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  1. But the noun phrase" a wise man" is not a sentence, whereas " some man is, wise ," is a sentence. Hence, the copula must do more than merely join or separate
  2. Adding" exists" to" a wise man ", to give the complete sentence" a, wise ,man exists" has the same effect as joining" some man" to" wise " using the
  3. Once through the tunnel, the toads also had to contend with birds who grew, wise ,to the toad-producing hole in the ground. The exit to the toad tunnel has been
  4. Later saw as an embarrassment, while simultaneously asserting that God is" all, wise , all good, all powerful. " Moreover, because of his proposal that prayers be
  5. Emphasis is on various moralizing tales about heroes and rulers, athletes and, wise ,men; reports about food and drink, different styles in dress or lovers, local
  6. That the book was in part a response to the image of wizards as ancient and, wise , and to her wondering where they come from. Her short stories," The Rule of
  7. Sancho eventually gets a governorship, though it is false, and proves to be, wise ,and practical ruler; though this, too,ends in humiliation. Near the end, Don
  8. Be orphans working in the mines. * Though the hippopotamus has no sting,the, wise ,man would prefer to be sat upon by the bee. * If a wolf is after your sleigh
  9. Plans, I would say: the only solution to the problem is the despotism of the, wise ,and noble members of a genuine aristocracy, a genuine nobility, achieved by
  10. The Arrow (1924),Hand declares sanctimoniously to the heroine," You are, wise , Mademoiselle… For, after all, I am Hand. There is only one. " Christie's
  11. Through Moses, the Prophets and the Sages, as well as to the righteous and, wise ,of all nations. Hence, by descent and destiny, each Jew stands under the divine
  12. Then merely join or separate concepts. Furthermore, adding " exists" to" a, wise ,man ", to give the complete sentence" a wise man exists" has the same effect
  13. With bad luck, witchcraft,and death in parts of Africa, but are regarded as, wise ,across much of Europe. Hopes were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt and
  14. Of life; and his portrait of the perfect Gnostic closely resembles that of the, wise ,man as drawn by the Stoics. Hence, he counsels his readers to shake off the
  15. Spirit can no more unite in action, than good can coincide with evil. It is not, wise ,to take a halting and half-way position or to expect to work equally with
  16. Under the strong influence of an éminence grise, his mother Anna Lassen,a, wise ,and immensely able politician whom, in a uniquely irregular fashion, he had
  17. Wisdom of Solomon are wisdom literature. Throughout Proverbs, wisdom (or the, wise ,person) is compared and contrasted with foolishness (or the fool). 'Fool '
  18. Shirk). In God, there are no attributes distinct from his essence. He is, wise , mighty, and just, not by wisdom, might,and justice, but by his own essence.
  19. This should be taken; Asset was more concerned to represent Alfred as a, wise ,ruler than to report actual royal policy. Foreign relations Asset speaks
  20. Embraced the goddess Diana as Queen of the Witches; witches being the, wise ,women healers of the time. Diana was said to have created the world of her own
  21. Tale of his remarkable feat spreads far and wide, finally reaching the ear of a, wise ,Longish mage, Ogion the Silent. He recognizes that the boy is so powerful he
  22. Personalities. Earth personalities tend to be calm, practical,hardworking, wise , stable, patient and sensual; however, they can also be stubborn, possessive
  23. On what they should do. Sabin us trusted Ambrosia and considered it would be, wise ,to do what he had advised them. Gotta thought it would be better to stay and
  24. His moral life was not above reproach, and his unscrupulous methods in no, wise ,accorded with the requirements of his high office ... the heinous crimes of
  25. Socrates has wisdom ", this proves the existence of a hidden referent for ", wise ,". A further problem is that human beings seem to process information about
  26. And founds Alexandria, having the world's the largest library, where scholars and, wise ,men gather to study. # Islamic alchemy 642 CE – 1200,the Muslim conquest of
  27. Would have had he not left behind a record of his trials. The testimony of this, wise ,king was discovered in the form of magnificently sculpted pillars and boulders
  28. Class of people so useful to their subjects. " You venture to call Ferdinand a, wise ,ruler," he said to his courtiers —" he who has impoverished his own country
  29. Shall come forth of them all" ( ECC. R. to vii.18). Rector in Caesar Being, wise , handsome, and wealthy (Lava Media 84a; Yer. Lava Media iv.9d),Abbey
  30. In general, to present the founder of the modern American nation as a just and, wise ,cultural hero. For example, it is said that Washington, as a young child
  31. Wales). From a ruler's point of view, it is a laissez-faire approach:: So a, wise ,leader may say::" I practice inaction, and the people look after themselves. "
  32. Mamaea was a woman of many virtues, and she surrounded the young emperor with, wise ,counselors, under the administration of the jurist and praetorian prefect
  33. Attempted to buy the German tribes off,to gain time. Whether this was a, wise ,policy or not, it caused the Roman legionaries to look down on their emperor as
  34. The existence of a reference for" wisdom ", can be rewritten as" Socrates is, wise ,", which contains only the referring phrase" Socrates ". This method became
  35. Control, and eat the fruits of the tree of thy hope? " In the estimation of the, wise , the world is a false gem that passes each moment from one hand to another. (
  36. That the founder of the nation, Deucalion,George Washington, Abraham – was a, wise , virtuous and brave man. American folk figures The following is a list of
  37. By the noun phrase" a B-A ". For example, we can join" a man" to ", wise ," to give" a wise man ". But the noun phrase" a wise man" is not a sentence
  38. As unreal and therefore useless. Instead, according to Buddhist thought,a, wise ,person adopts a middle way without holding conventions to be ultimate or
  39. Can join" a man" to" wise " to give" a wise man ". But the noun phrase" a, wise ,man" is not a sentence, whereas " some man is wise " is a sentence. Hence the
  40. May be inverted by realists in arguing that since the sentence" Socrates is, wise ," can be rewritten as" Socrates has wisdom ", this proves the existence of a
  41. Knowledge with virtue, he similarly equated virtue with happiness. The truly, wise ,man will know what is right, do what is good, and therefore be happy. Aristotle
  42. The end of the exhibit. The device became known as the ARIF, a Malay word for ", wise ,man" or" seer" and it was also an acronym for A Resourceful Informative
  43. Sentence" a wise man exists" has the same effect as joining" some man" to ", wise ," using the copula. So the copula has the same effect as" exists ". Brendan
  44. Phrase" a B-A ". For example, we can join" a man" to" wise " to give" a, wise ,man ". But the noun phrase" a wise man" is not a sentence, whereas " some man
  45. Which the whole church throughout the world confesses; antiquity, if we in no, wise ,depart from those interpretations which it is manifest were notoriously held by
  46. Who advises him to turn the tables on his shadow. In following his master's, wise ,guidance, the roles of GED and his enemy become reversed, and the shadow
  47. Can be used, however,to express something like," the Teacher who assists the, wise ,to their attainment ". He is also commonly known as ,Wànshìshībiǎo," Role
  48. From shepherd, or shepherd from artisan. It is only permitted to join the, wise ,men out of any class; for their business is not an easy one, but of all most
  49. Beyond that point - they were marvelous, gifted,evil, malicious,ignorant, wise , helpless, innocent,or burdensome depending upon who wrote the story - except
  50. Incorrectly attributed to Aristotle, mentioned the existence of Druids, or, wise , men belonging to the Deltoid (Celts) and Galatia's (either the Galatians or

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