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  1. High-current pulse with the profile of the self-reversed line, which has little, emission ,at the original wavelength, but strong emission on both sides of the analytical
  2. H-H objects, and other objects associated with star formation. A comparison of, emission ,line widths indicates that turbulent or systematic velocities do not increase
  3. Directly obtained from plutonium upon absorption of one neutron. It decays by, emission ,of an particle to 237Np; the half-life of this decay was first determined as
  4. Of light would only be consistent with Planck's distribution law if the, emission ,of light into a mode with n photons would be enhanced statistically compared to
  5. Background. It also cannot be used at wavelengths above about 320 nm, as the, emission ,intensity of the deuterium lamp becomes very weak. The use of deuterium HCL is
  6. Growth. The Philippine government's Clean Air Act of 1999,which makes, emission ,monitoring systems for companies in the oil, gas,cement and chemical sectors
  7. State, an interacting photon with the proper energy can cause stimulated, emission ,of a photon with a matching energy level. For this to occur, the electron must
  8. In which the atom was located. Auger electron spectroscopy involves the, emission ,of Auger electrons by bombarding a sample with either X-rays or energetic
  9. The way the visual perception of space was understood, contrary to the previous, emission ,theory of vision supported by Euclid and Ptolemy. In" tying the visual
  10. Theories on vision prevailed in classical antiquity. The first theory,the, emission ,theory, was supported by such thinkers as Euclid and Ptolemy, who believed that
  11. Penetrating acupuncture than those of a nonpenetrating sham control, positron, emission , tomography research indicating that sham acupuncture can stimulate regions of
  12. Reactions have practical applications in medical imaging, such as positron, emission ,tomography (PET). In positive beta decay, a nuclide loses surplus positive
  13. Radio daughters, and alpha emission is also accompanied by gamma photon, emission , If substances emitting alpha particles are ingested, inhaled,injected or
  14. Energy. The reverse effect is known as impact ionization. Discovery The Auger, emission ,process was discovered in 1922 by Life Manner, an Austrian physicist, as a
  15. Subsurface environment, it is also produced through neutron capture by or alpha, emission ,by calcium. Is created from the neutron salvation of as a result of subsurface
  16. Line, which has little emission at the original wavelength, but strong, emission ,on both sides of the analytical line. The advantage of this technique is that
  17. To the large speed of the products and to other decay channels, such as neutron, emission ,and nuclear fission. From actinium to neptunium Uranium and thorium were the
  18. A relationship between the half-life of the decay, and the energy of the, emission , which had been previously discovered empirically, and was known as the
  19. In Physikalische Zeitschrift that proposed the possibility of stimulated, emission , the physical process that makes possible the maser and the laser. This article
  20. For the measurement of atomic absorption is provided by the narrow line, emission ,of the radiation source, and the monochromator simply has to resolve the
  21. Resulting in a low-pressure inductively coupled discharge in the lamp. The, emission ,from an EDL is higher than that from an HCL, and the line width is generally
  22. Technique is that total and background absorption are measured with the same, emission ,profile of the same lamp, so that any kind of background, including background
  23. Thermometer. Observations of nearby dark clouds By balancing and stimulated, emission ,with spontaneous emission , it is possible to construct a relation between
  24. Is not sufficiently inert. *The electronic properties (ionization and/or the, emission ,spectrum) are necessary. Other noble gases would probably work as well in most
  25. Into a mode with n photons would be enhanced statistically compared to the, emission ,of light into an empty mode. This paper was enormously influential in the later
  26. Not include the continuous spectrum in the background, instead sees a series of, emission ,lines from the photons emitted by the atoms. ) Spectroscopic measurements of
  27. Of 1.25 years, decays to stable (11.2 %) by electron capture or positron, emission , and also to stable (88.8 %) via beta decay. These properties and ratios are
  28. Displacement of the fluoroscope that occurs between absorption and subsequent, emission ,of a photon. Real-world imagery Images of a gravity-bound or man-made
  29. Of many applications such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, atomic, emission , spectroscopy,ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
  30. The mineral water from Durkheim, Germany. Due to the bright-blue lines in its, emission ,spectrum, they chose a name derived from the Latin word Cassius, meaning
  31. In optics, Ibn Sing" observed that if the perception of light is due to the, emission ,of some sort of particles by a luminous source, the speed of light must be
  32. After their inventors) is based on the line-broadening and self-reversal of, emission ,lines from HCL when high current is applied. Total absorption is measured with
  33. Maser and the laser. This article showed that the statistics of absorption and, emission ,of light would only be consistent with Planck's distribution law if the
  34. Towards the absolute (standardless) analysis has revived, particularly in the, emission ,spectrometry. A lot of effort is put in shrinking the analysis techniques to
  35. Is a type K1.5 Pipe orange giant star—the letters" PE" stand for" peculiar, emission ," which indicates that the spectrum of light given off by the star is unusual
  36. For flame AAS. In this case, a separate source (a deuterium lamp) with broad, emission ,is used to measure the background absorption over the entire width of the exit
  37. Of nearby dark clouds By balancing and stimulated emission with spontaneous, emission , it is possible to construct a relation between excitation temperature and
  38. Case,e.g. using a polarizer, and the σ components do not overlap with the, emission ,profile of the lamp, so that only the background absorption is measured. The
  39. Alpha sources also are accompanied by beta-emitting radio daughters, and alpha, emission ,is also accompanied by gamma photon emission . If substances emitting alpha
  40. Wrangler. After receiving his M. A. in 1905,he began research on thermionic, emission ,in the Cavendish Laboratory. This did not go well, and meanwhile he spent time
  41. Conventional spacecraft. In matter-antimatter collisions resulting in photon, emission , the entire rest mass of the particles is converted to kinetic energy. The
  42. That the spectrum of light given off by the star is unusual and full of, emission ,lines. This is not too uncommon in red giants, but Arcturus has a particularly
  43. Total absorption is measured with normal lamp current, i. e., with a narrow, emission ,line, and background absorption after application of a high-current pulse with
  44. The decay of 40K with a half-life of 1.25 years by electron capture or positron, emission , Because of this, it is used in potassium-argon dating to determine the age of
  45. Which is 23 times as warming as CO2. It also generates 64 % of the ammonia, emission , Livestock expansion is cited as a key factor driving deforestation, in the
  46. Through the use of a spectroscope. Because of the bright red lines in its, emission ,spectrum, they chose a name derived from the Latin word dubious, dark red.
  47. Of ions. Techniques to vaporize atoms include inductively coupled plasma atomic, emission ,spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, both of which
  48. And low intensity of alpha radiation, is difficult to detect directly by its, emission ,and it is therefore traced via its decay products. These uranium ores sometimes
  49. Second problem was that the planetary model could not explain the highly peaked, emission ,and absorption spectra of atoms that were observed. Quantum theory
  50. The relatively small number of atomic absorption lines (compared to atomic, emission ,lines) and their narrow width (a few pm) make spectral overlap rare; there

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