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  1. Her. He then tried to crush her with a mechanical ceiling over her bed at her, residence , Nero designed a ship that would open at the bottom while at sea. Agrippina was
  2. Canada OSU, the residence of the President of Turkey. * Member Kiosk,the, residence ,of Turkish President Islet Inonu from 1925 to 1973. Modern monuments Victory
  3. For the degree examinations, devoting his spare time at his family's, residence ,to studying. Helping his father in Visible Speech demonstrations and lectures
  4. In 1879,is on the Registry of Historic Places of Canada. It is the oldest, residence ,in Canada. Seminary House is rumored to be haunted, therefore,every Halloween
  5. Of Canterbury's official residence in London is Lambert Palace. He also has a, residence ,next to Canterbury Cathedral on the site of the medieval Archbishop's Palace.
  6. Art museum founded in 1983. Austin is also home to the O. Henry House Museum, residence ,of O. Henry in 1891. Farmers markets are popular attractions, providing a
  7. Near Melrose, on the south bank of the River Tweed. It was formerly the, residence ,of historical novelist and poet, Walter Scott. It is a Category A Listed
  8. The three Apollo 1 astronauts. Civic and other memorials *Frisson Hall, student, residence , hall at the Florida Institute of Technology. *Three public schools in
  9. On behalf of Anglicans in England and worldwide. The archbishop's main, residence ,is Lambert Palace in the London Borough of Lambert. He also has lodgings in the
  10. a million expansion to the campus, including a new academic building, a second, residence ,and a sports complex were unveiled. Construction is currently underway. The
  11. Now the University of Westminster) has named one of its student halls of, residence ,Alexander Fleming House, which is near to Old Street. *Fleming, Florey and
  12. From India. The British refused and only agreed to transfer Hasan Ali Shah’s, residence ,to Calcutta, where it would be more difficult for him to launch new attacks
  13. Likely that Vivaldi went to Vienna to stage operas, especially since he took up, residence ,near the Kärntnertortheater. Shortly after Vivaldi's arrival in Vienna
  14. He was also employed by local jewelers for figurative designs. After a short, residence ,in Venice, he went to Rome in 1625 with an introduction from the Duke of Mantra
  15. Former palaces of the archbishops include * Croydon Palace: the summer, residence ,of the Archbishops from the 15th to the 18th centuries. * Addington Palace:
  16. Survive in downtown Shanghai of which many are Art Deco. In Japan, the 1933, residence , of Prince Osaka in Tokyo is an Art Deco house turned museum. In the Philippines
  17. And Rafaela Maybach in Königsberg I'm Schwarzman, location of Schweitzer's, residence ,which now houses the Albert-Schweitzer Museum. Sound recordings of
  18. In it periodically until 2001 when they donated it to be used as an artist ', residence , * Novelist Graham Greene, visited and stayed on Chill Island a number of
  19. Of Nazi - Tall Banal complex. To better police this area, he built a royal, residence ,at Tell Break, a crossroads at the heart of the Kabul River basin of the
  20. To the confraternity of Neapolitan fishermen. Villa Abd-el-Tif, former, residence , of the day, was used during the French period, to accommodate French artists
  21. Writes Isaac son. This included a cannon salute upon his arrival at the, residence ,of the British high commissioner, Sir Herbert Samuel. During one reception
  22. Been a spa town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Aachen was a favored, residence ,of Charlemagne, and the place of coronation of the Kings of Germany.
  23. second-oldest dwelling house in the city. It was built in 1593 and became the, residence ,of Provost John Ross of Carnage in 1702. The house retains some original
  24. Bell would spend his final, and some of his most productive, years in, residence ,in both Washington’D. C., where he and his family initially resided for most
  25. Of Mexican Free-tailed Bats. Starting in March, up to 1.5 million bats take up, residence ,inside the bridge's expansion and contraction zones as well as in long
  26. Who were Odin, Vili and VE, constructed the universe and put Midgard in it as a, residence ,for the first human couple, Ask and Emblem, whom they created from driftwood
  27. And states that the source as the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál. Odin's, residence ,is Valhalla, to which he takes those slain in battle, the Interwar (Section
  28. Or novices (Q),the other to the sick monks as an" infirmary" ( R). The ", residence ,of the physicians" ( S) stands contiguous to the infirmary, and the physic
  29. To the author. The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the couple as a summer, residence ,in 1938,is now in the care of the National Trust. Christie often stayed at
  30. Sometimes these foundations were no more than a single building serving as, residence ,and farm offices, while other examples were miniature monasteries for 5 or 10
  31. Knox's House) erecting a plaque c.1950 proclaiming itself as having been his, residence , In reality, it was a far grander building than that remaining. As a symbol of
  32. Were abandoned, and the neighborhood was rebuilt with smaller-scale, residence ,buildings on the basis of its original layout. Catholic Churches in Amsterdam
  33. Have made it a landmark for the city. Historic buildings * Canada OSU,the, residence ,of the President of Turkey. * Member Kiosk, the residence of Turkish President
  34. He left his monastery, but continued to lead a monastic life in the episcopal, residence , He left a regular his monastery that has led him to be designated the" patron
  35. Screenwriters, Shinobu Hashimoto and Video Gun, for a forty-five-day secluded, residence ,at an inn to create the screenplay for his next movie, Seven Samurai. The
  36. Her married life was" The Right Honorable the Countess of Lovelace ". Their, residence ,was a large estate at Occam Park, in Occam, Surrey,along with another estate
  37. His invasion of Italy had produced important results. It caused the imperial, residence ,to be transferred from Milan to Ravenna, and necessitated the withdrawal of
  38. Of his death, a memorial plaque was unveiled on 7 June 2004 at his former, residence , Hogsmeade, in Willow, Cheshire. On 13 March 2000,Saint Vincent and the
  39. Torrent, a sculptor of considerable eminence, who had taken up a temporary, residence ,at Pageant, one of Asolo's boroughs in the vicinity of the senator's mansion.
  40. Claimants to the papacy: the Roman line, the Avignon line (Clement VII took up, residence ,in Avignon, France ), and the Pisa line. The last-mentioned line was named
  41. For Paul Troost's renovation of the Chancellery. As Chancellor, Hitler had a, residence ,in the building and came by every day to be briefed by Speer and the building
  42. Among the most historically important in the UK. Scott had only enjoyed his, residence ,one year when (1825) he met with that reverse of fortune which involved the
  43. Ex-Sidi Ferric),Palm Beach, Douaouda, Zéralda, and the Club of the Pines (, residence ,of State); there are tourist complexes, Algerian and other restaurants
  44. The War Memorial Hall (more generally known as Memorial Hall),which is a, residence , and War Memorial Gymnasium are landmark buildings on the campus of Acadia
  45. Independently of each other. The purpose of RNA is to enhance the quality of, residence ,hall life and provide a cohesive voice for the residents by addressing the
  46. When it is specified, is usually the house of Aegis thus, who has not taken up, residence ,in Agamemnon's palace, and it involves an ambush and the deaths of Agamemnon
  47. Congregation by St Pius V, under the Rule of St Augustine with a mother-house, residence ,of the prioress general, at Pa via. One of the nuns in this group was Saint
  48. The Archbishop of York. Residences The Archbishop of Canterbury's official, residence ,in London is Lambert Palace. He also has a residence next to Canterbury
  49. French Astronomical Society (1928) Named after him *Eddington Tower, halls of, residence ,at the University of Essex *Eddington Astronomical Society, an amateur society
  50. We are unable to identify any other of the principal buildings. The abbot's, residence , still partly standing, adjoined the entrance-gate. The guest-house was close

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