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  1. Saints' Day, which commemorates the departed who have attained the beatific, vision , If 2 November falls on a Sunday, the Mass is of All Souls, but the Office is
  2. Horopters, and binocular disparity, and improved on the theories of binocular, vision , motion perception and Hooters previously discussed by Aristotle, Euclid and
  3. Web designers failed to design its website to enable persons with low or no, vision ,to use it. Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama v. Garrett Board of
  4. In his Book of Optics. His experimental proof of the intro mission model of, vision ,led to changes in the way the visual perception of space was understood
  5. Of the world (e.g. " A benign indifference ", in The Stranger),and every, vision ,he had for its progress (e.g. vanquishing the" adolescent furies" of
  6. To visualize an ultimate fusion of social groups ... but this climactic, vision ,of classlessness, with typical Kurosawa ambivalence, has become a vision of
  7. At Oxford and in the library of Leiden. Theory of Vision Two major theories on, vision ,prevailed in classical antiquity. The first theory, the emission theory, was
  8. Was directing the evolution of Sharp APL to be more in accordance with his, vision , As other vendors were busy developing APL interpreters for new hardware
  9. S own belief in a doctrine of divine rewards and punishments rooted in a, vision ,of a hierarchical Christian world order in which God is the Lord to whom kings
  10. Perception of space was understood, contrary to the previous emission theory of, vision ,supported by Euclid and Ptolemy. In" tying the visual perception of space to
  11. Personal experience has an effect on what people see and how they see, and that, vision ,and perception are subjective. Khalifa has also argued that Alien should
  12. Effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of, vision , and can be created and demonstrated in several ways. The most common method of
  13. Power. Upon his deathbed he realized that his sons did not share his wisdom or, vision ,and is presumed to have died sadly, giving up his dream of bringing a voice to
  14. Good dictates that there should be no market at all. We are not afraid of a, vision ,in the Labor Party, but nor are we afraid of doing the hard policy yards
  15. Of Abram. The document is dated to the 2nd century BC and, in the form of a, vision , briefly discusses dualism and the Watchers: Mynas I (Greek: Ἀμύντας A, c.
  16. In the murky river's depth. They eat many animals, almost all blind or low, vision , with white color of the cave fauna who live in the same medium. Despite its
  17. As though he were blind, it is true there were many indications of his impaired, vision , For instance, although Aldous did not wear glasses, he would quite often use a
  18. The farm and the animals, and devises plans to help the animals achieve their, vision ,of an egalitarian utopia, but Napoleon and his dogs eventually chase him from
  19. Vision of classlessness, with typical Kurosawa ambivalence, has become a, vision ,of horror. The battle is a vortex of swirling rain and mud ... The ultimate
  20. Slightly more than a month later, having taken ether (ethyl oxide),he had a, vision ,of the universe from a modern scientific cosmology that he frequently referred
  21. Stage often produced extensive, fantastically detailed notes to elaborate his, vision , For example, for Seven Samurai, he created six notebooks in which he created (
  22. Break from the writing of her next major novel, The Fountainhead. It presents a, vision ,of a dystopian future world in which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to
  23. The Optics; De aspects or Perspective) and grounded his theories of, vision , light and color, as well as his research in cathartics and district (the
  24. LEED sustainable rating systems for buildings, computer graphics and computer, vision , The average overall albedo of Earth, its planetary albedo, is 30 to 35 %
  25. Short gut of a predator. * An adaptation of the nervous system for stereoscopic, vision , locomotion and feeding * A quick growth and movement of the eyes to higher up
  26. The visually impaired, partly because some of its diagnostic criteria depend on, vision , and partly because autistic symptoms overlap with those of common blindness
  27. Includes only two verses, the second of which is original.: O beautiful for, vision ,clear, : That sees beyond the years, : The nighttime sky, our hopes that fly,
  28. The heroic ideal. As Prince notes," Kurosawa’s is an essentially tragic, vision ,of life, and this sensibility ... impedes his efforts to realize a socially
  29. But nor are we afraid of doing the hard policy yards necessary to turn that, vision ,into reality. Parties of the Center Left around the world are wrestling with a
  30. Setting up Amitabh Bachchan Corporation, Ltd. (A. B. C. L.) in 1996,with the, vision ,of becoming a 10 billion rupees (approx 250 million $US) premier
  31. Forms entering the eye from an object. Alien argued that the process of, vision ,occurs neither by rays emitted from the eye, nor through physical forms
  32. Childhood. At the age of eight she experienced headaches that obscured her, vision , Her mother's obsession with rooting out any of the insanity of which she
  33. Or strong enough to find it: something to achieve. In contrast to Newton's, vision ,of wretchedness as his willful sin and distance from God, wretchedness has
  34. An approximation. When thinking about orbitals, we are often given an orbital, vision ,which (even if it is not spelled out) is heavily influenced by this
  35. He instead developed a highly successful theory which explained the process of, vision ,as rays of light proceeding to the eye from each point on an object, which he
  36. America. Stopping off at the Japanese port of Kobe along the way, Crowley had a, vision ,which he interpreted as meaning that the great spiritual beings known as the
  37. In physics and ethics, of which the largest group deals with questions of, vision ,and light, and the final four with fate and providence. Problems and Solutions
  38. Emancipation. Apocalyptic antisemitism Adolf Hitler's millennial and messianic, vision ,which culminated in the Holocaust is sometimes referred to as an" apocalyptic
  39. Contested by the Oxford Movement (Tractarians),who in response developed a, vision ,of Anglicanism as religious tradition deriving ultimately from the Ecumenical
  40. Ceases to be a problem or a reality. " According to Prince, the filmmaker’s, vision ,eventually became so bleak that he would come to view history merely as
  41. Many others and reorganized public administration. Alfonso showed extraordinary, vision ,for the time. Progressive measures taken during his kingship include:
  42. Similar sources have spread among the public a partial and misleading, vision ,of Smith, portraying him as an" extreme dogmatic defender of laissez-faire
  43. Illusions. In the Book of Optics, Alhazen was the first scientist to argue that, vision ,occurs in the brain, rather than the eyes. He pointed out that personal
  44. Sins and from attachment to mortal sins cannot immediately attain the beatific, vision ,in heaven, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice
  45. Exception Tchaikovsky praised the blockbuster film The Terminator, saying its ", vision ,of the future and the relation between man and its destiny is pushing the
  46. Proceeds to elaborate a few nuances of inconsistency peculiar to Huxley's, vision , Her account, in this respect, is discernibly congruent with the following
  47. Smith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presents an elaborate, vision ,of the Afterlife. It is revealed as the scene of an extensive missionary effort
  48. The intuitiveness of spatial perception and, therefore,the autonomy of, vision , Without tangible notions of distance and size for correlation, sight can tell
  49. With a teacher and his relationship with an entire group of ex-pupils—a sunnier, vision ,of the theme emerges. " The students hold an annual party for their professor
  50. Heavier-than-air aircraft. The AEA was first formed as Bell shared the, vision ,to fly with his wife, who advised him to seek" young" help as Alexander was

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