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  1. In the Indian Brahminic philosophy. For Schweitzer, Mankind had to accept that, objective ,reality is ethically neutral. It could then affirm a new Enlightenment through
  2. Taiga New Zealand and other smaller events. Drag racing In drag racing,the, objective ,is to complete a given straight-line distance, from a standing start, ahead of
  3. Realists),the truth of a statement consists in its correspondence to, objective ,reality. Thus, intuitionists are ready to accept a statement of the form" P or
  4. Onward. Scientific materialism (advanced by Spencer and Darwin) portrayed an, objective ,world process devoid of ethics, entirely an expression of the will-to-live.
  5. The reason Room does not declare himself earlier is that he wants to give an, objective ,account of the events in Oran. He deliberately adopts the tone of an impartial
  6. Form, the moral argument is that: # Some aspect of Morality (e.g., its, objective , force ) is observed. (Moral realism) # Existence of God provides a better
  7. Resistant to current antibiotics. One of the possible strategies towards this, objective ,is the rational localization of bioactive phytochemicals. Plants have an almost
  8. Of events in each moment of time in real markets makes the assignment of ", objective ," probabilities unrealistic, as these events are intrinsically unique and not
  9. Later leaders and strategists who, by 1991,were proclaiming" the electoral, objective ," as a higher priority than the rigorous participatory democracy espoused by
  10. Attempts to define right and wrong in empirical terms that allow for, objective ,answers to be sought. Moral order (Kant) # The sum mum bonus (The Highest Good)
  11. And may be regarded as consisting of two parts. First, all we know of the, objective ,world is its structure, and the structure of the objective world is precisely
  12. Anti-realism is used to describe any position involving either the denial of an, objective ,reality of entities of a certain type or the denial that
  13. Is disclosed by an inner mental sense, but is a subjective fact rather than an, objective ,one. Analytic theorists like Henry Home, Lord Games, William Hogarth, and
  14. And non-believers, and discussion of AA often creates controversy rather than, objective ,reflection. Moreover, a randomized study of AA is difficult: AA members are not
  15. Abu Bakr sent him orders to invade the Sassanian Empire. Making Aliyah the, objective ,of Khalid, Abu Bakr sent reinforcements and ordered the tribal chiefs of north
  16. Him to depose his uncle and sit on his father's throne. The crusaders, whose, objective , had been Egypt, were persuaded to set their course for Constantinople before
  17. Fields or related disciplines Alchemy is an ancient tradition, the primary, objective ,of which was the creation of the mythical" philosopher's stone," which was
  18. The absolute spirit is manifest immediately to sense-perception, and is thus an, objective ,rather than subjective revelation of beauty. For Arthur Schopenhauer aesthetic
  19. Incorporated some German styles into his own constructions. The main, objective ,of the mission, however,was to secure the return of Edward; but this failed
  20. one's ability to perceive. As freedom of expression or movement is the, objective , the most appropriate responses cannot be anticipated, but are observed and
  21. Labor's Federal Conference in 1922 adopted a similarly worded" socialist, objective ," which remained official policy for many years. The resolution was
  22. Was later developed for games such as Space Duel and Tempest. Gameplay The, objective ,of Asteroids is to score as many points as possible by destroying asteroids and
  23. Socialist party. The light on the hill is a phrase used to describe the, objective ,of the Australian Labor Party. The phrase was coined in a 1949 conference
  24. And attempt his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted. The campaign's, objective ,was to capture Richmond by moving the Army of the Potomac by boat to the
  25. Non-existence of God as a premise and logically deducing the non-existence of, objective ,values. Notes and references Bibliography * Adams, Robert M." Moral Arguments
  26. Faction over another, and allowed all exiled bishops to return; this had the, objective ,of further increasing dissension among Christians. The Emperor Valets, however
  27. The Kingdom of León, in 1139,doubling its area with the Reconquista,an, objective ,that he pursued until his death, in 1185,after forty-six years of wars against
  28. Is objective and declared before the experiment is carried out. The, objective ,random-assignment is used to test the significance of the null hypothesis
  29. Two states. Once the abolition of slavery in the rebel states became a military, objective , as Union armies advanced south, more slaves were liberated until over three
  30. Inwardly and outwardly quiet, an experience that he termed," silence on the, objective ,levels ". " To be" Many devotees and critics of Korzybski reduced his rather
  31. By Newton and Cowper in their prayer meetings and did not address any political, objective , For Newton, the beginning of the year was a time to reflect on one's
  32. Of position-takings ... is not the product of coherence-seeking intention or, objective ,consensus,” meaning that an industry characterized by position-takings is not
  33. Ad hominem – it is generally well accepted that an" authority" needs to be, objective ,and impartial, and that an audience can only evaluate information from a source
  34. Refused to allow any negotiation with the Confederacy as a coequal; his sole, objective ,was an agreement to end the fighting and the meetings produced no results. On
  35. Of -n to the nominative form, and is the case used for direct objects. Other, objective ,functions, including dative functions are achieved with prepositions, all of
  36. Distinctions in English are no longer relevant, and frequently employ the term ", objective ,case" instead (see Declension in English). Fine, a true accusative masculine
  37. For money (again in the broader sense of the term),so that a fall in the, objective ,exchange-value of money must occur. While the Free Banking branch of Austrian
  38. Future missions. Despite these difficulties, the mission successfully met its, objective ,of verifying manned flight capability of the Apollo Command and Service Modules
  39. That he is the narrator of the chronicle and that he tried to present an, objective ,view of the events. Cottar goes mad and shoots at people from his home. He is
  40. Preconceptions of Economic Science (1900) to distinguish marginalists in the, objective ,cost tradition of Alfred Marshall from those in the subjective valuation
  41. Prosecutor's Office, Defense Ministry and other law-enforcement bodies. The, objective ,of the training was to enhance Azerbaijan's ability to prevent the spread of
  42. Have proven to be useful in the geologic investigation of the Earth,the, objective ,of this experiment was to determine the feasibility of using the same
  43. Friend Donald Sandra, Derleth in 1939 founded Arkham House. Its initial, objective ,was to publish the works of H. P Lovecraft, with whom Delete had corresponded
  44. That Western philosophy from Descartes to Kant had set out to explain the, objective ,world expecting that humanity would be found to have a special meaning within
  45. V=2xNsR_tTF8I speech: # Premise: If God does not exist, then, objective , moral values do not exist. # Premise: Objective values do exist. # Conclusion:
  46. Experimental units, following the experimental protocol. This randomization is, objective ,and declared before the experiment is carried out. The objective
  47. They would lose out on the title. Touring cars In 1990,having completed their, objective ,to market cars in North America, Audi returned to Europe, turning first to the
  48. By class, cultural background, and education. According to Kant, beauty is, objective ,and universal; thus certain things are beautiful to everyone. The contemporary
  49. General Tom Robbins met in Baku to discuss military cooperation. He said the, objective ,of his visit was to become familiar with the state of Azerbaijani armed forces.
  50. Exploitation and other anti-social features. " In practice the socialist, objective ,was a dead letter. Only once has a federal Labor government attempted to

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