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  1. For the August 6 election for the Illinois General Assembly. At, he was, tall ,and" strong enough to intimidate any rival ". At his first speech, when he saw
  2. Of rudimentary conversation, having a vocabulary of around 400 words. She is, tall ,and weighs, matching the average figure of Korean women in their twenties.
  3. For added emphasis. Most super deformed characters are two to four heads, tall , Some anime works like Crayon Shanahan completely disregard these proportions
  4. August in zone 7) each bulb produces one or two leafless stems 30–60 cm, tall , each of which bears a cluster of 2 to 12 funnel-shaped flowers at their tops.
  5. S work. At Central Connecticut State University is Circulating Capital,a, tall ,cylinder which features an extract from The Wealth of Nations on the lower half
  6. Northern Australasia. They are fast-growing deciduous trees growing to 25–45 m, tall , with spreading branches and large (40–100 cm) pinnate leaves with 15-41 long
  7. Abacus, known as the sampan (算盤, lit. " Counting tray" ), is typically, tall ,and comes in various widths depending on the operator. It usually has more than
  8. Known as" The Millennium Gate" is referenced and described as one kilometer, tall ,and having begun construction in 2001. *In the Star Wars prequels, the galactic
  9. Unstrung. The cross-section of the limb also varies; the classic longbow is a, tall ,bow with narrow limbs that are D-shaped in cross-section, and the flat bow has
  10. Easily bringing men deliverance from: :Death's chilling rigor, : :Landing on, tall ,ships with a sudden, great bound, : :A far-away light up the forestays running::
  11. He refused to take any action against those who insulted him publicly. He was, tall ,and fairly handsome;" he had sparkling eyes of medium size; his nose, like
  12. Insisted. Jackson was a lean figure standing at 6 feet,1 inch (1.85 m), tall , and weighing between 130 and 140 pounds (64 kg) on average. Jackson also had
  13. Population lives within several hyperstructures that are thousands of feet, tall ,and span entire continents. * J. G. Ballard's 1975 novel High Rise featured a
  14. Side wall to its width. *** HARMS High Aspect Ratios allow the construction of, tall ,structures without slant Examples Rectangles For a rectangle, the aspect ratio
  15. Are produced by the use of mineral-based paint on a chalky background. Some, tall ,cylinders are considered ceremonial vessels, while narrow-necked jars may have
  16. Contrast, the widespread Green Alder (A. irides) is rarely more than a 5 m, tall ,shrub. Ecology Alder leaves and sometimes catkins are used as food by numerous
  17. High, although some Halter-type and English hunter-type horses may grow as, tall ,as 17 hands. There are two main body types: the stock type and the hunter or
  18. Carried out. The urn is made of terracotta and is about six inches (150 mm), tall , and may originally have been a perfume jar. A label containing a six line verse
  19. Leaves 10–35 cm long and 1–2 cm broad, and a central flower stalk 25–60 cm, tall , ending in an umbel of 20-30 white, or bright blue, funnel-shaped flowers, each
  20. Amaranth, thorny amaranth * Amaranths tuberculous – rough-fruit amaranth, tall ,water hemp * Amaranths irides – slender amaranth, green amaranth Uses Amaranth
  21. Body remains proportional. Most anime characters are about seven to eight heads, tall , and extreme heights are set around nine heads tall . Variations to proportion
  22. The trunk or pseudostem. On average, the plant grows about 12 feet (4 meters), tall , The fiber was originally used for making twines and ropes; now most aback is
  23. Starred K. Todd Freeman as Alex. The stage design featured an extremely, tall ,wall that housed the musicians. In 2001,UNI Theatre (Mississauga, Ontario )
  24. Of sealed-off rooms or high walls. Houses often stood four or five stories, tall , with single-story rooms facing the plaza; room blocks were terraced to allow
  25. Grand: Joseph Grand is a fifty-year-old clerk for the city government. He is, tall ,and thin and always wears clothes a size too large for him. Poorly paid, he
  26. Him the cognomen of the Bear," not from his looks or qualities, for he was a, tall ,handsome man, but from the cognizance on his shield, an able man, had a quick
  27. Cattle have become much smaller than their wild forebears. Aurochs were about, tall , while a very large domesticated cow is about and most domestic cattle are much
  28. Wars prequels, the galactic capital planet Coruscate has buildings many miles, tall , and approaches the completely built-over condition of Tractor in Isaac Asimov
  29. Alexander II in Chapter 37 of The Innocents Abroad, describing him as“ very, tall ,and spare, and a determined-looking man, though a very pleasant-looking one
  30. Galactic empire is a completely built-up planet, covered in its entirety with, tall ,buildings and subterranean structures. *All the remaining cities of the Earth
  31. On bracket capitals. Standing Buddha: There is a Standing Buddha on the, tall ,stop. The stop itself is crowned with an umbrella that nearly touches the
  32. She was depicted in Phidias's famous lost gold and ivory statue of her,36 m, tall , the Athena Parthenon in the Parthenon. Athena also is often depicted with an
  33. Made of gold-plated Britannia on a black metal base, it is 13.5 in (34 cm), tall , weighs 8.5 lb (3.85 kg) and depicts a knight rendered in Art Deco style
  34. With a rotor diameter of. Aalbäumle observation tower On Largest mountain,the, tall ,Aalbäumle observation tower is standing. This popular hiking destination was
  35. Sculpture weighing two tons (1,814 kg),and its figures are 6.6 ft (2 m), tall , Rather, each is isolated from his brothers, individually deliberating and
  36. About seven to eight heads tall , and extreme heights are set around nine heads, tall , Variations to proportion can be modified by the artist. Super-deformed
  37. Of Aries, was none other than Nineties, who was as per Herodotus's account,", tall ,and beautiful. " Nineties naturally, betrayed Amass and upon being greeted by
  38. Fishermen from around the world are able to take home impressive trophies and, tall ,tales from their experiences in Alberta's wilderness. Taxation The province's
  39. Escaped from captivity sometime in the 70s. Like the pigeons they nest in the, tall ,palm trees. Another bird to look out for is the hummingbird that can be seen on
  40. Academy. The scheme also extended into the Kappa district with a series of, tall ,office blocks. Alto first presented his scheme in 1961,but it went through
  41. A soldier learns to deal with. " Have Wests Have is described as being, tall ,and strong, and a peat-digger by profession. Overall, his size and behavior
  42. Red-root amaranth, redroot pig weed, common amaranth * Amaranths Redis –, tall ,amaranth, common water hemp * Amaranths spinous – spiny amaranth, prickly
  43. Aarhus Theatre),the largest theater in the city. * Søsterhøj, a 325 meter, tall ,concrete tower with guyed mast on its top * Shelby Genus, the second largest
  44. Portrayed with their necks held high up in the air, allowing them to browse on, tall ,trees. Some scientists have argued that the heart would have had trouble
  45. Myths The founding of the United States is often surrounded by legends and, tall ,tales. Many stories have developed since the founding long ago to become a part
  46. A corporate culture should look like in organizational hierarchy (flat versus, tall , casual versus formal attire, etc.). Other highly successful firms with
  47. Apatosaurus, like its close relative Superfluous, is notable for the incredibly, tall ,spines on its vertebrae, which make up more than half the height of the
  48. Of a several-century-old popular Greek folk song:: Look at the amaranth:: on, tall ,mountains it grows, : on the very stones and rocks: and places inaccessible.
  49. Attempt to, in his own words," settle this once and for all and find out how, tall ,he is" by using a tailor's tape measure on the Governor. Schwarzenegger
  50. A long and painful struggle. ’M. Othón: M. Othón is a magistrate in Oran. He is, tall ,and thin and, as Narrow observes in his journal," his small, beady eyes

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