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  1. Relatives or in order to express a high degree of affection (for instance:, mon , pare 'my dad ', ma mare 'my mum '; in Valencian my Casey 'my home ', ma Vida 'my
  2. Castle. During this time, she famously had the French phrase En my Fin git, mon , Commencement (" In my end lies my beginning" ) embroidered on her cloth of
  3. And wrote:" Come Bette Terry m'Stouffer, je vows conjure de free over, mon , corps pour Que JE NE soil pas entered if. " (" As this earth will suffocate
  4. Les Infants du Limo nor Children of Clay (1938),ISBN 1-55713-272-0 *Pierrot, mon , ami or Pierrot (1942),ISBN 1-56478-397-9 *Loin de Rueil or The Skin of
  5. 1971,Barclay) *"Vows ma lady ", duet with Laurent Verge, and " Tues venue, mon , amour " (1973,Barclay) Books Bar dot has also written five books: The banjo
  6. Elision, but change to the masculine form instead: my preceding Elise becomes, mon , église (" my church" ). * In Portuguese the apostrophe is also used in some
  7. Diablerie: witchcraft, devilry,or, more figuratively," wickedness "; Died et, mon , droit: motto of the British Monarchy. It appears on a scroll beneath the shield
  8. Sans fin; # Se Connie press # Si j'a Peru Mon Amy (3vv) # Si j'a Peru, mon , amy (4vv) # Want vows Aimee Bergeronette # Ten mo yen VOZ bras # One mosque
  9. Connais, lecteur, ce mon ster delicate, : — Hypocrite letter, — Mon semblable, —,Mon, frère!: It is Boredom! — an eye brimming with an involuntary tear, : He dreams
  10. Two Warsaw boroughs of LIBOR (Jodi born beautiful riverside) and Molotov (, mon , coteau my hill),as well as the town of Gerardo (from the name Girard, with
  11. She comments on the rude manners of the French people (" Pour one lemme de, mon , nom" ). Slice, sergeant of the 21st regiment, assures everyone that his men
  12. Day and their friends. On that June 24,George-Étienne Cartier's" Ô Canada!, mon , pays,mes amours" was first sung during a grand patriotic banquet gathering
  13. And for his stories of his childhood, Le Château de la Mere, La Loire de, mon , Pere, and Le Temps DES secrets. He was the first filmmaker to become a member
  14. Son Houma.: Tu LE Connie, lecteur, ce mon ster delicate, : — Hypocrite letter, —,Mon, semblable,— Mon free!: It is Boredom! — an eye brimming with an involuntary
  15. Les disease days la Camille" ( The Tales of Hoffmann);" Voice LE Sabre de, mon , père " and" Ah! Que j'time LES militaries" ( La Grande Duchess de Gerolstein
  16. Ass, Equus Africans Atlantic, which became extinct in Roman times. Name, mon , /> There are also five subspecies of Asiatic Wild Ass or Onsager, Equus heinous
  17. Languedocien and Pyrenean Gascony). Weak forms of possessive adjectives (, mon , ma, mos,mes, etc.) are fossilized for certain usages, as close familiar
  18. 1913-1916,1918 (published shortly after Apollinaire's death) * Ombre de, mon , amour,poems addressed to Louise de Coligny-Châtillon,1947 * Le Gutter
  19. Gates at Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and castles in Japan * Japanese, mon , ( currency),a currency used in Japan until 1870 * The Gate (novel) (), a
  20. Film (1975). She was also the screenwriter of the 1959 French film Hiroshima, mon , amour,which was directed by Alain Reseals. Duras's early novels were fairly
  21. The aria" Ah! Mes AMIS, quel four de fête! " (sometimes referred to as" Pour, mon , âme" ), which has been called the" Mount Everest" for tenors. It features
  22. Deriving the etymology of the name" Mor mon " from English" more" + Egyptian, mon ," good ", and extolling the meaning as follows: It has been stated that this
  23. Ireland ". The supporters are the lion and the unicorn; the motto is" Died et, mon , droit" ( French:" God and my Right" ). Surrounding the shield is a
  24. The Sanskrit word 'mantra' is written มนตร์ in Thai (and therefore pronounced, mon , ),but is written มนฺตฺร in Sanskrit (and therefore pronounced mantra). When
  25. Said of this trinity:" JE sews sans route LE Père, mais chain DES DEU est, mon , Fils et plan d'Esprit," a play on words loosely translated as" I am
  26. Goed; the Latin, bonus; the Greek, kalos; the Hebrew, tob; and the Egyptian, mon , Hence, with the addition of more, or the contraction, mor, we have the word
  27. Été, Paris,1960 (try. Ten-Thirty on a Summer Night, London,1961) *Hiroshima, mon , amour,Hallmark,1960 (try. Hiroshima Mon amour,1961) *L'après-ski de M.
  28. Meets his Alexandrian (Egyptian) friend the latter exclaims JE sews, mon , cher AMI, | | tree here de the void at which Panoramic observes C'est UN
  29. And show the five senses (the gateways to temptation) and finally Love (" A, mon , seul desire" the legend reads),with unicorns featured in each piece.
  30. Purposes. The niche markets for both milk and meat are expanding. Name, mon , /> Donkeys are often pastured or stabled with horses and ponies, and are
  31. Connotation to the English" crap ". The French use a term of endearment, mon , chou or Mon petite Chou, equivalent to" darling ", but translated literally as
  32. Africanus Africans, the principal ancestor of the domestic donkey. Name, mon , /> Extinct species include the European Ass, Equus hydruntinus, which became
  33. War. He is also mentioned in Jean de la Brète's novel Race – Mon once et, mon , curé, where the main character Race de Lavalle idolizes him after reading his
  34. Of nominal subjects is possible in many relative clauses: *C'est LE live Que, mon , cousin Lew a donné. (Object–subject–verb) *C'est LE live Que Lew a donné Mon
  35. Traditions Japan The Japanese equivalents, called Da mon (often abbreviated ", mon ,"),are family badges which often date back to the 7th century, and are still
  36. Là, bonjour,1974. (available in English as Hello There, Hello ) *Les Hero de, mon , enfance,1976. (" The Heroes of my Childhood" ) *Saint Carmen de la Main et
  37. Alex bemoans their predicament after crash landing; 'A slack it way f'r a, mon ,' Alex mourned to himself. 'Ah din nae ken Ah'd ever be Alex Selkirk. ' *
  38. Siet # La Bernardino # La plus de plus # Le villain jealous # Ma touche it et, mon , cueur pleura # Mile Regret (4 voices) # Mon Mary m'a differ # N'else pas
  39. He lived mostly in Paris and Chambray. He was best known for his Letters de, mon , moulin (ENG: Letters from my Mill) (1869) and the Tartaric de Tarascon
  40. Recordans de my signora # Regret sans fin; # Se Connie press # Si j'a Peru, mon , amy (3vv) # Si j'a Peru Mon Amy (4vv) # Want vows Aimee Bergeronette #
  41. Words to his brother Alfred were: Ne pleura pas, Alfred! J'ai begin de tout, mon , courage pour Morris à vint ans! (Don't cry, Alfred! I need all my courage to
  42. Sensitive documents which Carlos had entrusted to him (Aria, part 1:" C'est, mon , jour supreme" /" Per me into è IL DI supreme" ). A shadowy figure shoots
  43. Tokugawa's coinage, a complex mon etary system of the Do period based on the, mon , The New Currency Act of 1871 stipulated the adoption of the decimal accounting
  44. To the English" crap ". The French use a term of endearment, mon Chou or, mon , petit Chou, equivalent to" darling ", but translated literally as" my little
  45. And a mon gst her big hits were" Les glands "," Johnny Palmer "," C'est, mon , gigolo " and" Tu né said pas aimed"--the latter song became a theme for French
  46. And their name was given to a modern battleship. The Rosa water chestnut leaf, mon , was then drawn as a rhombus or dia mon d shape in the Mitsubishi logo. Flags and
  47. Mon cousin Lew a donné. (Object–subject–verb) *C'est LE live Que Lew a donné, mon , cousin. (Object–verb–subject):" That's the book my cousin gave her. " The
  48. Status About 41 million donkeys were reported worldwide in 2006. Name, mon , /> China has the most with 11 million, followed by Pakistan, Ethiopia and
  49. In 19th-century French poetry:: La treachery Étaín due, | | ET, connaissant, mon , cœur, : Elle n'avail garden | | Que SES bijoux snores, : Don't LE rich attract |
  50. Which he rejected saying he would take only mistresses; she replied" Ah, mon , Dieu, cela n'Campeche pas" (" My God, that doesn't prevent it" ). On 17

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