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  1. Only after paying a heavy ransom (Prudent ii Recess Episcopal Annals, ann , 858). From 855 to 867 he held intermittently, and from 867 to 881 regularly
  2. Of Pius (7 October 1462,APD Reynaldo in Annalists Ecclesiastics ad, ann , n.42) as relating to" neophytes ". According to British diplomatic papers
  3. The payment was made by the government. Scotland In Scotland Anna or, ann , is half a year's stipend allowed by the Act 1672,c. 13,to the executors of a
  4. Brisbane. Travelling to Museum of Contemporary Art, Saitama, Japan. *ROSE, ann , International Exhibition, Dublin,Ireland The Red Tape Outtakes (Demos And
  5. Scottish Gaelic: They each mile choose air a birth Saar ages co-ionnan, ann , an urram's Ann a còirichean. They IAD air am berth LE reason is LE copies ages
  6. Each racing air thunnachan or.: :Heist: CHI mi Ann Chilean; chi me, ann , doireachan;: CHI mi Ann Meghan band is tranche;: CHI mi Na faith air LAR Nan
  7. The world * Nan each Deana mi m' obair-dhachaigh, bhithinn air with, ann , trioblaid If I had not done my homework, I would have been in trouble Irish In
  8. It's The Money Shot blog said that the band" trot on a futuristic rock, ann , roll wonderland that hasn't been stepped on since the glory days of Prince and
  9. Down in the Aga Khan Trophy competition in Dublin. Ni head a lathed arms, ann , ( Irish for you won't see the likes of me again). Major achievements **Team
  10. At Grain Ann eldest last Jocasta ring, ok GUI final ring, en Gunnfjaun, ann , yngsti last sunburst. Sivan, af issue rim alkalis full í Jutland sum mi kit um
  11. 1960s show individual speakers using t-initial forms, leniting to /h/, e. g., ann , an thirty () and GU Hire (). Maclean (1972) further suggests that the
  12. Only Russia. Nakamura participated in the 2010 Chorus chess tournament in Wick, ann , Zee. Winning over Look van Well, Nigel Short, early leader Alexei Shirt, and
  13. Le reason is LE copies ages mar sin by choir Haigh a with BEO Nam measg than, ann , an spiral bràthaireil. *Irish: Solitary Na done mile Saar ages comhion ann
  14. Where it is used as an example of supernatural forces: 'At Hammer in Saxony, ann , 1484,20 Jun ii, the devil, in likeness of a pied piper, carried away 130
  15. Miles (3 km) from the church, comprises 184 statute acres, valued at £30 per, ann , .,of which 25 acres are arable, and the remainder rocky pasture and mountain
  16. Ior AR ATT. Employing normalized Old Norse orthography:: Kiss Stellar height, ann , sun sum hit Height. En Height Luna hit Hvítastjerna. Faun TU bigger first á
  17. San d' Riyadh mi;: Curare ORM faille 'SA Chaney a chooses mi;: Head mi, ann , aoidh ages grade near ruined, : Each racing air thunnachan or.: :Heist: CHI
  18. Rutabaga from the 13th century. Language sample Citation:: Kiss cellar had i, ann , sun sum hit had i. En had a Cuba hit hoot stairs AUN TU BYG u first
  19. So at grain Ann elite last nor Asia RI sung OC GUI mi all RI sung En gunfire, ann , yngsti last sunburst. Si an AF issue rim aura is full j Jutland some mi kit um
  20. To the right are years from the beginning of the republic preceded by an. or, ann , For Anna," in the year. " To the left every ten years is a numeral stating
  21. In it" where" there" would usually be used. This is due to the Irish word, ann , ( pronounced" on" ) fulfilling both meanings. *" Is it yourself that is in
  22. Sem Pryor Matt and M ann , : most AF locum bar hand.: ENSAN Lat e.g. ans OG, ann , : Alma head heart.: Inn gun vat e.g. alkali hand: AF Gollum rat mins heart.
  23. Ab robe condition ad ann ul p. CHR. 842 ET a divers is scriptoribus us. Ad, ann , 1143 continua tum. St. Petersburg,1859. The first edition of the whole work.
  24. Who produces beats for the likes Wyclef Jean, Machel Montano, busy signal, faye, ann , lyons, skinny fabulous, Mr Vegas, benjai, Sizzla, Anthony B, Third World, Maxi
  25. Here. Clara lists his sources as follows: *ACTA Pro. Canonizations, ann , 1456 in ACTA SS., IV Sept.; *WADDING, Annales Min. (Rome,1731),II,423;
  26. Occasionally a colon. Examples: for at (etc.),ū for um, hō for HON, an̅ for, ann , ;. Kgr. For young, s. for son. * Contraction: The first and last letters are
  27. Agus grade near ruined, : Each racing air thunnachan or.: :Heist: CHI mi, ann , coilltean; chi me Ann doireachan;: CHI mi Ann Meghan band is tranche;: CHI mi
  28. The title of Evangelist Panel Licensing Commentariorum de Obsidione Trixie, ann , 1438. Among the people he corresponded with were Alberto the Santiago, Guarino
  29. Gaelic: They each mile choose air a birth Saar ages co-ionnan Ann an urram's, ann , an còirichean. They IAD air am berth LE reason is LE copies ages mar sin by
  30. That Xiengkhouang is famous for, available only here, is sour swallow (NOK, ann , toong). Every year, beginning in August/September, migratory swallows
  31. The first ever book to be written against Wasabi, it is called" Keisha ann ual, ann , aqaaed Abdul Ahab Nazi ". His second book in Arabic was in defense of the act
  32. Was Jean de Loisy. Bibliography *Jean-Jacques Level: DES ann exes piquant aux, ann , es quatre-vingt-dix, Mazzotta, Milano,1991,78 p., ill., colour, b&w.
  33. Dignity, the patriarch who had succeeded him having just died (Annals, ann , 685). The profession of faith in the Eucharist, in his" Thesis ", is
  34. Of our sovereign lady Queen Elizabeth, and in the year of our Lord God, ann , 1575.: By me THOMAS GRESHAM Witnesses to this last will and testament of the
  35. In 1895,MacDonnell became Lieutenant-Governor of the Northwest Provinces, ann , Oudh (later known as the United Provinces of Agra and Ouch). Here, in 1896
  36. Are schools for boys and girls, the former supported by a donation of £50 per, ann , From W. H. W. Needham, Esq., and the latter by Mrs. Needham; a school is
  37. Mine lists Bosonic Villa de S. Cruces S. Marine, monast. Ord. S. Bend., ann , 1033 a Judith Albert colitis more ... The Bosonic villa with its
  38. Pou-n plant: Se Nan Te tout FOS NOU China: Se link BA NOU mane: Ann bite Te, ann , voye you: AK KE contain, fòk Te a bay.: See, wouze, fanm you Jason: Noun rive
  39. Ok Gunnfjaun rich. Are skirt Sivan Jutland í RIA riðjunga, só at Grain, ann , eldsti last Jocasta ring, ok GUI final ring, en Gunnfjaun Ann angst
  40. Paul Dmitrovich Romanovsky-Ilyinsky (1928-2004) = Mary Prince (b. 1925),Ann, = Angelica Kauffman (b. 1932) | ±- HSH Prince Dimitri Pavlovian
  41. A' long" ( It is Main/John whom you are seeking) *"Se Latham breach a they, ann , an dough" ( It is a beautiful day that we are having today, literally " it is
  42. Allosgusstio ad Pares Concilia IV, Provincialis Mexican, die X Octobers, ann , 1771,Regiment para el Puerto de military invalids de la Neva España, and
  43. Dhuinn AR facial, : am hail a Matthews since DAR luchd-fiach.: Ages Na lag, ann , am beebread sign;: ACH Saar sign o old:: or is least a rìoghachd, agus a '
  44. Haita OC gunfire RI i. air script is a Jutland i RIA RI sung. So at grain, ann , elzti last nor Asia RI sung OC GUI mi all RI sung En gunfire Ann angst last
  45. A Roman Jurist, the Tutor in Law of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He was preyed., ann , And Prefects of Egypt in 161. When Governor of Alexandria he was slain by
  46. Goddess is being worshiped and Prasad is being distributed. In afternoon, ann , bhog is being distributed among the people. And in evening art Prasad is also
  47. 455,Part. Gk. clvii.; Victor Tu nun. Part. Lat. lxvii. 937; Baronies, ad., ann , 564,xiv. xxix.; 565,xvii.; 578,5; Part. Constant. In ACTA SS. Holland. Aug.
  48. May be sunk. Billy goes to Europe to stop this and on the way he prevents, ann , enemy plane destroying the airplane he is on. He finds out Edward Smith is in
  49. Agus Alba-a-Deas (" Gaelic of Galloway and Southern Scotland" ) and Gandhi, ann , an Siorramachd Inbhir-Àir (" Gaelic in Ayrshire" ) by Gambian MacLeish
  50. Fulfilling both meanings. *" Is it yourself that is in it? " An TU vein ATA, ann , Another idiom is this thing or that thing described as" this man here" or "

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