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  1. Not uniformly religious, and preoccupied with environmental issues. The gold, rush ,of the 1850s is still seen as a symbol of California's economic style, which
  2. Could easily be extracted. News of the finds intensified the Victorian gold, rush ,bringing over 10,000 migrants to the city from around the world within a year
  3. Area. This strains the three lanes of traffic capacity, resulting in lengthy, rush ,hour delays. Frequently, the congestion spills over to clog the parallel
  4. On all coins minted as United States currency. *1889 – At high noon, thousands, rush , to claim land in the Land Run of 1889. Within hours the cities of Oklahoma City
  5. Recounted that her father invented the dish when a Fourth of July 1924, rush , depleted the kitchen's supplies. Carding made do with what he had, adding the
  6. It does not produce any significant numbing of the mouth nor does it give a, rush ,like snorting cocaine. In order to prevent the demonization of this product
  7. Subjected to electric force applied on its opposite ends, these free electrons, rush ,in the direction of the force, thus forming what we call an electric current. "
  8. Canadian, Mount Pleasant, Redan, Sebastopol and Newington. The post gold, rush ,era has seen a boom in expansion, extending the conurbation north, south and
  9. Arts, especially applied to the built environment, combined with the gold, rush , this has created a picturesque urban landscape. In 2003 Ballarat was the first
  10. York Herald breaks the news to the East Coast of the United States of the gold, rush ,in California (although the rush started in January). *1861 – First ascent of
  11. The dystopian-style Earth. As money is slowly cut off from Mars, Dex & Jamie, rush ,to find a solution to keeps the exploration of Mars open; however both have
  12. This because he had heard of Duke William's landing in England, and needed to, rush ,south to counter it. After the Battle of Hastings, Ealdred joined the group who
  13. Idea that ethics is in some free-floating realm, writing that the fallacy is to, rush ,from facts to values. Role in evolutionary debate Bennett sees evolution by
  14. Charge (fanfare),a six-note trumpet or bugle piece denoting the call to, rush ,forward * Charge (heraldry),any object depicted on a shield * Charge (
  15. This populationand the economic depression caused by the end of the gold, rush , With the agreement by the Canadian government to extend the Canadian Pacific
  16. Where several defensive players who normally cover running or passing routes, rush ,the passer. *Blitz (NFL Mascot),the mascot of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.
  17. Going 8–8. In, Michael Pick became the first quarterback in league history to, rush ,for more than 1,000 yards in a season, with 1,039. After finishing the season
  18. Significant Australian cultural icons are also a legacy of Ballarat's gold, rush ,boom. The rebellion's symbol, the Eureka Flag has become a national symbol and
  19. Commuter discount passes and operates 16 car bilevel E4 Series Shinkansen at, rush ,hour, providing a capacity of 1,600 seats. Several lines in China such as
  20. city's suburbs, or farther away in the surrounding area. This leads to a busy, rush ,hour, and regular traffic jams. Statistically, Aarau has the most jobs per
  21. And Gaston Madras. The evidence indicates strongly that Voltaire did not, rush ,nor improvise Candide, but worked on it for a significant period of time, even
  22. Translated to mean reclining or resting and art meaning" place ". 1850s: Gold, rush ,On 19 August 1851,John Dunlop and James Regan struck gold at Poverty Point
  23. From the time when Australia was a British colony. During the Australian gold, rush , the population grew fast and Chile became one of Australia's major wheat
  24. Sisters of the field! Star after star from Heaven's high arch shall, rush , Suns sink on suns, and systems c rush , Headlong,extinct
  25. Also known as California Clippers) and the influence of the Californian gold, rush , Clipper ship trading cards Departures of American clipper ships, mostly from
  26. The desktop). Having the OS loaded from disk was due to Atari trying to, rush ,the machines to market without ironing out all the bugs in the OS. Soon after
  27. Expedition of the Beagle. In the early 1870s Darwin felt the effects of a gold, rush ,at Pine Creek after employees of the Australian Overland Telegraph Line found
  28. Two trains collided at a junction on the West India Quay bridge during morning, rush ,hour, requiring a shutdown of the entire system and evacuation of the involved
  29. On the Count just at sundown under the shadow of the castle. Parker and Quincy, rush ,to Dracula's box, which is being transported by Gypsies. Parker shears Dracula
  30. They sat on the floor, which was covered with two layers of mats, one of, rush , the other of a water plant with long sword shaped leaves (iris pseudocodes
  31. Fast and efficient way of getting around Cairo. It can get very crowded during, rush ,hour. Two train cars (the fourth and fifth ones) are reserved for women only
  32. Finished their education—more came from the eastern states later in the WA gold, rush ,) and the Australian Capital Territory in 1911. By 1916,the game was first
  33. The Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota,collapses during the evening, rush ,hour. Births *1377 – Emperor Go-Komatsu of Japan (d. 1433) *1545 – Andrew
  34. However, only several months later US Officials acknowledged there was“ no, rush ,” to try Abu Zubaydah via military commission. In September 2006,President
  35. Rat beer. Another enduring nickname is Golden City which dates back to the gold, rush ,and appears in several names including Golden City Hotel (1856) and the
  36. Seat is widely used in some commuter rail to increase capacity in, rush ,hours. Carriages are not organized to increase seating capacity even in the
  37. Quite rapidly – this initial crescendo of stimulation is known as a ", rush ,". Coca leaf infusions Coca herbal infusion (also referred to as Coca tea) is
  38. Any object depicted on a shield * Charge (warfare),a maneuver where soldiers, rush ,towards the enemy to engage in close combat * Charge (youth),an underage
  39. You please. As Berwick and the men ponder Jimmy’s philosophy, Fatty and Moses, rush ,in with news: The hurricane has unexpectedly struck Pensacola, destroying
  40. In response, police closed some streets surrounding the tower. During morning, rush ,hour on March 5,police expanded the area of closed streets to include the
  41. Mill using Palmer's railroads. The affluent, who made money from the gold, rush ,and industry, did not stay in Colorado City but built their large houses in the
  42. States," Ultimately, many motorists going to and from the suburbs at peak, rush ,hours are spending more time stuck in traffic, not less. " The Globe also
  43. S European population had grown to approximately 300 because of the gold, rush , On 17 February 1875 the SS Gothenburg left Darwin en route for Adelaide. The
  44. Meanings: #" violent windstorm ", from the verb 'αïσσω (stem 'in-) =" I, rush ,or move violently ". Akin to" καταιγίς" hurricane. # The shield of a deity as
  45. Cable, making it more flexible, and allowing a higher capacity. During the, rush ,hour on San Francisco's Market Street Railway, a car would leave the terminal
  46. Stand with his Bavarian and Cologne Guards, but it proved in vain. Noticing a, rush ,of horsemen fast approaching from the south, he later recalled –" … I went
  47. S abandoned carriage was captured, still containing diamonds left in the, rush , These became part of King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia's crown jewels; one
  48. Days of the announcement prospectors rush ed the area. As the Victorian gold, rush ,gathered pace, numerous alluvial and deep mining leads sprang up in the
  49. East Coast of the United States of the gold rush in California (although the, rush ,started in January). *1861 – First ascent of Weiss horn,fifth-highest summit
  50. After he made his fortune he declined to build a mansion as the other gold, rush ,millionaires were doing; instead, in later years, he lived in a house in

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