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  1. Must protect human dignity on the basis of human rights, which are directly, applicable ,law binding on all three branches of government, which is a democratic and
  2. 13,which involves an affordable plan of repayment. An important feature, applicable ,to all types of bankruptcy filings is the automatic stay. The automatic stay
  3. Law in Nernst's case, as well as in Einstein and Smoluchowski, is not strictly, applicable ,since it does not apply to the case where the radius of the sphere is small in
  4. Immediately becomes binding on the three governments. For a decision to be also, applicable ,to the citizen, it must be transposed into national law. The Union Treaty is
  5. Termed" Hyperdispensationalists" who accept only Paul's Epistles as, applicable ,for the church today. They do not accept baptism or the Lord's Supper, since
  6. Organizational and capital requirements, inspections and sanctions (all, applicable ,to all countries of the Union) is in place and underwent significant reforms
  7. Form by such a configuration of marked boxes ....:" A set of directions, applicable ,to a general problem sets up a deterministic process when applied to each
  8. Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and which are intended to be, applicable ,to normal laboratory materials. These standard atomic weights are reprinted in
  9. Is the fact that Cameroon is the only country in which two Constitutions are, applicable ,side-by-side. For example, the 1972 Constitution designates the Prime Minister
  10. Statistical methods, natural experiments and constructed experiments as tools, applicable ,to economics, saying that while it is appropriate in the natural sciences where
  11. From the free concentrations and the equilibrium constants. General expressions, applicable ,to all systems with two reagents, A and B would be: T_A=A+\sum_i: T_B=B+\sum_i
  12. By a legal body whose job it is to interpret those constitutions and, where, applicable , declare void executive and legislative acts which infringe the constitution.
  13. Comforters, who kept silence until he spoke to them, is the source for a norm, applicable ,to contemporary traditional Jewish practice, that visitors to a house of
  14. British colonists were considered to have brought English common law as well as, applicable ,English statutes with them. No reception statute was necessary. Quebec
  15. Complicated compounds, such as metal complexes, valence bond theory is less, applicable ,and alternative approaches, such as the molecular orbital theory, are generally
  16. Corporation. The U. S. court ruled on 22 August 2002 that the BT patent was not, applicable ,to Web technology, and granted Prodigy's request for summary judgement. The
  17. Of the obligatory prayers. While some laws from the Kitáb-i-Aqdas are, applicable ,at the present time and may be enforced to a degree by the administrative
  18. Organizational and capital requirements, inspections and sanctions (all, applicable ,to all countries of the Union) is in place and underwent significant reforms
  19. Any letter, into different words, making some perfect sense appliable (i.e., applicable ,) to the person named. " Dryden in MacFlecknoe disdainfully called the pastime
  20. In Rajasthan which was followed by Rajasthan Tenancy Act,1955 that became, applicable ,to the whole of Rajasthan. The overriding effect of this Act provided relief to
  21. 4 % chlorhexidine,0.1 – 2 % clonidine solutions. Others are generally not, applicable ,as safe antiseptics, either because of their corrosive or toxic nature.
  22. Statistic. A more flexible test, covering autocorrelation of higher orders and, applicable ,whether the regressors include lags of the dependent variable, is the
  23. With any special ecclesiastical function, remained as a convenient general term, applicable ,to any clergyman. Eastern Christian In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern
  24. Of capitalization and other entities legally treated as issues. This is not, applicable ,to public companies. Current law covers three legal proceedings. The first one
  25. British India. The Bath Badminton Club standardized the rules and made the game, applicable ,to English ideas. The basic regulations were drawn up in 1887. They also
  26. The casino, as originally conceived by Edward O. Thor. One technique, mainly, applicable , in multi-deck games, involves tracking groups of cards (aka slugs, clumps
  27. Disciplines judicial or extrajudicial recuperation & Bankruptcy and is only, applicable ,to private companies, except for financial institutions, credit cooperatives
  28. Early modern science. The modern era Since meaningful stories are nearly always, applicable ,to larger issues, allegories may be read into many stories, sometimes
  29. On the grounds that in the interim, the Supreme Court had changed the, applicable ,law). However, this left undisturbed the finding that a free and open source
  30. By a reversal of the policy of monopoly. The Anarchistic remedy was still, applicable , " But, Tucker argued," Today the way is not so clear. The four monopolies
  31. Of reversible error would be erroneously instructing the jury on the law, applicable ,to the case, permitting seriously improper argument by an attorney, admitting
  32. Route. Various renewable energy electricity sources are also potentially, applicable , Biosynthesis In certain organisms, ammonia is produced from atmospheric
  33. Extended" version of Euclid's algorithm, and he proposes" a general method, applicable ,to proving the validity of any algorithm ". Tamworth proposes that a measure
  34. Effectively marks the start of a" golden age" for Athens. This was also, applicable ,to Greece as a whole;" their victory endowed the Greeks with a faith in their
  35. 20 August and 14 September 1963,coming into force on 4 December 1963,and is, applicable ,to offenses against penal law and to any acts jeopardizing the safety of
  36. Bankruptcy in Canada is governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and is, applicable ,to businesses and individuals. The office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
  37. Natively supported by most operating systems/GUIs for drawing windows (where, applicable ,) or widgets: * The Render extension to the X Window System (this includes
  38. The main components of air) \gamma 7/5 \, Note that the above formula is only, applicable ,to classical ideal gases and not Bose–Einstein or Fermi gases. For reversible
  39. Productions are 18. Films and images showing individuals under the age of 18 in, applicable ,jurisdictions can be classified as child pornography, even though the legal age
  40. Committee of Ministers, that only bind the three states, but are not directly, applicable ,in their internal legal orders. They only become legally valid after having
  41. Criticized the Gandhian concept of AHIMA as unrealistic and not universally, applicable ,; he adopted a pragmatic non-pacifist position, saying that the justification of
  42. Has had the foresight and diligence to address the precise set of facts, applicable ,to a particular situation. For that reason, civil law statutes tend to be
  43. Mitchell asserts that none of the Judge's conclusions of law in his order were, applicable ,to the case before him. He says that he was unable to appeal the judge's
  44. Effect,0.09 a medium effect and 0.25 a large effect, and these should also be, applicable ,to eta-squared. When the DF of the numerator exceeds 1,eta-squared is
  45. Party, the type of service requested, and whatever traffic parameters may be, applicable ,to the selected service. " Call admission" is then performed by the network to
  46. A collection of anti-slavery poetry:" there is a transformative power that is, applicable ,...: the transformation of sin and sorrow into grace, of suffering into beauty
  47. A jargon all their own, there is a generalized terminology to describe concepts, applicable ,to basic game mechanics and attributes common to nearly all board games. *Game
  48. Specific to the United States of America, since it would be equally, applicable ,to citizens of Mexico, which is officially named Estates UNIDO Mexicans (
  49. Chinese (4.2 %). (Each person could choose as many ethnicities as were, applicable , ) Amongst those of British origins, the Scots have had a particularly strong
  50. Instead of by the radii, &c., of the lenses; these formulae are not immediately, applicable , but give, however,the relation between the number of aberrations and the

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