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  1. And anarcho-syndicalism, with individualist anarchism being primarily a, literary ,phenomenon which nevertheless did have an impact on the bigger currents and
  2. Some extent between speakers of different colloquial varieties. Even when the, literary ,language is spoken, however,it is normally only spoken in its pure form when
  3. Discussion among people),speakers tend to deviate somewhat from the strict, literary ,language in the direction of the colloquial varieties. In fact, there is a
  4. The Missal) by Jon Suzuki, published in 1555,is considered the first, literary ,work of written Albanian. The refined level of the language and the stabilized
  5. Are learned at home and constitute the native languages of Arabic speakers. The, literary ,variety is learned at school; although many speakers have a native-like command
  6. The literary critic Leslie A. Fielder said something similar: The American, literary ,critic Fredric Jameson says of van Vogt: Nevertheless, van Vogt still has his
  7. To, for example, Dario FO and José Santiago, who do not belong to the camp of, literary ,idealism. There was room for interpretation by the bodies he had named for
  8. Martyr and saint * Clement of Ankara, Christian hieromartyr and bishop: For the, literary ,standard, see Modern Standard Arabic. For vernaculars, see varieties of Arabic.
  9. FWA, who abhorred van Vogt’s style and politics and thoroughly demolished his, literary ,reputation in the 1950s. Harlan Ellison writing in 1999 the introduction
  10. Of Arabic used throughout the Arab world, which differ radically from the, literary ,language. The main dialectal division is between the varieties within and
  11. Peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of Rand's philosophical and, literary ,work. In 1987 Gotten helped found the Ayn Rand Society, and has been active
  12. Fiction. " Important as was Derleth's work to rescue H. P. Lovecraft from, literary ,obscurity at the time of Lovecraft's death, Derleth also built a body of
  13. Many fine Islamic architectural monuments as well as numerous scientific and, literary ,works. Ba bur, a descendant of both Timur and Genghis Khan, arrived from Central
  14. Based on her, figure prominently (in positive and negative lights) in, literary ,and science fiction novels by prominent American authors. Nick Gillespie
  15. Praise and condemnation. Rand's first novel, We the Living, was admired by the, literary ,critic H. L. Mencken, her Broadway play Night of January 16th was both a
  16. Have in regulating or even stopping the fan fiction? Literary significance In, literary ,theory, critics find complications in the term" author" beyond what
  17. Own name of Hasanoghlu. The end of 14th century was also the period of starting, literary ,activity of Aladdin Design, one of the greatest Turkic Hurt mystical poets
  18. To emphasize social organization and economics over purely symbolic or, literary ,topics, differences among British, French,and American sociocultural
  19. To this device as his" wife ". Some of these tapes were the basis for his, literary ,work. Another audio-work of Warhol's was his" Invisible Sculpture ", a
  20. In Aeneid XII (161–215). Apollo and Helios/Sol remained separate beings in, literary ,and mythological texts until the 3rd century CE. Etymology The etymology of
  21. Swedish, French,Russian, English,German and Italian. He also developed, literary ,skills to write poetry in English. ' His Nemesis, a prose tragedy in four acts
  22. And philosophical traditions. The reception for Rand's fiction from, literary ,critics was largely negative, and most academics have ignored or rejected her
  23. American Regional Literature at the University of Wisconsin. In 1941,he became, literary ,editor of The Capital Times newspaper in Madison, a post he held until his
  24. The work as if it were a cinematic version of a Japanese rather than a European, literary ,classic. Appropriately, the acting of the players, particularly Yamaha, draws
  25. American literature have largely ignored her work, although attention to her, literary ,work has increased since the 1990s. Some academic philosophers have criticized
  26. 15th centuries and one of the most prominent early Divan masters in Turkic, literary ,history, and Arabic. Was not written earlier than the 15th century. It is a
  27. Severs the god's supposed link with wolves (possibly a folk etymology). In, literary ,contexts, Apollo represents harmony, order,and reason—characteristics
  28. Approach of natural history, on the one hand, and from purely historical or, literary ,fields such as Classics, on the other. A common criticism has been that many
  29. Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, & Aldous Huxley. Huxley's, literary ,legacy continues to be represented by the literary agency headed by Georges
  30. The greatest service to the cause of international. The formulation for the, literary ,prize being given for a work" in an ideal direction" ( in Swedish),is
  31. Field of Cultural Production” depicts the publishing industry as a“ space of, literary ,or artistic position-takings,” also called the“ field of struggles,” which
  32. Most prominently in the Quran, the Islamic Holy Book. This includes both the, literary ,language (Modern Standard Arabic or Literary Arabic, used in most written
  33. Science, in chemistry and in medical science or physiology; the fourth is for, literary ,work" in an ideal direction" and the fifth prize is to be given to the person
  34. They were unable to acquire permission to emigrate. Early fiction Rand's first, literary ,success came with the sale of her screenplay Red Pawn to Universal Studios in
  35. Formerly restricted to the royalty of the Old Kingdom, and scribes developed, literary ,styles that expressed the optimism and originality of the period. Free from
  36. Aristotle wrote many elegant treatises and dialogues (Cicero described his, literary ,style as" a river of gold" ), it is thought that the majority of his writings
  37. Delete considered his work in this genre less important than his most serious, literary ,efforts, the compilers of these four anthologies, including Ramsey Campbell
  38. War II. Post-war years. Anarchism continued to be influential in important, literary ,and intellectual personalities of the time such as Albert Camus, Herbert Read
  39. Environmentalist edge to the writing, notes critic Norbert Blew. A close, literary ,relative of the Sac Prairie Saga was Derleth's Wisconsin Saga, which comprises
  40. In which I had been taught to view the universe and the human condition. " The, literary ,critic Leslie A. Fielder said something similar: The American literary critic
  41. Respective ancestors would have liked each other. *Half Embank is called" the, literary ,leader of the age ", despite the fact that he has never sold more than three
  42. Reforms invigorated hopes for the development of the local language and, literary ,tradition when cleric Jon Suzuki brought into the Albanian language the
  43. Modern authors almost never write in pure Classical Arabic, instead using a, literary ,language with its own grammatical norms and vocabulary, commonly known as
  44. Aldous Huxley. Huxley's literary legacy continues to be represented by the, literary ,agency headed by Georges Orchards. Awards * 1939 James Wait Black Memorial
  45. Tradition of Off nomads. Which were later published as his Divan. A unique, literary ,style known as Joshua (for improvisation) was introduced in this period, and
  46. Of" original works of authorship ". Holding the title of" author" over any ", literary , dramatic, musical,artistic, or certain other intellectual works" give rights
  47. One to have established itself as a fully separate language, with independent, literary ,norms. In the course of its history the language has adopted numerous loanwords
  48. S founding of Arkham House and his successful effort to rescue Lovecraft from, literary ,obscurity are widely acknowledged by practitioners in the horror field as
  49. Grown up ... what an obsession with me children are become! ". Even his old, literary ,home, Punch,where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was
  50. That Asia came from Ἀσία, but ancient transitions, due to the lack of, literary ,contexts, are difficult to catch in the act. The most likely vehicles were the

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