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  1. Thinkers and medical scholars in history" In Iran, he is considered a national, icon , and is often regarded as one of the greatest Persians to have ever lived. Many
  2. The faithful at the dismissal will often have the crucifix on one side and an, icon ,of the Resurrection of Jesus on the other, the side with the Resurrection being
  3. Country music with his 1967 album John Wesley Harding followed by rock n' roll, icon ,band The Byrd's (Gram Parsons on" Sweethearts of the Rodeo" ) and its
  4. Skyscraper),Terminal Station, and the Carnegie Library. The city's cultural, icon , the Fox Theatre, would have met the same fate had it not been for a grassroot
  5. By a picture of a paper notebook, and clicking while the cursor hovers this, icon ,might cause a text editing program to open the file in a window. (See also
  6. It was not until the late 1970s that Friedrich regained his reputation as an, icon ,of the German Romantic movement and a painter of international importance. Life
  7. Groups that gravitate to the genre: people intrigued with the American cowboy, icon , middle-aged fans who seek an alternative to harder rock music and younger
  8. The corpus of Eastern crucifixes is normally a two-dimensional or low relief, icon ,that shows Jesus as already dead, his face peaceful and somber. They are rarely
  9. These out, but some remain, like the ox and ass in the Nativity of Christ. An, icon ,is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, from Eastern Orthodox
  10. As in Western Europe. Late Medieval Cyrillic letters (still found on many, icon ,inscriptions even today) show a marked tendency to be very tall and narrow;
  11. Appropriation of the hymn in secular music," Amazing Grace" became such an, icon ,in American culture that it has been used for a variety of secular purposes and
  12. Sign according to the category of the sign's way of denoting its object—the, icon ,(also called semblance or likeness) by a quality of its own, the index by
  13. Praise and condemnation for over 120 years, the CPR remains an indisputable, icon ,of Canadian nationalism. The Canadian Pacific Railway is a public company with
  14. One. In popular culture The value of the ColecoVision as a 1980s pop culture, icon ,was discussed on VH1's I Love The 80s Strikes Back. Several televisions
  15. Headquarters building, designed in 1972 by Karl Schweitzer has become a European, icon , In 1975,Alexander Calder was commissioned to paint the 3.0CSL driven by Here
  16. And points to the presence of late-Byzantine artwork and baroque style. The, icon ,of Saint Demetrius is signed with the initials" D. A. Z. ", showing that it
  17. Bullfighter (b. 1917) *1955 – Emmett Till, American civil rights movement, icon ,(b. 1941) *1959 – Bohuslav Martin, Czech composer (b. 1890) *1965 – Giulio
  18. Include the bishop's throne made in the spirit of Mi yak engravers, several, icon , frames and five more-recent pillars shaped like thrones. The frescoes originate
  19. That Spears is not only a good recording artist but also an important cultural, icon , " Joan Alderman of The Boston Globe remarked that" thirteen costume changes
  20. Life and died in September 2010 due to diabetes complications. *The OBEY brand, icon ,originated from a stencil that artist Shepard Fairly had created based upon a
  21. She has released more than 20 albums, and is widely considered a feminist, icon , Biography DiFranco was born in Buffalo, New York, to Elizabeth and Dante
  22. The tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere, a signature, icon ,of Toronto's skyline, and a symbol of Canada, attracting more than two million
  23. An international hit, seen in over 70 countries. The show made Bixby a pop, icon ,of the late 1970s and 1980s. One line of dialogue spoken by Bixby in the pilot:
  24. Rhyme Pays and Power. In the late 1990s,Africa Islam joined German techno, icon ,Westley to form Mr. X and Mr. Y, a techno duo that made commercial techno with
  25. File: North Cruz. GIF|Russian Orthodox crucifix, brass File: Crucifixion, icon ,orthodox cathedral Vilnius. JPG|Orthodox crucifix in Vilnius File:
  26. Radić's violent death turned him into a martyr, and he was turned into an, icon ,of political struggle for the peasantry and the working class, as well as an
  27. As" Concorde ", sans article. The aircraft is regarded by many as an aviation, icon ,and an engineering marvel. The British design was for a thin-winged delta shape
  28. Adopted red as its new team color. The 1908 uniforms featured a large, icon ,of a red stocking angling across the shirt front. For 1908,the National League
  29. Time of its 50th anniversary, the drink had reached the status of a national, icon ,in the USA. In 1935,it was certified kosher by Rabbi Tobias Geffen, after the
  30. Wrote a song titled" Courtney" as an ode to her. Love has been cited as a gay, icon ,by several LGBT publications, such as The Advocate, probably due to her
  31. For example Andrei Ruble which features an epilogue in color of religious, icon ,paintings, as well as Polaris, The Mirror, and Stalker, which feature
  32. Curve can be used to specify the velocity over time of an object such as an, icon ,moving from A to B, rather than simply moving at a fixed number of pixels per
  33. To Europe and therefore, the last photograph of him as a singularly“ American, icon , ” According to Avedon, Chaplin telephoned him at his studio in New York City
  34. On the sport. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film, icon , He was nicknamed the" Austrian Oak" and the" Styrian Oak" in his
  35. To only show sub-entries of some menu entries after clicking an arrow, icon ,on the context menu, otherwise executing an action associated with the parent
  36. A much-publicized personal life. Her first two albums established her as a pop, icon ,and broke sales records, while title tracks" ... Baby One More Time" and "
  37. And the island is also the home to numerous examples of high quality religious, icon ,painting from the Middle Ages. Cypriot architecture was heavily influenced by
  38. Many imitators that followed—firmly established the cheerleader as an American, icon ,of wholesome sex appeal. In response, a new subgenre of exploitation films
  39. Had also once graced. Eventually, Warhol pared his image vocabulary down to the, icon ,itself – to brand names, celebrities,dollar signs – and removed all traces of
  40. Woman, and was also responsible for setting Spears' international pop culture, icon ,image. Background and development In June 1997,Spears was in talks with
  41. As a New-year fir-tree (Новогодняя ёлка) in 1935. It became a fully secular, icon ,of the New year holiday, for example, the crowning star was regarded not as a
  42. Bacardi is also the only brand to feature the Mexican free-tailed bat as its, icon ,or logo. Hemingway's connection Ernest Hemingway ordered his daiquiris with
  43. Player (b. 1923) Holidays and observances **Translation of the Acheiropoietos, icon ,from Odessa to Constantinople. (Eastern Orthodox Church) *Independence Day
  44. Figures of the last 50 years. " Chris Anderson described Mandelbrot as" an, icon ,who changed how we see the world. " French President Nicolas Sarky said
  45. R' Good Enough" music video by Cyndi Lauper, along with several other 80s, icon , wrestlers like" Rowdy" Rowdy Piper and The Iron Sheik. *Symphonies (197? )
  46. Companies, at which time Climate Counts also labeled Apple with a" stuck, icon ,", adding that Apple at the time was" a choice to avoid for the climate
  47. This did little to diminish the status of the Darnley urn as the most important, icon ,in cricket, the symbol of this old and keenly fought contest. Series and
  48. Of political struggle for the peasantry and the working class, as well as an, icon ,of Croatian patriots. The icon ography of Stefan Radio was later used not only
  49. White Sox games for a decade, after having been a St Louis Cardinals, icon ,for 25 years. Carry also had the benefit of being in the booth during the NL
  50. Manager until the end of the season. It was also during this season that Roma, icon , Francesco Tutti, scored his 200th Serie A goal against Florentina in March of

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