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  1. The traditional values of Abrahamic religions, most Christian denominations, welcome ,people attracted to the same sex, but teach that homosexual relationships and
  2. Of his enemy. On his arrival at Milan in 612,Columbus met with a kindly, welcome ,from Lombard King Agilely and Queen Theodelinda. He immediately began to
  3. The ROTC on campus. In April 2011 the Columbia University Senate voted to, welcome ,the ROTC program back on campus. Secretary of the Navy Ray Magus and Columbia
  4. The phrase is a quote from the fourth canto of the Inferno, depicting Virgil's, welcome ,as he returns among the great ancient poets spending eternity in Limbo. The
  5. The earlier town, with walls to defend it from Irish insurgents who did not, welcome ,the occupation. The aim was to settle Ulster with a population supportive of
  6. Process dropped. President Richard Nixon was aboard Hornet to personally, welcome ,the astronauts back to Earth. He told the astronauts," As a result of what you
  7. Which RCA, anxious to maintain the established commercial momentum, did not, welcome , and which Bowie's ex-manager, Tony Defies, who still maintained a
  8. In Norway's Lysefjord (from the mountain Toerag),BASE jumpers are made, welcome , Many sites in the European Alps, near Chamois and on the Eager, are also open
  9. Poem by the Portuguese surrealist poet Mário Cesario is named" You are, welcome ,to Elsinore ". * Children's author Richard Carry depicted Helping as his "
  10. Bolívar, the liberator of northern South America, entered Quito to a hero's, welcome , Later that July, he met San Martín at the Guayaquil conference and convinced
  11. Licentiate in theology from the University of Durham. He quickly became, welcome ,at the parsonage. Anne's acquaintance with William Weightman parallels the
  12. Dine sen and Bernard Benenson deserved the prize, but the prize money would be, welcome , Mellow claims Hemingway" had coveted the Nobel Prize ", but when he won it
  13. And East Asian states, Japan and People's Republic of China in particular, are, welcome , Djibouti is greatly affected by events in Somalia and Ethiopia, and therefore
  14. When Richard Nixon visited China in 1972,this song was played as the, welcome ,music. The song is often included in songbooks in a wide variety of religious
  15. After the Sudanese made it clear, in May 1996,that bin Laden would never be, welcome ,to return, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan—with previously established
  16. Inside Detroit, meanwhile,hosts tours, educational programming, and a downtown, welcome ,center. Other sites of interest are the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, the Scrapbook
  17. Removed from their customers. Saarinen worked to develop a building that would, welcome ,customers rather than intimidate them. Columbus has been home to many
  18. Law and order were unheard of; in New Providence the pirates found a, welcome ,respite. Teach was one of those who came to enjoy the island's benefits.
  19. It was derived from. Name Ace Barton /> While the increased performance was, welcome , it was not sufficient to overtake the Pentium 4 line in overall performance.
  20. To glory, Henry received a muted response from the local population. No joyous, welcome ,awaited him on shore, and few individual Welshmen joined his army as it marched
  21. Debts increased. Poe gave up on the university after a year, and,not feeling, welcome ,in Richmond, especially when he learned that his sweetheart Roster had married
  22. Graphics and other features, but continued to the open platform approach, and, welcome , components from other vendors such as VIA, SiS, and Nvidia, as well as wireless
  23. Court of Leopold I),ensured the refugee from the hated French king a warm, welcome ,at Nassau, and a position in Imperial service. This loyalty was immediately put
  24. Many SysOps also adopted a theme in which they customized their entire BBS (, welcome ,screens, prompts,menus, and so on. ) to reflect that theme. Common themes were
  25. Of Palestine. He called on the Arab population in Palestine to, welcome ,the Jews as brethren and cooperate with them for the common welfare. Following
  26. Has been stretched thin by our deployments in the Middle East, and we must, welcome ,the service of any American who is willing and able to do the job. " In
  27. They fiercely protect their young. The Kwanzaa'wake scattered eagle down to, welcome ,important guests. The Choctaw explained that the Bald Eagle, who has direct
  28. Is detected while counting, the casino may inform them that they are no longer, welcome ,to play blackjack there, or they may be completely banned from the property.
  29. The court of King Theodebert of Australia. At Metz, he received an honorable, welcome , and then proceeding to Mainz, he embarked upon the Rhine in order to reach the
  30. Of their sexual orientation, who profess Jesus Christ and obedience to Him, are, welcome , to be or become full member of the Church; and b) All members of the Church
  31. New York City for the first time on 2 April 1921,where he received an official, welcome ,by the Mayor, followed by three weeks of lectures and receptions. He went on to
  32. But if they do justice, and print it true, according to the copy, they are, welcome ,to sell it for a penny, if they please: the pence, indeed,is the end of their
  33. Relationships with the English monarchy and the English kings and queens were, welcome ,visitors to Irish shores. The Irish however, generally held onto their Catholic
  34. Political hierarchy, Octavian could not rely on his limited funds. After a warm, welcome ,by Caesar's soldiers at Brunssum, A later senatorial investigation into the
  35. In western Canada—most of them recent immigrants from the U. S. — would, welcome ,the chance to overthrow their British rulers. However, the American invasions
  36. Having taken the form of an old woman called Dose, she received a hospitable, welcome ,from Celebs, the King of Eleusis in Attica. He asked her to nurse Demotion and
  37. During the late 1980s and early 1990s,most BBSes used ANSI to make elaborate, welcome ,screens, and colorized menus, and thus, ANSI support was a sought-after feature
  38. But verb use/conjugation is not, the elimination of verbs would be a, welcome ,simplification. Word lists Ogden's word lists include only word roots, which
  39. Lady Astor, MP for Plymouth Sutton, and received an embarrassingly friendly, welcome ,at boarding houses who were used to renting rooms by the hour to sailors and
  40. church's policy of discrimination toward blacks. Blacks were always officially, welcome ,in the church, and Joseph Smith, Jr. established an early precedent of ordained
  41. The Convention on the Rights of the Child. This move was lauded by UNICEF as a, welcome ,attempt to secure children's rights in the country. Methods The following
  42. Sex, however they have handled that, and who love Jesus and say, OK,you are, welcome ,here, and then let's pray together and figure out where God wants us to take
  43. To refrain from repelling the Spanish refugees, but to give them a friendly and, welcome ,reception. Was devastated by an earthquake. Bayed II's final years saw a
  44. Greatly influenced the modern understanding of Bach's music. He became a, welcome ,guest at the Wagner's home, Wahnfried. His pamphlet" The Art of Organ
  45. And from different walks of life were waiting in a very long line to, welcome ,Karmal's body back to Afghanistan. His body was first taken to Caravan
  46. The war were not consistent. He first told the Americans that they would be, welcome ,in talks between the Soviet Union and China, then secretly told the Soviets
  47. Limited to informing the diplomat's nation that the diplomat is no longer, welcome ,(persona non grata). Diplomatic agents are not, however,exempt from the
  48. To Jewish Law a festival for Jews only (unlike Sukkot, when all peoples were, welcome ,in Jerusalem). Similarly, the rite of Brit Milan (circumcision),which
  49. The statement and is in good standing in their" home ecclesial" is generally, welcome ,to participate in the activities of any other ecclesial. General organization In
  50. Norway,9 days). The BB1 Norway housemates living together again. They also, welcome ,4 new housemates, who are competing for a spot in the next regular season.

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