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  1. Completion of the planned process of military personnel downsizing, would, hopefully , allow a sensibly more efficient allocation of monetary resources. Defense
  2. From Arabic came also the grammatically peculiar word Ocala إن شاء الله ", hopefully ,". The Mozambican currency name medical was derived from the word متقال mitral
  3. Successive generations to petition the King to reconfirm his Charter, and, hopefully , abide by it. Between the 13th and 15th centuries the Magna Carta would have a
  4. Or qualities of nouns, and adverbs,such as" quickly" and ", hopefully ," that modify verbs. The word classes also carry out differing functions in
  5. Under all circumstances. So the values are increased, increasing file size, but, hopefully , the distribution of values is more peaked. The adaptive encoding uses the
  6. An equation from which the truth value of A" this statement is false" could, hopefully ,be obtained. In the boolean domain" A false" is equivalent to" not A" and
  7. The world involving humanoid research and development at this time, which will, hopefully ,introduce a broader spectrum of realized technology in the near future. Now
  8. Of Portugal, forging important ties between these two neighboring countries and, hopefully ,to ensure future alliance, but Isabella soon died before giving birth to an
  9. To better manage subjective discomfort or distress. Perception of reality is, hopefully ,improved. Grieving might be enhanced producing less long term depression.
  10. Trigger the rest—was simply left undisturbed for years until corrosion would (, hopefully ,) disable the mines. Mine breaking A more drastic method is simply to load a
  11. Proposes that troops be sent to the Air Force Base to seize Ripper (and, hopefully ,force the recall code from him),Turgid son warns that General Ripper will have
  12. To the bargaining table with the country that did have those resources, and, hopefully , agree to a real, sincere disarmament pact that would drastically decrease all
  13. She is ill. Arrogant calls Lila and tells her he will contact her again after, hopefully ,questioning Norman's mother. Arrogant enters Norman's house and is attacked
  14. A simulator program executes the bits in the same way as the electronics (, hopefully ,), and allows much more freedom to debug the microprogram. After the
  15. Would. This would lead to a" war of ideas" over the meaning of the anime, hopefully ,culminating in new communication between the two cultures. When he discovered
  16. Single rally. As the teams left their base in England heading towards what will, hopefully ,be a competitive weekend for rally Mexico they released details of the 2007
  17. Then with facts, hoping they will stand. Life as journey: some of us travel, hopefully , others seem to have no direction, many lose their way. More than just a figure
  18. Hand, as he received additional cards, received free points in his bury, and, hopefully , had a stronger hand before picking. So for each trump he loses, four trumps are
  19. For the formation of sets based on properties, in a limited sense, while (, hopefully ,) preserving the consistency of the theory. While this solves the logical
  20. Attempting to get approved as a demonstration event at the Olympics which would, hopefully ,lead to it being added as a full contest. This did not happen. Olympic
  21. Streaming into his realm from all over the Islamic world to fight against and, hopefully ,plunder the weakening Orthodox empire. In addition, the Turkic population of
  22. Hard drive protection that parks the disk heads if the machine is dropped, hopefully ,before impact, to offer the greatest possible chance of survival in such an
  23. Essentially using models to predict the" next" value and encoding the (, hopefully ,small) difference between the expected value and the actual data. If the
  24. Was confronted with a difficult choice. He could agree to the partition and, hopefully ,avoid a general war, or accept Charles II's will and alienate others.
  25. Of the coming issue should be raised now so that society can choose, hopefully ,before the factions becomes irreconcilably polarized, which outcome it prefers.
  26. Designed to be worn by women. It is designed to cause pain to the attacker, hopefully ,allowing the victim a chance to escape. A collection condom is used to collect
  27. States' interests in Central America ..." Contra paramilitary actions would ", hopefully ,provoke cross-border attacks by Nicaraguan forces and thus serve to demonstrate
  28. Using its thrusters, then the docking probe would be retracted out of the way, hopefully ,triggering the docking latches. This attempt was successful, and no further
  29. Capping' the production of fissile material for weapons purposes, which would, hopefully ,be followed by 'roll back '. To this end, India and the United States jointly
  30. To Midnight. He also mentioned that the album would be more experimental and ", hopefully ,more cutting-edge. " Bennington also addressed the media to confirm that Rick
  31. Altruism. Vackoch's idea is to send a message of reciprocal altruism because, hopefully ,any extraterrestrials would reciprocate with a reply back. Koch has founded "
  32. Most of these techniques rewrite one integral as a different one which is, hopefully ,more tractable. Techniques include: Alternate methods exist to compute more
  33. Accept the King of the Franks as their Emperor, we cannot know; Alcuin speaks, hopefully ,in his letters of an Imperium Christianum (" Christian Empire" ), wherein,"
  34. People who, at the beginning, are with wrong partners and in the end it is, hopefully ,going to become right, and she (Desiree) mistimes her life in a way and
  35. And turns the responsibility back on to the parties to deal with the issue and, hopefully ,to a satisfactory conclusion. Mediation vs Arbitration Mediation and
  36. With having open incest with his sister Julia Calvin. Agrippina did this, hopefully ,to secure Octavia to marry her son. Consequently, Claudius broke off the
  37. The blood sugar to normal, determining the cause, and taking measures to, hopefully ,prevent future episodes. The blood glucose can be raised to normal within
  38. Each image line, a filter type is chosen that transforms the data so that it is, hopefully ,more easily compressed. There is only one filter method in the current PNG
  39. The music must also be both interesting and playable for the musicians, and, hopefully , meet the quality standards of the orchestral world. ” On July 8,the band
  40. The target of his outburst then had to defend the proposal in detail until, hopefully , Gates was fully convinced. Gates' role at Microsoft for most of its history
  41. Allen belt of the Earth, and ultimately, the belts of gas giants, like Jupiter, hopefully ,at a lower cost per gram. Uses Medical Matter-antimatter reactions have
  42. Merge sort" merges large already-sorted chunks into even larger chunks, hopefully ,finishing in fewer than log n passes. In a simple pseudocode form, the "
  43. Duran Duran on the stage," Lynch said. " A world of experimentation and, hopefully ,some happy accidents. ” Cinematic influences and themes Influences Lynch admits
  44. In China The relations of the Holy See with China from 1939 to 1958 began, hopefully ,with the long withheld recognition of Chinese rites by the Vatican in 1939,the
  45. By generation, GP stochastically transforms populations of programs into new, hopefully ,better, populations of programs, cf. Figure
  46. Problem by transforming it into a better known problem for which we have (, hopefully ,) asymptotically optimal algorithms. The goal is to find a reducing algorithm
  47. Is specified in order to decide when a sufficiently accurate solution has (, hopefully ,) been found. Even using infinite precision arithmetic these methods would not
  48. We were dabbling in back then have come to manifest themselves today ... so, hopefully ,we'll get to do some more. " The reformation of the original line up of B. A.
  49. The developers of the product describe it as a" smaller, slimmer and (, hopefully ,) faster version of MySQL ". As such is planned to have many common MySQL
  50. Instrument, and is used to guide the short term interbank rates which will, hopefully ,influence inflation and economic growth. Affirmative action Tun Abdul Rank

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