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  1. Had been associated with men of learning and intellectual brilliance,a, hazard ,of contemplation and creativity. The newer concept abandoned these associations
  2. Industrial pollution, particularly of the air, to be a significant health, hazard ,in China. Religion In mainland China, the government allows a degree of
  3. Amber, arsenal,assassin, banana,candy, carat,cipher, coffee,cotton, hazard , jar, jasmine,lemon, loofah,magazine, mattress,sherbet, sofa,sugar, sumac
  4. Coast Guard records do not support this belief. Hurricanes are also a natural, hazard ,in the Atlantic, but mainly in the northern part of the ocean, rarely tropical
  5. Overflow. On occasion, sewage has escaped onto the streets to create a health, hazard , This problem is hoped to be solved by a new sewer system funded by the
  6. The formulation:" disasters occur when hazard s meet vulnerability ". A natural, hazard ,will hence never result in a natural disaster in areas without vulnerability.
  7. Having them buried in roadways while facilitating access and reducing the, hazard ,of being damaged from digging equipment. Canals are still used to provide water
  8. Burning in an enclosed room with poor ventilation presents a very dangerous, hazard , since it can create a build-up of carbon monoxide in the air. Some carbon
  9. Is mostly a low-lying limestone base surrounded by coral reefs. A major natural, hazard ,is the tropical cyclones that form during the Atlantic hurricane season from
  10. It replaces potassium. Also,francium's extreme radioactivity is a great, hazard , although the greatest quantity of francium ever assembled to date is a sphere
  11. Of modern CRTs may be made from leaded glass, which represent an environmental, hazard ,if disposed of improperly. By the time personal computers were produced, glass
  12. Brad. Climate of relatively cool winters (November to April). A major natural, hazard ,is the tropical cyclones that form during the Atlantic hurricane season from
  13. The LM. The TV camera cable remained partly coiled and presented a tripping, hazard ,throughout the EVA. Aldrin joined him on the surface and tested methods for
  14. Itself or cause the whole system to hang. In a server environment, this is a, hazard ,that makes the entire network brittle and fragile. All software must be
  15. Measures. The region is subject to cyclones. The atoll has long been a maritime, hazard ,and is the site of numerous shipwrecks. About 40 and 70 km southwest of Basses
  16. Such as polyethylene, but the moderated neutrons continue to be a radiation, hazard ,unless actively absorbed in the shielding. Among light elements that absorb
  17. The city underwent many more changes. The Sense had become a serious health, hazard , and from 1867 to 1871 its entire course through the urban area was completely
  18. In the extreme north from October to May. Persistent fog can be a maritime, hazard ,from May to September, as can hurricanes north of the equator (May to December
  19. Hazmat" meaning Great Lord with a twist that makes it sound like" red" and ", hazard ," both indicative of danger. However, Abdul is a common Arabic prefix meaning "
  20. Offshore. The narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime, hazard , so there is a day beacon near the old village site. Baker's abandoned World
  21. Or in the event of a financial crisis when many counterparties fail. This, hazard ,is serious because of the large quantities one must trade in order to make a
  22. Precautions Like many powders, dysprosium powder may present an explosion, hazard ,when mixed with air and when an ignition source is present. Thin foils of the
  23. Role in an ecosystem is in natural wildfires. While they can be a human safety, hazard , it is productive for these ecosystems to burn out every once in a while so
  24. Settings. History Craps developed from a simplification of the Old English game, hazard , Its origins are complex and may date to the Crusades, later being influenced
  25. And sunglasses to protect against alpha particles, which are only an internal, hazard , To support and supplement efforts at national, regional and local level with
  26. With psychopathic disorders, which Nikolai Bukharin said were" an occupational, hazard ,of the Chemist profession. " Many hardened themselves to the executions by
  27. Ingestion of highly soluble cadmium compounds. Cadmium is also an environmental, hazard , Human exposures to environmental cadmium are primarily the result of fossil
  28. Safety Data Sheet for Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel indicates a vapor explosion, hazard ,for Diesel indoors, outdoors,or in sewers. US Army gasoline-engined tanks
  29. Human-made, their reasoning being that human actions before the strike of the, hazard ,can prevent it developing into a disaster. All disasters are hence the result
  30. Which may involve modifying the workplace, or providing appropriate training or, hazard ,disclosure. Larger economic issues such as immigration, trade policy
  31. Commercial applications and asks specific questions about a specific health, hazard , Even though scientists have been raising concerns about the safety of long
  32. To be largely immune to" Dutch roll ", a phenomenon that had been a major, hazard ,to the early swept-wing jets. During later stages of the flight test program
  33. Chromium (III) compounds and chromium metal are not considered a health, hazard , while the toxicity and carcinogenic properties of chromium (VI) have been
  34. Where the accumulation of explosive fuel-air mixtures is a particular, hazard , For the same reason, diesel engines are immune to vapor lock. * For any given
  35. In many areas of the world, where it represents a significant health, hazard , Radon is a decay product of uranium, which is relatively common in the Earth
  36. Particles do not travel very far in air and do not penetrate skin, so the main, hazard ,is intake into the body (inhalation, ingestion,or absorption). Tritium is
  37. Was a sea monster, later rationalized as a whirlpool and considered a shipping, hazard ,in the Strait of Messina. The mythological background In Greek mythology
  38. Tons of which is not collected or managed. This once again is a huge health, hazard ,and the Egyptian Government is looking for ways to combat this. The Cairo
  39. Were more toxic than quartz, which is considered a serious occupational health, hazard ,when chronically inhaled. As a control, ultrafine carbon black was shown to
  40. Class 2 and Class 3 Bluetooth devices are considered less of a potential, hazard ,than mobile phones, and Class 1 may be comparable to that of mobile phones: the
  41. Arsine. It is also highly flammable (hence its use in welding). Its singular, hazard ,is associated with its intrinsic instability, especially when it is pressurized
  42. Europium is overshadowed by caesium-137 and strontium-90 as a radiation, hazard , and by samarium and others as a neutron poison. Occurrence Europium is not
  43. States Army and NATO use only diesel engines and turbines because of fire, hazard , Although neither Gasoline nor Diesel is explosive in liquid form, both can
  44. Is not (see responsible government). A disaster is a natural or man-made, hazard ,that has come to fruition, resulting in an event of substantial extent causing
  45. And require special care when handling. Sodium borohydride presents a fire, hazard ,due to its reducing nature, and the liberation of hydrogen on contact with acid
  46. Become commercially significant agricultural pests, and some pose an aviation, hazard , Human activities can also be detrimental, and have threatened numerous bird
  47. Park. The narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime, hazard , Christmas Island is south of Indonesia and about northwest of Perth. Climate
  48. General to temporarily place a substance in Schedule I" to avoid an imminent, hazard ,to the public safety ". Thirty days' notice is required before the order can
  49. Birdcage, is a game of chance played with three dice. It is derived from grand, hazard , and both can be considered a variant of sic Beau, a popular casino game
  50. Waste),while burning weapons-grade plutonium eliminates a proliferation, hazard , If the aim is explicitly to burn plutonium and/or other actinides from spent

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