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  1. Dj-b-t became to be" mud brick. " This evolved into Arabic al bum (الطّوب, al ," the" + tub" brick" )" mud brick," which was assimilated into Old Spanish
  2. Or" Rob el Kh al id" — presumably a reference to the Empty Quarter or" Rub, al , Kh al i ". At the center of the area they discover the Nameless City (the
  3. And pitch in the first syllable evolved as follows according to Starting et, al , (2003),with the caveat that it is not clear which pitch was high and which
  4. And coworkers in 2005,and fine structur al details were given by Bond et, al , A new cryst al type was found after attempted cocryst al lization of aspirin and
  5. Offici al ly the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (Al Jumhuriyah, al , Jazairiyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Shariah), al so form al ly referred to as the
  6. Cognates in basic vocabulary across the Altaic family (from Starting et, al , 2003). 1 Contains the Photovoltaic du al suffix:" both breasts" –" chest "
  7. Roman Catholic Cardin al , archbishop,and pap al diplomat. He was born at Cologne, al , Serio, in what is now the Province of Bergamo. He studied theology and canon
  8. Reflect the same root, al though the suffixation is not clear. " (Starting et, al , 2003:223) 6 Compare Villa /Mir/" 3" ( Blaze 2006). 7
  9. Survey. History The word arsenic was borrowed from the Syriac word ܠܐ ܙܐܦܢܝܐ (, al , ) Narnia and the Persian word Varnish, meaning " yellow Orient ", into Greek
  10. Of two consonants were al lowed in Photovoltaic as reconstructed by Starting et, al , (2003); the correspondence table of these clusters spans al most 7 pages in
  11. Middle Korean (タリクニ/チリクヒ in 二中歴). 17" Problematic" ( Starting et, al , 2003:224). 18 Compare Gourmet" 10" ( Blaze 2006). 19
  12. Or" with dissimilation or metathesis in" Proto-Mongolic (Starting et, al , 2003:224). – Titan has" 7 ". 16 in Early Middle Korean (タリクニ/チリクヒ in
  13. Tarmac and Titan, two extinct Mongolic languages not considered by Starting et, al , (2003),even preserve in these places (Blaze 2006). ³ This
  14. Versions which were different phonemes in the first syllable. Starting et, al , (2003) treat length together with pitch as a prosaic feature. Prosody As
  15. On whether Sheila happens to have preserved any given root, Starostin et, al , (2003: 26–28) have not used Sheila to decide whether to reconstruct an
  16. Not clear which pitch was high and which was low in Photovoltaic (Starting et, al , 2003:135). For simplicity of input and display every syllable is symbolized
  17. S (2006) summary of the newest Altaic etymologic al dictionary (Starting et, al , 2003) and transcribed into the. When a Photovoltaic phoneme developed
  18. Century) or lack of natur al nutrients and vitamins (Lind, Eijkman, Funk,ET, al , ). Supported by par al lel developments in organic chemistry, the new science
  19. 6 This happened" in syllables with origin al high pitch" ( Starting et, al , 2003:135). 7 Before, or. 8 When the next consonant in the word
  20. Alessandro Asgard" Busts of members of the Frangipani family in S. Marcello, al , Corso Notes Alger of Liège (1055–1131),known al so as Alger of Clung and
  21. Are less stable than the Indo-European ones, but nevertheless Starting et, al , (2003) reconstruct them as follows: 1 Manchu /son/" single, odd ".
  22. Seeps in the northeastern continent al slope of the South China Sea and Chen et, al , (2011) It al so occurs in the miner al s' beryl, cryolite,garnet, spinel and
  23. Fifty ’, but the historic al root here is no doubt *TU-) " (Starting et, al , 2003:223). – Blaze (2006) al so considers Gourmet" 5" ( from) to be
  24. To be a reduplication:" 20 + 20 ". 23 would be expected; Starting et, al , (2003) think that this irregular change from to is due to influence from" 2
  25. Starting et al . 2003:135) Morphologic al correspondences Starting et, al , (2003) have reconstructed the following correspondences between the case and
  26. Milan again the following year with the oratorio L'adoration Delhi TRE re magi, al , bambino GES (RV 645, al so lost). In 1722, he moved to Rome, where he
  27. For voicing *p > *b in syllables with origin al high pitch" ( Starting et, al , 2003:135). ²" … sever al secondary metatonic processes happened … in
  28. Turkic–Mongolic–Tunguska–Korean. *Sergei Starting (1991’S. Starting et, al , 2003). *John C. Street (1962). Turkic–Mongolic–Tunguska and
  29. The arguments for the Ur al –Altaic hypotheses. ) Nevertheless, Starostin et, al , (2003) reconstruct Photovoltaic as lacking vowel harmony. Instead, according
  30. On the basis of umlaut processes in the first syllable. " (Starting et, al , 2003:91) The table below is taken from Starting et al . (2003): 1 When
  31. Languages have vowel harmony, Proto-Altaic as reconstructed by Starting et, al , Lacked it—instead various vowel assimilation between the first and second
  32. 2005) mentions evidence from sever al Tunguska languages cited by Starting et, al , (2003). Georg (2005) does not accept this, referring to Georg (1999/2000
  33. J1. The tradition al date for Abraham is circa 2200–2000 BC. Bear, et, al , .,found Khan in a variety of haplogroups (E3b,G2,H,I1b,J,K2,Q,R1a1
  34. A strong tendency towards low pitch on the first syllable. " (Starting et, al , 2003:135) Morphologic al correspondences Starting et al . (2003) have
  35. Resources, et al . v. L. C., by firing, guardian ad item and next friend, et, al , (not to be confused with Olmstead v. United States,277 U. S. 438 (1928),a
  36. dataWeightPairs)/ (Len (dataWeightPairs) − 1) Par al lel al gorithm Chan et, al , Note that the above on-line al gorithm III is a speci al case of an al gorithm
  37. Cassette, Canadian religious figure (d. 1937) *1847 – Queen Maria Victoria, al , Pozzo Della Cisterna of Spain (d. 1876) *1867 – Eveline Airfield British
  38. The a- used in other languages may be due a confusion with the Arabic article, al , the word having first dropped the an- as in the It al ian form Mandela; the
  39. With pitch as a prosaic feature. Prosody As reconstructed by Starting et, al , (2003),Photovoltaic was a pitch accent or tone language; at least the first
  40. Which is commonly used in handwriting. C al ligraphy After Kh al il in Ahmad, al , Farahidi fin al ly fixed the Arabic script around 786,many styles were developed
  41. Here, but the required loss of initi al " is not quite regular" ( Starting et, al , 2003:224). 15 The Mongolian forms" may suggest an origin al bromoform
  42. Are Tibet and the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. In a study by Tacoma et, al , (2004),two out of a sample of sixteen (or 12.5 %) Ainu men have been
  43. A Venus Utica signed by Menophantos, first century BC, found at San Gregorio, al , Celio, Rome (Muse Nation al Romano),The Aphrodite of Menophantos is a Roman
  44. States. Olmstead, Commissioner,Georgia Department of Human Resources, et, al , v. L. C., by firing, guardian ad item and next friend, et al . (not to be
  45. S 2006 summary of the newest Altaic etymologic al dictionary Starting et, al , 2003 and transcribed into the): Consonants 1 This phoneme only occurred at
  46. Et la phonetic Du chamito-sémitique. Paris: Champion. * Diakonoff, Igor M. ET, al , 1993–1997. " Historic al -comparative vocabulary of Agrarian ", St. Petersburg
  47. When preceded by a vowel preceded by. 13 Before. 14 Starting et, al , (2003) follow a minority opinion (Join 1993) in interpreting the sound of
  48. Starting et al . 2003:91) The table below is taken from Starting et, al , (2003): 1 When preceded by a bilabi al consonant. 2 When followed by a
  49. Gathering ". 21" A Hundred" in names of hundreds. 22 Starting et, al , (2003) suspect this to be a reduplication:" 20 + 20 ". 23 would be
  50. 1955). Turkic–Mongolic–Tunguska–Korean. *Anna V. DBO (S. Starting et, al , 2003,A. DBO and G. Starting 2008). *Nicholas Pope (1965).

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