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  1. The left was infuriated by her anti-communist, pro-capitalist politics, whereas ,the right was disgusted with her atheism and civil libertarianism. "
  2. Coastal regions and lowlands have typical Mediterranean Marcia vegetation, whereas ,oak forests and vegetation are found on higher altitudes. Vast forests of black
  3. Of ASL and modern French Sign Language are approximately 60 % shared, whereas ,ASL and British Sign Language, for example, are almost completely dissimilar.
  4. Trichloride, tribromide, and trioxide of arsenic (III) are well known, whereas ,only AsF5 is the main pentahalide. Arsenic pentafluoride is stable at room
  5. Powerset of A (with the empty set removed),and so makes sense for any set A, whereas ,with the definition used elsewhere in this article, the domain of a choice
  6. Uses a pivoting motion. Additionally, an technique takes place in front of use, whereas ,a technique takes place to his side; a technique is applied with motion to the
  7. Was closely connected to Taoism and Indian alchemy with the Dharma faiths, whereas ,Western alchemy developed its own philosophical system that was largely
  8. With Asperger syndrome have no substantial delay in language development., whereas ,autism itself is often called autistic disorder, childhood autism, or infantile
  9. But others have roots that go back to the first settlers of the prairies., whereas ,the Canada's largest mosque, the Barton Our mosque is located in Calgary. Jews
  10. Group to be discovered. Groups are relatively loose dynamical associations, whereas ,families are tighter and result from the catastrophic break-up of a large
  11. Mainly secular and of the Sunni branch) are found throughout the country, whereas ,Orthodox Christians are concentrated in the south and Roman Catholics are found
  12. Half-life of 241Am is 50 years in the bones and 20 years in the liver, whereas ,in the gonads (testicles and ovaries) it remains permanently; in all these
  13. From basic principles of human action, a study called phraseology. Additionally, whereas ,experimental research and natural experiments are often used in mainstream
  14. Warned that the syndicalists aims were in perpetuating syndicalism itself, whereas ,anarchists must always have anarchy as their end and consequently refrain from
  15. Both Am and Cm are mostly present in solutions in the +3 valence state;, whereas ,curium remains unchanged, americium oxidizes to soluble Am (IV) complexes
  16. An agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves there is a God, whereas ,an atheist disbelieves there is a God. However, earlier thinkers and written
  17. Being indifferent between choices neoclassical theory says it is possible, whereas ,Miles rejected it as being“ impossible to observe in practice. ” Additionally
  18. Conquer is that subproblems are more or less independent in divide and conquer, whereas ,subproblems overlap in dynamic programming. The difference between dynamic
  19. Form a loop. According to the definition by IUPAC, the former two are alkanes, whereas ,the third group is called cycloalkanes. Saturated hydrocarbons can also combine
  20. Exposure of signs to a hearing infant will aid them in language development, whereas ,a deaf infant at times must show the inability to learn a spoken language
  21. A compilation named The Very Best of ABBA, also becoming a number 1 album there, whereas ,the Greatest Hits compilation followed a few months later to number 2 on the
  22. Comedy, for instance, is a dramatic imitation of men worse than average;, whereas ,tragedy imitates men slightly better than average. Lastly, the forms differ in
  23. The trade of GMOs. The EU currently requires all GMO foods to be labeled, whereas ,the US does not require transparent labeling of GMO foods. Since there are
  24. Architectures where several processors can work on a problem at the same time, whereas ,distributed algorithms utilize multiple machines connected with a network.
  25. The farmer was considered an esteemed productive member of society, whereas ,merchants who made money were looked down upon. In eighteenth-and
  26. And manner. For example, music imitates with the media of rhythm and harmony, whereas ,dance imitates with rhythm alone, and poetry with language. The forms also
  27. Of Hellenistic philosophy and ushered in the beginnings of Medieval philosophy, whereas ,in Eastern philosophy, the spread of Islam through the Arab Empire marked the
  28. Another example is Marc Jackson writes that emotional experience is primary, whereas ,experience from the senses is secondary. Therefore, it is possible that with the
  29. Radical Republicans—put pressure on Lincoln to rapidly emancipate the slaves, whereas ,moderate Republicans came to accept gradual, compensated emancipation and
  30. Makes great use of symbols, particularly for non-literate users, could be used, whereas ,switch access scanning is often used for indirect selection. In many cases
  31. This was in 1935. According to Bohr, this new theory should be probabilistic, whereas ,according to Einstein it should be deterministic. Notably, the underlying
  32. Pastures. In 2008,the world's total arable land amounted to 13,805,153 km², whereas ,48,836,976 km² was classified as" agricultural land ". Although constrained by
  33. So that“ good people may for that reason stretch their mind even more, whereas ,empty minds that are lost through carelessness will be put to flight by the
  34. Holds that the bond of marriage is sacred and Orestes was avenging his father, whereas ,the Erin yes say that the bond of blood between mother and son is more
  35. The Coriolis effect circulates North Atlantic water in a clockwise direction, whereas ,South Atlantic water circulates counter-clockwise. The south tides in the
  36. Inferior ovary and three stamens, and the common occurrence of unifacial leaves, whereas ,bifacial leaves are the norm in other Asparagus. Members of the clade from
  37. Packaging, allowing Audi to build a 12-cylinder sedan with all-wheel drive, whereas ,a conventional V12 engine could only have a rear-wheel drive configuration as
  38. Needs. In The Albanians and Peace, for example, there is no formal ago, whereas ,in The Clouds there are two wagons. Para basis The para basis is an address to the
  39. From class to class. Average street cars cover the ¼ mile in 12 to 16 seconds, whereas ,a top fuel dragster takes 4.5 seconds or less, reaching speeds of up to. Drag
  40. Fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas ,anxiety is related to situations perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable.
  41. The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics, whereas ,disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and psychology analyze its
  42. Algorithms solve the problem with exact decision at every step of the algorithm, whereas ,non-deterministic algorithms solve problems via guessing although typical
  43. Res Gestate Dive August was inscribed on the interior of the proteins in Latin, whereas ,a Greek translation is also present on an exterior wall of the cell. The
  44. Aluminum predominates. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary prefers aluminum, whereas ,the Australian Macquarie Dictionary prefers aluminum. In 1926,the American
  45. Salt ", in the dictionary. The Danish and Norwegian alphabets end with æ—ø—å, whereas ,the Swedish, Finnish and Estonian ones conventionally put å—ä—ö at the end.
  46. Is the case:" Elegant" does two conditional tests in every subtraction loop, whereas ," Inelegant" only does one. As the algorithm (usually) requires many
  47. Which contains a non-acidic P-H bond. Arsenals acid is genuinely Triassic, whereas ,phosphoric acid is not. A broad variety of sulfur compounds of arsenic are
  48. 74 having been drawn. By the 2005 series Australia's wins had increased to 115, whereas ,England's had increased to only 93 (with 82 draws). In the period between
  49. Sensu late. The 'lower Asparagus' typically have an inferior ovary, whereas ,the 'core Asparagus' have reverted to a superior ovary. A 2002 morphological
  50. Is the main pentahalide. Arsenic pentafluoride is stable at room temperature, whereas ,the pentachloride is stable only below −50 °C. Acrylic acid, which is of

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