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  1. Written on them. Each of the gates is made of a single pearl, and there is an, angel ,standing in each one. The wall also has twelve foundations which are adorned
  2. Preface to the Book of Mormon. The Three Witnesses testified to having seen an, angel ,present the gold plates, and to having heard God bear witness to its truth.
  3. She burst in tears. The boy then called to God and upon hearing him,an, angel ,of God confirmed to Hagar that he would become a great nation. A well of water
  4. The Muslim armies and Ottoman Turks during the Middle Ages. The vision of the, angel ,and little book (Revelation 10) represents the Miller ite movement; the "
  5. On the classic archetype of the rock & roll teen queen, the dungaree doll,the, angel ,baby who just has to make a scene. " RAM Yacob who co-produced Spears's
  6. And in Alan Berg's poignant Violin Concerto dedicated," To the memory of an, angel ,". In popular music Angst, in contemporary connotative use, most often
  7. Level. Figures in Revelation In order of appearance: # John of Patmos # The, angel ,who reveals the Revelation of Jesus Christ # The One who sits on the Throne #
  8. Name of a demon, or the Devil himself. Abandon has also been identified as the, angel ,of death and destruction, demon of the abyss, and chief of demons of the
  9. And reliquaries of that period also show them without wings, as for example the, angel ,in the Sacrifice of Isaac scene in the Sarcophagus of Julius Basses. The
  10. Apocalypse # Four angel s holding the four winds of the Earth # The seal-bearer, angel ,# Seven angel ic trumpeters # The star called Wormwood # Angel of Woe #
  11. At Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Named Israel (Israel, in the Koran, is the, angel ,of death who severs the soul from the body),this aircraft figured prominently
  12. Him a thousand years ". According to the foregoing, Apollion is a holy (good), angel , servant, and messenger of God; but in occult and, generally,in noncanonical
  13. Is from the Nile); and of" Florence Nightingale" into" Flit on, cheering, angel ,". The Victorian love of diagramming as recreation is alluded to by Augustus De
  14. Is an example of this type of arbitrage is Green ridge Capital, which acts as an, angel ,investor retaining equity in private companies which are in the process of
  15. Phil mentions Abandon as a place (Sheol, hell ), not as a spirit or demon or, angel , In the 3rd century Acts of Thomas, Abaddon is the name of a demon, or the
  16. Visited. In the lore of the Coptic Church, Abbaton is the name given to the, angel ,of death. He is given particularly important roles in two sources, a homily
  17. Tachibana's guardian angel is called Abraham. His appearance is of a chained, angel , In the 1970s,a group of Unitarian Universalist's formed a group called the "
  18. By an indigenous American prophet. Smith said he had been in contact with an, angel ,Moroni, who showed him the plates' location and had been grooming him for a
  19. Where all angel s are married),children in heaven (where they are raised by, angel ,parents),time and space in heaven (there are none),the after-death
  20. Fire, smoke,and brimstone. ### Interlude: The little book. (10:1-11) ####An, angel ,appears, with one foot on the sea and one foot on the land, having an opened
  21. Flashes of lightning, and an earthquake" ( 8:5). ####After the eighth, angel ,has devastated the earth, the seven angel s introduced in verse 2 prepare to
  22. Apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an, angel ,of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also transform
  23. King had to refer the matter to a commission of ten, though he said that" an, angel ,might have miscarried after this sort. " The commission was equally divided
  24. Letter to his parole board. In the anime,11 Eyes, Kukuri Tachibana's guardian, angel ,is called Abraham. His appearance is of a chained angel . In the 1970s,a group
  25. Straightened and the weight ineffective. Known as an" anchor chum weight" or ", angel ," in the UK. Forked moor Using two anchors set approximately 45° apart, or
  26. In the Revelation of St. John, is the king of tormenting locusts and the, angel ,of the bottomless pit. The exact nature of Abandon is debated, but the Hebrew
  27. Hour" ( 8:1). ####Seven angel s are each given trumpets (8:2). ####An eighth, angel ,takes a" golden censer ", filled with fire from the heavenly altar, and throws
  28. Russell Lowell referred to Alcott in his poem" Studies for Two Heads" as" an, angel ,with clipped wings ". Alcott held his principles above his well-being. Shortly
  29. A retelling of the life of St. Francis *" Beauty School Dropout" - sung by an, angel ,- From the soundtrack of the 1978 film Grease, performed by Frankie Avalon * "
  30. S angel s will also appear as godly clergymen, and Satan will appear as an, angel ,of light. " For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming
  31. Suggested that the letter used the idea of a salamander as a metaphor for an, angel , The document, however,was revealed as a forgery in 1985,and Hoffmann was
  32. Which would be used in the creation of Adam. Upon completion of this task,the, angel ,was then named to be guardian. Everybody, including the angel s, demons,and
  33. Of Seventy Septets (or literally 'seventy times seven' ) appears in the, angel ,Gabriel's reply to Daniel, beginning with verse 22 and ending with verse 27 in
  34. Shows a boat (the Sent'Angelo),on the left end of which stands a little, angel ,wearing a priest's hat and playing the violin. The Marcello family claimed
  35. Substance as the Father, he did consider the spirit to be a person or a high, angel , Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Holy Spirit is not an actual person but
  36. On the land, having an opened little book in his hand. ####Upon the cry of the, angel , seven thunders utter mysteries and secrets that are not to be written down by
  37. Joseph Smith, Jr. by a being that changed itself into a salamander, not by an, angel ,as the official Church history recounted. The document was purchased by private
  38. On the classic archetype of the rock & roll teen queen, the dungaree doll,the, angel ,baby who just has to make a scene. " RAM Yacob who co-produced Spears's
  39. Art and webcomics. In Christian art The earliest known Christian image of an, angel , in the Cubicle dell'Annunciation in the Catacomb of Priscilla, which is
  40. Driving force behind the beast and his armies, is imprisoned:: :I saw an, angel ,coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain
  41. One. Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, he was prevented by an, angel , and given on that spot a ram which he sacrificed in place of his son. As a
  42. Great river Euphrates # Two hundred million lion-headed cavalry # The mighty, angel ,of Seven thunders # The Two witnesses # Beast of the Sea having seven heads and
  43. And enthroned Jesus Christ. Some theologians believe Abandon to be just an, angel , Concerning the angel holding the key to the bottomless pit from Revelation 9
  44. It in a hill in present-day New York and then returned to earth in 1827 as an, angel , revealing the location of the book to Smith and instructing him to translate
  45. During which he" attained the knowledge and conversation of his holy guardian, angel ," and" entered the trance of Sarah, union with godhead. " He therefore
  46. 14:6-13) ###One like the Son of Man reaps the earth. (14:14-16) ###A second, angel ,reaps" the vine of the earth" and throws it into" the great wine press of the
  47. Account of history and Christian eschatology. The prophet has a vision of the, angel ,Gabriel, who tells him," Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for
  48. Christ. Some theologians believe Abandon to be just an angel . Concerning the, angel ,holding the key to the bottomless pit from Revelation 9 and 20,Gustav Davidson
  49. His daughter, Victoria; entitled The Freak, the film would have cast her as an, angel , According to Chaplin, a script was completed and pre-production rehearsals had
  50. Origin Joseph Smith Jr. said that when he was seventeen years of age an, angel ,of God, named Moroni, appeared to him, and said that a collection of ancient

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