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  1. With the construction of many docks, needed as the Thames at the City could not, cope ,with the volume of trade. The arrival of the railways and the Tube meant that
  2. In his descendants extending the house and adapting the garden and landscape to, cope ,with the huge numbers that visited. These early adaptations are considered to
  3. As well as strengthened demand for medical and pharmaceutical products to, cope ,with an aging, and ailing, U. S. population. Rising demand for biofuels is
  4. Transferred to Mayday, as the size of this hospital was insufficient to, cope ,with the growing population of the borough. Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Center
  5. To be solved by a new sewer system funded by the European Union, which could, cope ,with the demand of the city. The dangerously high levels of mercury in the city
  6. Configuration, however,put considerable pressure on the autopilot which had to, cope ,with the problem of a vehicle whose weight was diminishing rapidly and that was
  7. Of Botswana has found that the common practice of overstocking cattle to, cope ,with drought losses actually depletes scarce biomass, making ecosystems more
  8. With other members of his family, who " could not cope with me, and I could not, cope ,with" them. It was at Toad Hall that Garner set about writing his first novel
  9. A greeting, was removed altogether. Vestments such as the stole, chasuble and, cope ,were no longer to be worn, but only a surplice. It was the final stage of the
  10. For I am not as simple as I may seem. " She had little money and struggled to, cope , as she had the wellbeing of her ladies-in-waiting to maintain as well as her
  11. Industries, and extensive development of the waterfront area started in 1815 to, cope ,with increased demand on port capacity. At its height,200 ships per year were
  12. Vocal proponent of the development and use of computers and networks to help, cope ,with the world’s increasingly urgent and complex problems. Engelhardt embedded a
  13. Engine, gas turbine or Stirling electric generator. Houses designed to, cope ,with interruptions in civil services generally incorporate a wood stove, or
  14. Which character a code represented, and text-processing systems could generally, cope ,with only one variant anyway. Because the bracket and brace characters of ASCII
  15. Weapons, attacked the now disordered and fatigued French, the French could not, cope ,with their unarmored assailants (who were much less hindered by the mud).
  16. New mezzanine floors were constructed, and book stacks rebuilt in an attempt to, cope ,with the flood of books. In 1931 the art dealer Sir Joseph Queen offered funds
  17. Twenty minutes. However, these roads are now often considered inadequate to, cope ,with Adelaide's growing road traffic, and often experience traffic congestion.
  18. In Germany had denied Marlborough the initiative, Moreover,Marlborough had to, cope ,with the death of Emperor Leopold I in May and the accession of Joseph I, which
  19. Adelaide Hills region led to the construction of the South Eastern Freeway to, cope ,with growth, which has subsequently led to new developments and further
  20. The cooling also brought seasonal changes. Deciduous trees, better able to, cope ,with large temperature changes, began to overtake evergreen tropical species.
  21. For liturgical functions other than the Mass the bishop typically wears the, cope , Within his own diocese and when celebrating solemnly elsewhere with the
  22. There are a number of proprietary chapels (mostly built in the 19th century to, cope ,with urbanization and growth in population). Also in more recent years there
  23. Led to something of a schism with other members of his family, who " could not, cope ,with me, and I could not cope with" them. It was at Toad Hall that Garner set
  24. The next operation; a condition often termed data dependency conflict. To, cope ,with this, additional care must be taken to check for these sorts of conditions
  25. Trials with the right kind of training. Like other sight hounds they do not, cope ,well with harsh treatment or training based on punishment, and will be
  26. Factors in crop productivity. Biotechnologists are studying plants that can, cope ,with these extreme conditions in the hope of finding the genes that enable them
  27. To return to simpler processor designs in order to make it more feasible to, cope ,without (then relatively large and expensive) ROM tables and/or PLA
  28. Authorised holding (which can vary),so the logistic system has to be able to, cope ,with surge and slack. Artillery has always been equipment intensive and for
  29. The next few years and advocated train lengthening as an important measure to, cope ,with sharply higher passenger numbers. The Competition Commission is now
  30. Design. Controllers designed using robust control methods tend to be able to, cope ,with small differences between the true system and the nominal model used for
  31. Already has a considerable highway density for a country that still has to, cope ,with the consequences of Communism and the recent war. As of 2006,Croatia has
  32. The global trade in hazardous wastes: domestic and international attempts to, cope ,with a growing crisis in waste management" 42 Path. U. Law Review 103 (1992)
  33. From the stability in purchasing power of the gold piece, while the poor had to, cope ,with ever-degrading billion pieces. Later emperors like Julian the Apostate
  34. As asthma is increased or decreased by cat ownership is uncertain. Some owners, cope ,with this problem by taking allergy medicine, along with bathing their cats
  35. Processing. CCD cameras used in astrophotography often require sturdy mounts to, cope ,with vibrations from wind and other sources, along with the tremendous weight
  36. A future-oriented mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to, cope ,with upcoming negative events ", suggesting that it is a distinction between
  37. Expressway. New roads are not the only transport infrastructure developed to, cope ,with the urban growth. The Orbán Bu sway is an example of a unique solution to
  38. Brazil's the most important export and the Portuguese imported African slaves to, cope ,with the increasing international demand. Through wars against the French, the
  39. Namely natural selection. Inventions Air cribs In an effort to help his wife, cope ,with the day-to-day tasks of child-rearing, Skinner – a consummate inventor –
  40. Crowded and decrepit, and it was apparent that it would be unable to, cope ,with further expansion. The museum’s first notable addition towards its
  41. Advantage of using reinforced concrete structure is that it is more flexible to, cope ,with changes in structural layout, sizes and height according to the site
  42. In the 1990s,this concept was revived by the Los Angeles Fire Department to, cope ,with civil emergencies such as earthquakes. The program was widely adopted
  43. Unrecognized) addiction to injectable stimulant drugs while trying to, cope ,with the chronic stress and work overload in Medley (stemming from the Markab
  44. And in the later Middle Ages they often wear the vestments of a deacon,a, cope ,over a Dalmatia, especially Gabriel in Annunciation scenes - for example the
  45. More numerous, it was recognized in 1952 that the airport would be too small to, cope ,with the ever-increasing volume of air traffic. The last scheduled flight
  46. O'Connor came to the rescue, collaborating with the band and helping them, cope ,with their loss. " O'Connor blew into the studio on a windy November night and
  47. Robert Smirke's 1823 plan, but already adjustments were having to be made to, cope ,with the unforeseen growth of the collections. Infill galleries were
  48. Present an unfavorable image of the church, and to alter its organization to, cope ,with its size and cultural diversity, while preserving centralized control of
  49. S furniture was exhibited in London in 1935,to great critical acclaim, and to, cope ,with the consumer demand Alto, together with his wife Amino, Maire Gullichsen
  50. As Parkinson's, etc.) However, Alexander Technique can augment the ability to, cope ,with these issues, which may be a significant help. Benefits The Alexander

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