch of Sputnik, the Earth's first artificial, satellite , In 1958,a topic of research by the U. S. was the test explosions of several
  10. The National Archives and Records Administration to be recorded over with newer, satellite ,data. Stan Lear, who designed and built the lunar camera at Westinghouse
  11. Gilbert went along as primicerius palate, a high administrator of the, satellite ,court. As the friend and adviser of Pepin, he assisted for a while in the
  12. Town. Ajax Cape Town was set up with the help of Rob Moore. Ajax has also had a, satellite ,club in the United States under the name Ajax America, until it filed for
  13. In Paris. *1998 – North Korea reportedly launches Kwangmyŏngsŏng-1,its first, satellite , *1999 – The first of a series of bombings in Moscow kills one person and
  14. Foxtel pay TV service is available as cable television in a few areas, and as, satellite ,television to the entire metropolitan area. It is resold by a number of others
  15. An extension of NASA's uses of Saturn for manned rockets, Mercury for a, satellite ,program, and the Apollo program, rather than as any reflection of the intrinsic
  16. Now the Ohio to Wisconsin) until 1796; they kept alive the dream of forming a, satellite ,Indian nation there, which they called a Neutral Indian Zone. That goal was one
  17. On the Richter scale. *1960 – Echo 1A,NASA's first successful communications, satellite , is launched. *1964 – South Africa is banned from the Olympic Games due to the
  18. Positions at the Australian National University, such as UNIX administration, satellite ,control, and supercomputer research. During this period he was seconded to the
  19. Nuremberg's trial of 24 I. G. Carbon executives: Subcamps There were 45 smaller, satellite ,camps, some of them tens of kilometers from the main camps, with prisoner
  20. 33 seconds. Lunar sub satellite The Apollo 15 sub satellite (PFS-1) was a small, satellite ,released into lunar orbit from the SIM bay. Its main objectives were to study
  21. And R8 models – when equipped with the Audi Navigation System Plus (RNS-E), satellite , navigation system. Engines In the 1980s,Audi, along with Volvo, was the
  22. For conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders. *1975 – India's first, satellite ,Prabhat is launched. *1984 – Advance Australia Fair is proclaimed as
  23. Original plan. Numerous former outlying villages and" country towns ", and the, satellite ,city of Elizabeth, have been enveloped by its suburban sprawl. Expanding
  24. 2009 – North Korea launches its controversial Kwangmyŏngsŏng-2 rocket. The, satellite ,passed over mainland Japan, which prompted an immediate reaction from the
  25. The sea ice is at its greatest extent. Ice levels have been monitored by, satellite ,since 1973. Upwelling of deep water under the sea ice brings substantial
  26. Control all in-car entertainment devices (radio, CD changer, iPod,TV tuner), satellite , navigation,heating and ventilation, and other car controls with a screen. MMI
  27. Which map to Groom and the entire NAIR) appear to have been destroyed. Terra, satellite ,images (which were publicly available) were removed from web servers (
  28. Gjethe define" as its signature tune. The international television service via, satellite ,was launched since 1993 and aims at Albanian communities in Kosovo, Serbia
  29. By c2). Recent observations by the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL, satellite ,may explain the origin of a giant cloud of antimatter surrounding the galactic
  30. Been put forward by a German researcher, Rainer W. Kühne, but based only on, satellite ,imagery and placing Atlantis in the Maris mas de Hinojos, North of the city of
  31. Have always been Arsenal supporters outside of London, and since the advent of, satellite ,television, a supporter's attachment to a football club has become less
  32. Transmission for TV, radio broadcasting and the internet. The launch of its own, satellite ,on orbit will be Azerbaijan's first action in realizing prospective projects
  33. Outlier sites and natural features within and beyond the canyon limits. Through, satellite ,images and ground investigations, archaeologists have detected at least 8 main
  34. Espionage. * 1960 – Sputnik program: Sputnik 5 – the Soviet Union launches the, satellite ,with the dogs Bella and Streak,40 mice,2 rats and a variety of plants. *1965
  35. Ltd has had cooperation from Azerbaijan in building the Nectar reconnaissance, satellite ,system, which can take high-definition photos of ground surfaces in all weather
  36. First Piano Concerto. *1965 – Launch of Early Bird, the first communications, satellite ,to be placed in geosynchronous orbit. * 1965 – The British Government announces
  37. Zaire, Gleiwitz I, II,III, Rajsko, and Lichtenwerden (now Sheila). The, satellite ,camps were named Aussenlager (external camp),Teenager (extension or
  38. And extended radar pictures (such as NEURAL) are now available through, satellite ,data connections, allowing pilots to see weather conditions far beyond the
  39. The Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency is planning to launch its first, satellite ,Arrest 1 into orbit in July or August 2012 from Guiana Space Center in French
  40. The NASA World Wind). Higher resolution (and more recent) images from other, satellite ,imagery providers (including Russian providers and the IONS) are
  41. From Guiana Space Center in French Guiana at orbital positions 46° East. The, satellite ,will cover Europe and significant part of Asian countries and Africa and will
  42. Danuta Czech of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum writes that most of the, satellite ,camps were pressed into service on behalf of German industry. Inmates of 28 of
  43. Development risk. The name Brilliant Pebbles comes from the small size of the, satellite ,interceptors and great computational power enabling more autonomous targeting.
  44. Of the satellite velocity to high precision. A basic requirement was that the, satellite ,acquire fields and particle data everywhere on the orbit around the Moon. H.
  45. 3 fiber optic submarine cables (2 to St. Kits and 1 to Guadeloupe);, satellite ,earth station – 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) Radio broadcast stations:
  46. In Moscow. *1960 – The United States launches Transit 1-B,the world's first, satellite ,navigation system. *1964 – At the Academy Awards, Sidney Poitier becomes the
  47. Proved moot as the photograph appeared in the federal government's archive of, satellite ,imagery along with the remaining Skylab 4 photographs, with no record of anyone
  48. Launches the United States' first commercial geosynchronous communications, satellite , Wester 1. *1976 – The United States Treasury Department reintroduced the
  49. Intensities and vector magnetic fields, and facilitated tracking of the, satellite ,velocity to high precision. A basic requirement was that the satellite acquire
  50. For the AZ contracted players. Dutch First Division club Tel star is an official, satellite ,club of AZ. Youth players are stalled at Tel star to gain experience. Since 10

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