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  1. Freeways are often called trails. For example, Highway 2,the main north-south, highway ,in the province, is called Deer foot Trail as it passes through Calgary but
  2. S railway system has been declining since 1945,when emphasis shifted to, highway ,construction. The total length of railway track was 30,875 km (19,186 mi) in
  3. The Downtown Connector (I-75/85) through the middle of the city. The combined, highway ,carries more than 340,000 vehicles per day. The Connector is one of the ten
  4. Highway, also known as the Eskişehir Road. The Armada and CEPA malls on the, highway , the Galleria in Unity, and a huge mall, Real in Silent Center, offer North
  5. Mountain House and Red Deer, connecting with Highway 12 west of Settler. The, highway ,connects many of the smaller towns in central Alberta with Calgary and Edmonton
  6. In Iowa with a population of greater than 50,000 that does not have a state, highway ,serving it. Ames was serviced by the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern
  7. Transport Many cities, towns and villages in the state do not have road or, highway ,access; the only modes of access involve travel by air, river,or the sea.
  8. Air Force Reserve crew called to active duty, Azrael was sent to the Al Java, highway ,(Highway 80) between Kuwait City and Basra, Iraq,to intercept the convoys of
  9. After a Springfield, Missouri area Neo-Nazi group cleaned the stretch of, highway ,as part of an" Adopt-A-Highway" plan. Heschel's daughter, Susannah,has
  10. City, Northridge,California, Agoura Hills, California,and Toronto. In 2009,a, highway ,in Missouri was named" Dr. Abraham Joshua Herschel Highway" after a
  11. Link Albania with the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria, and the north-south, highway , which corresponds to the Albanian side of the Adriatic–Ionian freeway, a
  12. Mount" Megiddo is a Tell on which ancient forts were built to guard the main, highway , the Via Maris, which connected Ancient Egypt with Mesopotamia. Megiddo was the
  13. Russian construction workers found ancient ruins during the construction of a, highway ,between Balkan and the nearby district center village of Asked (Аскыз). When
  14. Up to away. Ceremonial Infrastructure - Great North Road: the thirty-foot wide, highway ,One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral Puebloan
  15. Underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the, highway , Keynote talks Tenenbaum has been keynote speaker at numerous conferences, most
  16. Three corridors are completed Albania will have an estimated 759 kilometers of, highway ,linking it with all its neighboring countries, Kosovo,Republic of Macedonia
  17. Of Wilmer and the center of Amsterdam. Further plans were to build a new, highway ,above the metro to connect the Central Station and city center with other parts
  18. To the Albanian side of the Adriatic–Ionian freeway, a larger regional, highway ,connecting Croatia with Greece along the Adriatic and Ionian coasts. When all
  19. Around 7000 vehicles including the tourist buses daily passes through the, highway ,out of which about 2000 are cars going to the Ajmer city. Intercity
  20. Expensive infrastructure project ever undertaken in Albania. The cost of the, highway ,appears to have breached €800 million, although the exact cost for the total
  21. Per day. The Connector is one of the ten most congested segments of interstate, highway ,in the United States. The intersection of I-85 and I-285 in
  22. Office, register of deeds, county treasurer, coroner,emergency management, highway ,superintendent, public welfare, state’s attorney, and a few others. The state
  23. In the UK would be the median or center divide on a freeway, expressway, highway , or parkway in the US. The one-way lanes that make it possible to enter and
  24. I-94 about 13 miles north of the Illinois state line, on the east side of the, highway , Although the sign still exists, the " of" has now been replaced by the URL of
  25. At Laredo, Texas,which is on the Texas-Mexico border. Interstate 35 is the, highway ,link to the Dallas-Ft. Worth retroflex in northern Texas. There are two links
  26. Denver. In the mid-1980s,Austin completed construction on Loop 360,a scenic, highway ,that curves through the hill country from near the 71/Mopey interchange in the
  27. The British term dual carriageway, in American parlance, would be divided, highway , The central reservation on a freeway or dual carriageway in the UK would be
  28. Only two hours and a half to go from the Kosovo border to Durrës. Overall the, highway ,will be around when it reaches Priština. The project was the biggest and most
  29. From the North Dakota border to the border with Nebraska. The second, highway ,is US Highway 12 that runs east-west across northern South Dakota from the
  30. Small towns and Native villages are scattered throughout, mostly along the, highway ,and river systems. Denali National Park and Preserve is located here, home to
  31. Of water present in soil, as well as moisture/density for quality control in, highway ,construction. Such probes are also used in well logging applications, in
  32. Bridge-Tunnel (completed 1999),linking Denmark with Sweden, provided a, highway ,and railroad connection between Sweden and the Danish mainland (the Jutland
  33. Suburbia-style developments and mini-cities began to rise along the western, highway , also known as the Eskişehir Road. The Armada and CEPA malls on the highway
  34. Known statewide as" The Rail belt ". In recent years, the ever-improving paved, highway ,system began to eclipse the railroad's importance in Alaska's economy. The
  35. Were cut through the forests, and in 1970,the work on the Trans-Amazonian, highway ,(Transamazônica) network began. The network's three pioneering highway s were
  36. Now served by two major transcontinental railways (CN and CP),by three major, highway ,connections to the Pacific (the Trans-Canada via Kicking Horse Pass, the
  37. Highways Currently there are three main four lane highway s in Albania: the, highway ,connecting the city of Durrës with Tirana, that connecting Durrës with Lush
  38. German Hops Road),a nickname given to the Bundesstraße 301,a German federal, highway ,which runs through the heartland of Germany's hops-growing industry, ending in
  39. Appears to have breached €800 million, although the exact cost for the total, highway ,has yet to be confirmed by the government. Two additional highway s will be
  40. Lesser extent Fairbanks, are served by many major airlines. Because of limited, highway ,access, air travel remains the most efficient form of transportation in and out
  41. The restructuring of the city. As a result, the demolition was stopped, and the, highway ,was never built, with only the metro being finished. Only a few streets
  42. Amsterdam was intended in 1932 to be the hub, a kind of Kilometer Zero, of the, highway ,system of the Netherlands, with freeways numbered one through eight planned to
  43. Through Fort MacLeod, Calgary,Red Deer, and Edmonton. North of Edmonton,the, highway ,continues to Athabasca, then northwesterly along the south shore of Lesser
  44. U. S. Highway 290 enters Austin from the east and merges into I-35. Its, highway ,designation continues south on I-35 and then becomes part of Highway 71
  45. Continent, but is not connected by road to the rest of the North American, highway ,system. The state is bordered by the Yukon Territory and British Columbia in
  46. On almost every road. Many unaware drivers fail to slow down after exiting the, highway , Groups like Pedestrian Friendly Alameda and BikeAlameda advocate stronger
  47. City and the primary transportation hub of the Southeastern United States (via, highway , railroad, and air),with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  48. And free: Hail to thee our alma mater: Acadia, hail to thee: Far above the busy, highway ,: And the sleepy town: Raised against the arch of heaven: Looks she proudly down
  49. And their armies came this way. They were not the only ones to use the Roman, highway ,network, which was equally convenient for invaders. In the second half of the
  50. 7 thousand direct & indirect persons. Ajmer is well-connected with the national, highway ,and is only from the Jaipur International Airport at Jaipur, which has daily

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