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  1. In addition to throngs of people crowding highways and beaches near the, launch ,site, millions watched the event on television, with NASA Chief of Public
  2. In Heidi and Rebecca of Sunny brook Farm the following year. Dan also helped, launch ,the career of two other very successful Hollywood directors, Victor Fleming
  3. Igniter lines took place on December 18,a mere three days before the scheduled, launch , The standard lunar orbit for Apollo missions was planned as a nominal circular
  4. The release of Horse in 1941,Kurosawa searched for a story he could use to, launch ,his directing career. Towards the end of 1942,about a year after the beginning
  5. Units worked with commanders of the United Front (Northern Alliance) to, launch ,a military offensive against the Taliban. This led to the fall of
  6. Norman Hazard became the first American to ride to space on board a Russian, launch ,vehicle, arguably becoming the first" American cosmonaut ". Chinese Official
  7. That parts of this tape were used for the 1976 Griffith Park Planetarium, launch ,of the original album, the 1987 remix, and various radio spots, all of which
  8. Of the astronauts taken by Life photographer Ralph Morse prior to the Apollo 11, launch , From July 16–24, 2009 NASA streamed the original mission audio on its website
  9. Other health-related field (including music, law,and divinity),helping, launch ,them on lives of Schweitzer-spirited service. The peer-supporting lifelong
  10. Of Europe and North Africa while mass-producing their wunderwaffe. The Axis, launch ,a surprise invasion of an isolationist United States in 1953,which forces the
  11. Of not having a strong rival dictator like Hitler to keep his power in check—to, launch ,a massive campaign to conquer Europe, sparking an alternate (and ultimately
  12. Available ROM space. A port was in development for the 5200 and advertised as a, launch ,title but never officially released, although an unofficial release was
  13. During this time, NASA scheduled a television broadcast at 31 hours after, launch , The Apollo 8 crew used a 2 kg camera that broadcast in black-and-white only
  14. And will have transmission for TV, radio broadcasting and the internet. The, launch ,of its own satellite on orbit will be Azerbaijan's first action in realizing
  15. See Colonization of the asteroids). Materials that are heavy and expensive to, launch ,from earth may someday be mined from asteroids and used for space manufacturing
  16. The first manned launch of a Saturn V rocket, was also the first manned, launch ,from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida,located adjacent to Cape
  17. As Yahoo! as opposed to an Internet service provider. * In 2004 along with the, launch ,of AOL 9.0 Optimized, AOL also made available the option of personalized
  18. Big Four" ( 1927) Poirot feigned his death and subsequent funeral in order to, launch ,a surprise attack on the Big Four. Major novels The Poirot books take readers
  19. Was in working order. There was speculation that they might be preparing to, launch ,men on a similar circular mission before the end of 1968. The Apollo 8 crew
  20. The Saturn V would burn every second. The next day, the Lindbergh's watched the, launch ,of Apollo 8 from a nearby dune. Saturn V The Saturn V rocket used by Apollo 8
  21. Its landing stage on the Moon. This plan would have required a more powerful, launch ,vehicle, the planned Nova rocket. * Earth Orbit Rendezvous (FOR): Multiple
  22. Of Seismic Service. The Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency is planning to, launch ,its first satellite Arrest 1 into orbit in July or August 2012 from Guiana
  23. Command Module Pilot in case Apollo 11 was delayed past its intended July, launch ,(at which point Andes would be unavailable if needed) and would later join
  24. For free with commercials inserted via its new IN2TV service. At the time of, launch , AOL made available Warner Bros. Television's vast library of programs, with
  25. Parent. *1971 – The Troubles: The British security forces in Northern Ireland, launch ,Operation Demetrius. Hundreds of people are arrested and interned, thousands
  26. Bases of protection of interests of creditors and depositors, in particular, launch ,of ‘ Deposits Insurance Fund’ were the criteria characterizing rapid growth of
  27. Of the nearest solar-type stars, and the European Space Agency's GAIA (due to, launch ,in 2012),which will be applying asymmetric techniques in its stellar census.
  28. Then, to rejoin CMP Michael Collins aboard Columbia in lunar orbit. During the, launch ,Aldrin looked up in time to see the exhaust from the ascent module's engine
  29. Begins his" Marathon of Hope" at St. John's, Newfoundland. *1981 – The first, launch ,of a Space Shuttle (Columbia) launch es on the STS-1 mission. *1990 – Jim Gary
  30. Could return to Earth. * Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (FOR): One Saturn V would, launch ,a spacecraft that was composed of modular parts. A command module would remain
  31. After Apollo 7's successful Earth Orbit mission and less than 40 days before, launch , With the change in mission for Apollo 8,Director of Flight Crew Operations
  32. Related to the mission including all TV transmissions from space, training and, launch ,footage, and motion pictures taken in flight. Portions of the Apollo 8 Mission
  33. In Athens, Greece. *1900 – Philippine–American War: Filipino guerrillas, launch ,a surprise attack on U. S. infantry and begin a four-day siege of Causing
  34. Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the night before the, launch , They talked about how, before his 1927 flight, Lindbergh had used a piece of
  35. Pad on October 9. Testing continued all through December until the day before, launch , including various levels of readiness testing from December 5 through 11.
  36. By a conical re-entry heat shield, designed to carry three astronauts from, launch ,to lunar orbit and back to an Earth ocean splashdown. As such, it was the only
  37. An unofficial release was produced by Triage. The Atari 7800 version was a, launch ,title and featured co-operative play, it was the built-in game on the European
  38. Won the contract to build the CSM, and also the second stage of the Saturn V, launch ,vehicle for NASA. Relations between North American and NASA were strained
  39. To directly see the far side of the Moon. The 1968 mission, the first manned, launch ,of a Saturn V rocket, was also the first manned launch from the John F. Kennedy
  40. On several tracks during June, and the idea of them working together saw them, launch ,a stage act," Fest folk ", which translates from Swedish to mean both" Party
  41. Wechoosethemoon. Org that rebroadcasts the transmissions of Apollo 11 from, launch ,to landing on the Moon. A group of British scientists interviewed as part of
  42. Apps are compatible with the iPad. This gave the iPad a large app catalog on, launch ,even with very little development time before the release. Later that year on
  43. Darius' successor as Artaxerxes V, before retreating into Central Asia to, launch ,a guerrilla campaign against Alexander. Darius' remains were buried by
  44. Of directors instructed Sculley to" contain" Jobs and limit his ability to, launch ,expensive forays into untested products. Rather than submit to Sculley's
  45. Following the Mercury and Gemini programs. It used Saturn family rockets as, launch ,vehicles. Apollo / Saturn vehicles were also used for an Apollo Applications
  46. Alabama for protesting against segregation. *1972 – Apollo program: The, launch ,of Apollo 16 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. *1990 – The" Doctor of Death "
  47. From the Byzantines is also seen as one of the pivotal precursors to the, launch ,of the crusades. From 2002 to July 2008 under Turkmen calendar reform, the
  48. 1981 – Senegalese opposition parties, under the leadership of Matador Did, launch ,the Anti-imperialist Action Front-Suxxali Reed Mi. *1997 – Sued El-Had and
  49. On September 21 and the rocket made the slow 3-mile (5 km) journey to the, launch ,pad on October 9. Testing continued all through December until the day before
  50. Rockets would have to support. Direct ascent would require a more powerful, launch ,vehicle, the planned Nova, which could carry a very large payload to the Moon.

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