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  1. For entering) and off-ramps (for leaving). When American engineers speak of, slip ,roads, they are referring to a street that runs alongside the main road (
  2. Structures. Clay can be easily deformed because the platelike particles can, slip ,along each other in the plane of the plates, yet remain strongly connected in
  3. Order to sail. Areas may have been hoping that the delay would allow him to, slip ,past the British during the night and thus follow Bonaparte's orders not to
  4. At trial. " Graham v. Bergen,483 F 3d. 475 (7th Cir. 2007) (no. 04-4103) (, slip ,op. At 7) (citation omitted). In Anglo-American common law courts, appellate
  5. Their advantage, employing a bob-and-weave defense by bending at the waist to, slip ,underneath or to the sides of incoming punches. Unlike blocking, causing an
  6. Created more pressure on the mating surfaces. Torque limiter Also known as a, slip ,clutch or safety clutch, this device allows a rotating shaft to slip when
  7. Since as a result, it created the freedom that Valderrama needed in order to, slip ,the long ground passes that resulted in many goals and plays. It was now clear
  8. Their body other than the feet as a result of the opponent's punch and not a, slip , as determined by the referee, the referee begins counting until the fighter
  9. Arms that extend upwind behind the central part of the dune. There are, slip ,faces that often occur on the outer side of the nose and on the outer slopes of
  10. Up one-way street systems, free-right turns, high capacity roundabouts, and, slip , roads. Others may apply traffic restraint measures to limit the impact of
  11. In which salt is added during the burning process, or by the use of a ", slip ," which is a glaze material into which the bricks are dipped. Subsequent
  12. Condoms are less elastic than latex ones, and may be more likely to, slip ,or break than latex, and are more expensive. Polystyrene is a synthetic
  13. During sex can prevent exposure to the hormone. Causes of failure Condoms may, slip ,off the penis after ejaculation, break due to improper application or physical
  14. Grow under both wind conditions, thus producing a San dune. On a San dune the, slip ,face develops on the side facing away from the strong wind, while the slip face
  15. Or margarine. Contact with oil makes latex condoms more likely to break or, slip ,off due to loss of elasticity caused by the oils. Additionally, latex allergy
  16. On the windward side where the sand is pushed up the dune and have a shorter ", slip ,face" in the lee of the wind. The valley or trough between dunes is called a
  17. Tightly around the driving sleeve. Load torque tightened the wrap, so it did not, slip ,once engaged. If the pawl were held away from the sleeve the clutch would
  18. Physical damage (such as tears caused when opening the package),or break or, slip ,due to latex degradation (typically from usage past the expiration date
  19. Captain knock three times when he arrives. Pseudos comes up with a plan to, slip ,Philip a sleeping potion that will render her unconscious. He will then tell
  20. Known as a slip clutch or safety clutch, this device allows a rotating shaft to, slip ,when higher than normal resistance is encountered on a machine. An example of a
  21. The slip face develops on the side facing away from the strong wind, while the, slip ,face of a Barclay faces the direction of movement. In the sheltered troughs
  22. Either turned and worked in rows, or joined to the beginning of the row with a, slip ,stitch and worked in rounds. Rounds can also be created by working many
  23. Into which the bricks are dipped. Subsequent reheating in the kiln fuses the, slip ,into a glazed surface integral with the brick base. Natural stone bricks are of
  24. Flooded and drained to allow a load to come to rest on a dry platform **Ferry, slip , a docking facility that receives a ferryboat **Pier, a raised walkway over
  25. Pgs (note: the book was first published and copyrighted in 1995 with an errata, slip ,inserted) * Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of
  26. Marathon, I found my soul at my lips. Poor thing! It went there, hoping--to, slip , across. Although the authenticity of this epigram was accepted for many
  27. This style is so effective for counterpunching because it allows fighters to, slip ,punches by rotating and dipping their upper body and causing blows to glance
  28. Resumes, describing the route southward from Champ toward Sumatra, but by a, slip ,of the pen the name“ Java” was substituted for“ Champ” as the point of
  29. Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis, The Browns, and Eddy Arnold. The ", slip ,note" piano style of session musician Floyd Crater was an important component
  30. First should clearly be overcome with a firm and fixed determination never to, slip ,to such practices again. " The church's political involvement in LGBT issues:
  31. With and without the ball, the freedom that was needed so that Valderrama could, slip ,the long ground passes that resulted in many goals and plays. It was now clear
  32. The pour, the vertical accuracy of the tower was maintained by comparing the, slip ,form's location to massive plumb-bobs hanging from it, observed by small
  33. To the Moselle – a plan approved of by The Hague – but once there, he would, slip ,the Dutch leash and link up with Austrian forces in southern Germany. Prelude
  34. To the love of Jesus, in a way that conversation doesn’t do. Songs kind of, slip ,in and move you before you realize it. " Personal life Grant married fellow
  35. The flap, known to hitch themselves to sailors walking ashore and make them, slip ,on the wet rocks. Norwegian folklore thus records a number of different
  36. Successfully surrounded the town and laid siege. Curious gave Constantine the, slip ,and returned with a larger force to oppose Constantine. Constantine refused to
  37. And ISBN have very different properties: both are lubricants, as these planes, slip ,past each other. However, h-BN is a relatively poor electrical and thermal
  38. Instances when an aircraft may be deliberately" side slip ped," for example,a, slip ,in a fixed-wing aircraft. Besides lift, the other main aerodynamic force on an
  39. And Gar Moe Sorenson ISBN 1898154007,Pub date May 1993,Paperback in, slip ,case *Morse's Greatest Mystery (1993); also published as Good as Gold *#
  40. At an intermediate point without disrupting the flow of traffic are known as, slip ,roads in the UK but US civil engineers call them ramps and further distinguish
  41. From Alicante, on the Mediterranean Sea, lies Tamara island. What was once a, slip ,angle for pirates, is now a beautiful tourist attraction. Other sights include:
  42. The real problem actually was that the sprocket which moved the head would, slip ,on the stepper motor shaft after repeated hammering and this would put the
  43. Pawl engaged, which in turn kept the third one engaged. The clutch did not, slip ,once locked up. This sequence happened quite fast, on the order of milliseconds
  44. It ". Experienced condom users are significantly less likely to have a condom, slip ,or break compared to first-time users, although users who experience one
  45. Firm whose projects helped fuel the domestic economy, caused the country to, slip ,into a mild recession. Communications in Brunei Telecommunications Telephones
  46. Empire to fight a global war alone without major allies, and requiring it to, slip ,through a combined blockade of the Atlantic. The American theater thus became
  47. Shaping by hand (sometimes including a rotation process called" throwing" ), slip ,casting, tape casting (used for making very thin ceramic capacitors,e.g. )
  48. The hips and shoulders. This turns the chin sideways and allows the punch to ", slip ," past. Muhammad Ali was famous for extremely fast and close slip s, as was an
  49. In a thin tube whose end was blocked by a tiny ball, held so that it could not, slip ,into the tube or fall out of the pen. The ink clung to the ball, which spun as
  50. Spain such as measles and smallpox, or simply refused to work, preferring to, slip ,away into the mountains. Although the population was largely destroyed as a

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