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  1. This scale was constructed that its zero was placed at −273.15 °C, at almost, precisely ,the same point as the zero of the air-thermometer. Very low temperatures The
  2. The Austrian scholar Anton Bowler suggested adding Japanese to Altaic or more, precisely ,to Ural–Altaic. G. J. Ramstein and E. D. Ivanov in the 1920s advocated the
  3. CPU running at 7.15909 MHz (on NTSC systems) or 7.09379 MHz (PAL systems), precisely , double the video color carrier frequency for NTSC or 1.6 times the color
  4. And the pursuit of happiness must be rational enterprises; however, this is, precisely ,the sort of thing that may not be true in a non-theistic universe. Kant's
  5. Between free-market capitalism and state capitalism," writes Rothbard," is, precisely ,the difference between, on the one hand, peaceful,voluntary exchange, and on
  6. Of water ice with a porosity of 10–15 %, and Adapted may be similar. More, precisely , the orbit of Adapted lies near the outer edge of Jupiter's Main Ring. The
  7. Compound bows most commonly use a release aid to hold the string and release it, precisely , although finger tabs are also popular with compound bows, especially among
  8. Have been absolutely required ... in order to produce a world that should be, precisely ,adapted in every detail for the orderly development of life culminating in man.
  9. The notion of" simplicity and elegance" appears informally in Knuth and, precisely ,in Chaitin:: Knuth: "... we want good algorithms in some loosely defined
  10. Objective world is its structure, and the structure of the objective world is, precisely ,mirrored in our own consciousness. We therefore have no reason to doubt that
  11. Islands. While the time of African arrival in Anguilla is difficult to place, precisely , archival evidence indicates a substantial African presence (at least 100) on
  12. Alternative. The associated Alternative algebras are so named because they are, precisely ,the algebras for which the associated is alternating. The associated is a
  13. Into ions:: → (a) + (a): → (a) + (a) An alkali is a base, more, precisely , a base which contains a metal from column 1 or 2 of the periodic table (the
  14. Altaic is thus equivalent to what later came to be known as Ural–Altaic. More, precisely , Ural–Altaic came to subgroup Finno-Ugric and Samoyed as" Arabic" and
  15. Of colonialism. Russia During the 1930s,he briefly became a communist, or more, precisely , a fellow traveler (he never formally joined the Communist Party). As a
  16. The ratio of these two is quoted as the amplifier dynamic range. More, precisely , if S maximal allowed signal power and N noise power, the dynamic range DR is
  17. Is used for the actuator. As a result of having an actuator controlled, precisely ,with air pressure via a servo system, the movement is very fluid and there is
  18. Of the maximal linearly independent subset of A. Abelian groups of rank 0 are, precisely ,the periodic groups, while torsion-free Abelian groups of rank 1 are
  19. Ability to quickly make tight turns, to climb quickly, and their ability to be, precisely ,controlled at a large range of speeds. Maneuvers include aileron rolls, barrel
  20. Effective inoculability: In an effort to solve the Entscheidungsproblem defined, precisely ,by Hilbert in 1928,mathematicians first set about to define what was meant by
  21. Use office as a way of accumulating ongoing power. The powers of officials were, precisely ,defined and their capacity for initiative limited. They administered rather
  22. Of divine legislation. This is the reason that Alfred divided his code into, precisely ,120 chapters: 120 was the age at which Moses died and, in the number-symbolism
  23. The difference between such an arrangement and an anarcho-capitalist system is, precisely ,the voluntary nature of organization within anarcho-capitalism contrasted with
  24. Depends on the type of" mathematical object" in question and what, precisely , constitutes an" isomorphism" of that object. The most general setting in
  25. Schopenhauer contended that Spinoza's book is the opposite of ethics. " … It is, precisely ,ethics on which all pantheism is wrecked. If the world is a theocracy, then
  26. Of northwest Africa makes it very clear that he located the Pillars of Hercules, precisely ,where they are located today. Nevertheless, a supposed belief that they had
  27. Maintained as a regional rather than ethnic distinction, and Herzegovina has no, precisely ,defined borders of its own. Moreover, the country was called just" Bosnia" (
  28. Line, varying by κ on either side of their true position. A star that is, precisely ,at one of the ecliptic's poles will appear to move in a circle of radius κ
  29. Thus, brackish covers a range of salinity regimes and is not considered a, precisely ,defined condition. It is characteristic of many brackish surface waters that
  30. Been looked at by climate scientists. Since 1978,output from the Sun has been, precisely ,measured by satellites. Climate models have been used to examine the role of
  31. Capital (due to overall capital constraints),and thus they will lack capital, precisely ,when they need it most. Background material is available at
  32. Written by its opponents, the nature of Arian teachings is difficult to define, precisely ,today. The letter of Aurelius, a 4th-century Arian bishop of Milan, regarding
  33. Is used here in the rather special sense of a method each step of which is, precisely ,determined and which is certain to produce the answer in a finite number of
  34. Less than ideal weather conditions. * Eleven photographs of Earth were taken at, precisely ,recorded times, to study the feasibility of using geosynchronous satellites to
  35. Two polynomials have no common root then they are relatively prime) are, precisely ,the algebraically closed fields. If the field F is algebraically closed, let p
  36. Of data, although it can be worse if much of the data is very close to but not, precisely ,equal to the mean and some are quite far away from it. The results of both of
  37. Walk on ice in search of food. The arctic fox has such keen hearing that it can, precisely ,locate the position of prey under the snow. When it finds prey, it pounces and
  38. This method, any position on or above the Earth's reference ellipsoid can be, precisely ,given. However, because of the somewhat clumsy base-60 nature of MOA and SOA
  39. To high accuracy in SI units, but the value of their product is known very, precisely ,from observing the relative positions of planets (Kepler's Third Law
  40. Their interactions. Unlike other Pre-Socratic, he never defines this principle, precisely , and it has generally been understood (e.g., by Aristotle and by Saint
  41. Drink cider (here again, the heritage comes from Spain and Italy, more, precisely , from Asturias and Campania). Cider is the most popular beverage of the middle
  42. Publicly ranked in national and international lists, which makes it possible, precisely ,to compare their levels of expertise. The works of Adrian de Groot, William
  43. During a financial crisis, often termed a" flight to quality "; these are, precisely ,the times when it is hardest for leveraged investors to raise capital (due to
  44. Antiderivative: G (x)=\sum_^\nifty \franc. The set of discontinuities of g is, precisely ,the set \_. Since g is bounded on closed finite intervals and the set of
  45. Proved an extremely unrealistic guess of what could not possibly be determined, precisely , and James Webb used his administrator's judgement to change the estimate to
  46. Spin J but opposite charges q. This allowed him to rewrite perturbation theory, precisely ,in the form of diagrams. Richard Feynman later gave an independent systematic
  47. Of" algorithm," an informal definition could be" a set of rules that, precisely ,defines a sequence of operations. " For some people, a program is only an
  48. S memory. Closely associated with autobiography (and sometimes difficult to, precisely ,distinguish from it) is the form of memoir. See also: List of autobiographies
  49. Of a graphics challenge could always turn to 3200-color mode, which involved, precisely ,swapping in a different 16-color palette for each of the screen's 200
  50. Naval supremacy of Regina is assigned by the ancient writers on chronology to, precisely ,this period,i.e. the years 490-480 (Eugenics, Chron. Can. p. 337). Decline

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