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  1. And the Omotic form, sunts, as Semitic loanwords. ) The Egyptian SMI 'report, announce ,' offers another possible cognate. * *d-m 'blood' ( Egret: *dim / *dam)
  2. This myth has Pheidippides running from Marathon to Athens after the battle, to, announce , the Greek victory with the word" Nenikēkamen! " (Attic: (We were victorious!
  3. Name of ETA. Charities (usually Détente Y Audi—DYE) have also been used to, announce ,the threat if the bomb is in a populated area. The type of explosives used in
  4. Of taking the head coaching position. The Bears scheduled a press conference to, announce ,the hiring before McGinnis agreed to contract terms. Soon after Jauron's
  5. There was no actual data to send. (Modern systems typically use a start bit to, announce ,the beginning of a transmitted word — this is a feature of asynchronous
  6. Halted Lee's invasion of the North and provided an opportunity for Lincoln to, announce ,his Emancipation Proclamation. When the cautious
  7. DPP member. To express my deepest regrets to all DPP members and supporters, I, announce , my withdrawal from the DPP immediately. My wife Wu Sudden is also withdrawing
  8. Name) Santa Romance Ecclesial Cardinal em (last name),..." ( Meaning:" I, announce ,to you a great joy; we have a Pope: The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Lord
  9. Visit of a pope to Latin America. *1971 – J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell, announce ,the arrest of 20 of the Camden 28. *1972 – Rhodesia is expelled by the IOC for
  10. And telecommunications networks. " Barlow describes it thus in his essay to, announce ,the formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (note the spatial metaphor
  11. Management. Blizzard Entertainment offers events to meet players and to, announce ,games: the Blazon in California, United States, and the Blizzard Worldwide
  12. Another assembly, which was to be held in another part of his kingdom, he could, announce ,this resolution to the people who lived in that district. " (Chapter XXVII)
  13. Of" From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" on TRL, Spears called the show to, announce ,March US tour dates. The extension, entitled Crazy 2K Tour, was considered a
  14. Got a pie in his face). Finally, Jimmy Hart appeared live on WWF Superstars to, announce ,that he successfully signed André to tag-team with Earthquake. However, when
  15. Handles your calls. Dialing these numbers will cause the local switch to, announce ,which carrier your calls are being routed through for a specific category of
  16. Worst single-plane air disaster. *1992 – Canada, Mexico and the United States, announce ,completion of negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA
  17. S then chief executive, Göran Linda, visited North Korea in November 1999 to, announce ,ABB's" wide-ranging, long-term cooperation agreement" with the communist
  18. Carts and wagons and their proprietors used street callers (town criers) to, announce ,their whereabouts for the convenience of the customers. As education became an
  19. Determined before a Party Congress, and the main purpose of the Congress is to, announce ,the party policies and vision for the direction of China in the following few
  20. Orangeman causes five deaths in Newfoundland. *1898 – Marie and Pierre Curie, announce ,the isolation of radium. *1919 – Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox is sold to the
  21. Storm during the Gulf War of 1991. " Magnum" is spoken over the radio to, announce ,the launch of an AGM-88. During the Gulf War, if an aircraft was illuminated by
  22. While this type of independence is more common, many central banks prefer to, announce ,their policy goals in partnership with the appropriate government departments.
  23. S national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Commission, used it to, announce ,its news bulletins until 1952. It was also frequently played at the start or
  24. Face begins to shine. The disciples who are with Him hear the voice of God, announce ,that Jesus is" My beloved Son. " The disciples also see Moses and Elijah
  25. Sister Deranges Mehran followed example Ruhi's Ruhr sister Justice demands, announce ,believers her expulsion. " (Unfolding Destiny, p.149) Resultant groups Most
  26. Dialing these numbers from is already registered with this company it will not, announce ,your number. Ireland This service will read back your line number on all arm
  27. Mother in front of witnesses. Jessica and Farad'n make a bargain. Jessica will, announce ,that she has come to Salsa of her own free will. Farad'n will send his mother
  28. To see it. Discard appeared on Coast to Coast AM again a few days later to, announce ,that there was no captive Bigfoot. Discard blamed an unnamed woman for
  29. The cashier very probably had to open the till for the penny change and thus, announce ,the sale. Etymology In the form of chest, used to segregate small items.
  30. For the crime, amid much controversy. *1921 – Black Friday: mine owners, announce ,more wage and price cuts, leading to the threat of a strike all across England.
  31. Mired Top-line, declared that on 1 November 2009,the Czech government will, announce ,a fixed date for euro adoption, since the country" currently fulfills all
  32. Others may be considered" working" during the come-out. Dealers will usually, announce ,if bets are working unless otherwise called off. If a non-working point number
  33. Life has been ongoing. Recent history The failure of the SET program to, announce ,an intelligent radio signal after decades of effort has at least partially
  34. Its independence from the Soviet Union. * 1990 – West Germany and East Germany, announce ,that they will unite on October 3. *1994 – Eugene Ballard, The only black pilot
  35. 2001 Depeche Mode held a press conference at the Valentino Hotel in Hamburg to, announce ,the Exciter Tour. In total the tour featured 84 performances for over 1.5
  36. Ahab and Jezebel had been killing them. Elijah sends Obadiah back to Ahab to, announce ,his return to Israel. Challenge to Baal When Ahab confronts Elijah, he refers
  37. Then three years of drought and famine, God tells Elijah to return to Ahab and, announce ,the end of the drought: not occasioned by repentance in Israel but by the
  38. After months of discussion, AT&T became the first wireless Internet provider to, announce ,plans to charge according to usage. As the only iPhone service in the United
  39. A mysterious star, commonly known as the Star of Bethlehem, believing it to, announce ,the birth of a king of the Jews. The commemoration of this visit, the Feast of
  40. Was furious and turned Electron into a rooster, which now never forgets to, announce ,the arrival of the sun in the morning. Ares and the giants In one archaic myth
  41. The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia, Abune PALULOS, said he would, announce ,to the world the next day the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant, which he
  42. Left Poitier's but was arrested and sent to the King at Rouen. The King did not, announce ,the arrest publicly; for the next year, the Queen's whereabouts were unknown.
  43. Union to remove the weapons under UN supervision and that Castro would publicly, announce ,that he would not accept such weapons in the future, in exchange for a public
  44. Nor did they even have a president since he died in 1993,and they, announce ,publicly that they weren't expecting another one to come after him. This
  45. Of London who prefer an adulterated food to that which is pure I have to, announce ,an improvement in the Annette with which they compel the cheese makers to color
  46. 1998 Depeche Mode held a press conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Cologne to, announce ,The Singles Tour. The tour was the first one to feature two backing musicians
  47. Victory was among the bloodiest in American history, but it enabled Lincoln to, announce ,that he would issue an Emancipation Proclamation in January. Having composed
  48. A bishop or not, If he was Episcopal consecrated, Wesley could not openly, announce ,this without incurring the penalty of the Præmunire Act. In light of Wesley's
  49. Phase of receptiveness lasting a couple of days, for the first time. Females, announce ,their estrus with smell signals and special calls. Females prefer bigger
  50. Oblast within Georgian SSR. *1926 – Western Electric and Warner Bros., announce ,Vita phone, a process to add sound to film. *1939 – Adolf Hitler's 50th

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