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  1. For for the provinces having control over their resources under the current, pakistan , constitution the Federal Govt is very strong, although this has changed
  2. Areas of Pakistan's Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANS). Image:, pakistan , aid. JPG|Pakistani Soldiers carry tents away from a U. S. Army CH-47 Chinook
  3. January 2005. * Reyna Naveen UL Hassan: Right arm fast medium bowler, played for, pakistan , He represented national team in test matches and one day internationals ... A
  4. Institute of Business Administration, Karachi is the oldest business school in, pakistan , and is in Karachi, Pakistan. * Institute of Business Administration, Sukkar is
  5. La industrial naval de Argentina y de, pakistan , encuentran coincidences Argentina Naval Industry *
  6. With the Pakistan/China produced JF-17 by 2015.; Pakistan Naval Air Arm The, pakistan , naval air arm operates more than 12 aircraft based at PNS Base Faisal. =;
  7. Descended from the Sagas (Scythians) who migrated from southern Siberia to, pakistan , and Arachnid from the middle of the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century BCE.
  8. Cricket League. Current squad: The following list contains the 14 players in, pakistan , squad for the 2010 ACC Trophy Elite: Devil's Backbone is a rock formation and
  9. Also well known trading center because of its easy access to two main cities of, pakistan , which are Islamabad and Rawalpindi and on the other hand it is a linkage
  10. Population. Basically this is the fled area. The Gabon, s living all around of, pakistan , but the Gabon, s are belonged from this area of Trajan PUR is very religious some
  11. With 50+ deaths. Dengue come to Pakistan through the second hand tires which, pakistan , imported from Thailand and this virus first spread in Karachi Marten Martens (
  12. Khanzada (PAK Navy) S/O Muhammad Iraq Kannada (late),He is serving in, pakistan , Navy and belong to Punjab Dist. Kara. He is very famous in Punjab Kara for
  13. View&id 694&Itemid 2 Press Release 11.12.2007: On the Crisis in, pakistan , http://www.islamicthinkers.com/index/index.php? Option com_content&task viewed
  14. Of Sikhs in His who during the 1947 partition came from West Punjab (, pakistan , ) and settled in this Area. Another interesting fact, Hisar has the maximum
  15. Metropolitan area. Lori, Sindh was one of the worst affected provinces in the, pakistan , floods in 2010 that displaced more than 20 million from the Sindh and Punjab
  16. Tools and have sound military knowledge to enable them to be proud part of, pakistan , army. Possesses the human qualities of devotion to duty, kindness,tolerance
  17. On what was to become India moved to Pakistan and vice versa. Tarars living in, pakistan , are mostly Suns but some of them are ships as well. Famous Tatar Bats
  18. Akbar Khan. He is the cousin of Suzanne Khan and actor Bayed Khan. He lived in, pakistan , for years. He is also the brother-In-Law of Hrithik Roshan and son-In-law of
  19. Of Mira Mumbai Hassan Azaleas (Former Chief Minister of Khairpur Sindh, pakistan , ) North-West Frontier Province Dr. Khan Sahib, Sardar Abdul Rashid Khan, Khan
  20. Late) NIA Ahmed Kannada are Sons-in-law and Captain Tidal Ahmed Kannada, pakistan , Navy is Maternal grandson of Away. The family of Away is living in Faridabad
  21. Is from Rasputin (a state of Rapports). And village radar Mandi Bahauddin, pakistan , The DGDDI is one of the major clans of district Velar, have influential
  22. Held prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba sic. * The delivery of F-16 planes that, pakistan , sic had paid for and never received.: We sure sic Americans that they shall
  23. Current and trade accounts deficits had been built up since the credit boom in, pakistan , post 2002. Due to rising militancy in the NWFP and DATA areas FDI began to fall
  24. Is the most important city of south Punjab that interconnect three provinces of the, pakistan , e. G Punjab, balochistan, sindh Jaipur is popular due to tomb of Khan
  25. Tariq Ali Khan Kannada Vise president Human Rights services commission, pakistan , (" I. T Administrator in Education department Govt of Punjab ". His
  26. Factors as well as affinities. This fact must be remembered that modern, pakistan , used to be part of India before 1947,caste system affected the society very
  27. Number of cases have climbed to over to 4,800 with 50+ deaths. Dengue come to, pakistan , through the second hand tires which Pakistan imported from Thailand and this
  28. Album Khan in the 1946 http:// pakistan .gov.pk/Quaid/leader15.htm The Leader at, pakistan , Gov. Pk The last was an Untouchable who was opposed to the Congress. Es, the
  29. And traditions. Ran is very brave people the majority of Rats are serving in, pakistan , Armed Forces. Rao's families prefer to marry in their own caste (Reyna, Rao, Kaim
  30. Uras of Sakai maiden held every year at 10th of march. From all over the, pakistan , people come to attend the eras. Most of the people of Gopalpur accepted Islam on
  31. Abhor, Abiria, ancient agar) settlement in western India includes today's, pakistan , with Indo-Scythian. Avers merger with Madeiras are also believed most
  32. Brat - Daily Jewish - Daily Hashish - Daily Safer - Daily target Abbottabad, pakistan ,- DAK Khan - Abandon - Abandon Airport - Damian - DAR (tribe) - Data
  33. Newer areas such as intellectual property law, international trade law etc. In, pakistan , university of the Punjab Lahore, International Islamic university Islamabad
  34. The Korean in India. * Bathroom Baldwin Maria, Sufi saint from the Multan in, pakistan , * Hazmat Bathroom Burhanuddin, Sufi Saint and Great Preacher of Islam from
  35. Handicrafts, and embroidery. Due to industry it is an important city of, pakistan , Notes Hasidim Troikas is a Greek professor of organization studies. Troikas
  36. Band Ram Gupta which together with Mahatma Gandhi helped Muslim to go to, pakistan , in riots. In 1968, he dreamt about making College for girls which he made it in
  37. It's founded by hazmat Andean peers aha baba. In 1780ad. Its nickname was, pakistan , chowk (Baghdadi). Many of famous leader visited in hazmat Anja peers aha
  38. He decided in 1969 to give up rule. Massive income inequality. 20 families in, pakistan , controlled over 66 % of the land Death In 1971 when war broke out, Ayub Khan
  39. Sardar fate din do gar founder of a village called panjgrayien (now in, pakistan , ) came from Shikarpur (city of India)then two of his son radar Suraj din
  40. And modern living standards compared to other villages in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa., pakistan , Education There are several private and government schools in the village for
  41. And three Utility Stores. First of its kind Eye Hospital at BAFA: Day Trust, pakistan , a well renowned NGO of Pakistan has opened first of its kind state of the art Eye
  42. Ex-chief justice of supreme court of Pakistan temporary president of, pakistan , for seven days. *Gulf am Khan Jahangir. -Ex-director general agriculture Khyber
  43. Regarding his last ball full toss which was hit for a Six by David Mia dad, when,Pakistan, required 4 Runs to win the match on last ball. He has a passion for bicycles
  44. January 2005 leaving behind his wife 3 sons and 2 daughters. Daula family in, pakistan , village Paula Pushtu, daulo was, daula Burman, daula sultan etc. main Abdul
  45. From University of Bedfordshire UK. Akmal khan is an eminent educationalist in, pakistan , He was the vice chancellor of Gomal University’D. I. Khan for two years.
  46. So many other mosques are constructed by people of Larkana. Tank Cook &, pakistan , chok also popular in Larkana city Churches Markets and shopping centers *Swami
  47. People *Bashir Ahmad Khan Jahangir –. Ex-chief justice of supreme court of, pakistan , temprory president of Pakistan for seven days. *Gulf am Khan Jahangir.
  48. Film Notable Potpourri films produced by (Pearl communication) based in, pakistan , are: * Mike Karo England (written, produced & Directed by ALBUM MALIK) All
  49. For monitoring. (Tajikistan is a tribal area, and in any tribal area of, pakistan , nobody can deployed police. There are another options like frontier corps (
  50. Now the university have student from different countries mostly are from, pakistan , other countries are Afghanistan, zambia, somalia, and Cameroon also ..... Hebei

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