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  1. Neighbours; between the need to write poetry and the need for money to feed and, clothe ,his children. His health began to suffer, and he had bouts of severe depression
  2. Me no drink, I was a stranger, and you did not take Me in, naked, and you did not, clothe ,Me, sick and in prison, and you did not visit Me. ” ...“ Assuredly, I say to
  3. Alder, with rhododendrons and species of Berbers and Tribes. Lichens and mosses, clothe ,many of the boulders that are scattered over the upper slopes. Norfolk () is
  4. The target audience. Propagandists use ordinary language and mannerisms (and, clothe ,their message in face-to-face and audiovisual communications) in attempting to
  5. By his side:: Therefore all seasons shall be sweet to thee, : Whether the summer, clothe ,the general earth: With greenness, or the redbreast sit and sing: Betwixt the
  6. At Oxford University. Admired the sublimity of his themes and his ability to, clothe ,metaphysical thought in vivid imagery. His critical studies of Hardy (1912)
  7. Both pronunciations of modern English" TH ", as in" cloth" and ", clothe ," – are used extensively both in the original manuscript and in modern English
  8. Cannot even conquer sleep! After instructing his ferryman to wash Gilgamesh and, clothe ,him in royal robes, Utnapishtim sends the pair back to Uruk. As they are
  9. By publicizing the names of their elite stockholders, the Company managed to, clothe ,itself in an aura of legitimacy, which attracted and kept other buyers. Bubble
  10. Party towards the sermon on the Mount where Christ says that Christians should, clothe ,the naked and feed the hungry. In the 1977 elections they campaigned together
  11. The right to" free" slave labor, they now no longer had to pay to house, clothe ,and provide medical attention for their former slaves, which in some cases
  12. The 1970s,and 1980s,Africa Bambara and the Zulu Nation members would often, clothe ,themselves in costumes representing different cultures of the world. These
  13. Rights to slaves and responsibilities to the master, who was obliged to feed, clothe ,and provide for the general well-being of his slaves. The code noir also
  14. Is believed by these individuals that Jesus' commands to feed the hungry and, clothe ,the needy are the Kingdom to which he was referring. Yet, scripture teaches
  15. Ohioans, the governor headed a charity drive and raised enough money to feed, clothe , and supply more than 10,000 people. 1896 presidential election Governor
  16. The site has been designated a National Historic Landmark. To feed, house, clothe , and protect reservation lands from encroachment by settlers and gold miners; as
  17. With wheat, vegetables,flax, corn,hogs, sheep,poultry and cattle to feed and, clothe ,his family, slaves and white employees, but he had cash flow problems and was
  18. Clear availability of caregiving adults who are able to protect, nourish,and, clothe ,them in the aftermath of the earthquake, and to help them make sense of what
  19. Gradually – the half church. " It was to a land of dark people he was sent, to, clothe , them by Baptism in white robes. His grateful dawn dispelled India's painful
  20. Which the operator (termed" exorcist" ) should undergo, how they should, clothe ,themselves, how the magical implements used in their operations should be
  21. Through the passing of the Led Militarism. This law required the government to, clothe ,and equip Roman soldiers without deductions from their pay, shortened the term
  22. Service" moves around Koch, in the morning time and in evenings to clean and, clothe ,people living on the streets. Judson washes and cleanses their wounds, provides
  23. His wife Sophia operated a very profitable inn, using the proceeds to feed, clothe , and educate the children. Vanderbilt also proved a quick study in legal
  24. Only afford minimal facilities, so that further fees might be charged to lodge, clothe ,and otherwise maintain the scholars, to the private profit of the trustees or
  25. Drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothe s and, clothe ,you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you? ' The King will
  26. Be a member of Florence's seven main guilds (merchant traders, bankers,two, clothe ,guilds, and judges). The lottery was often pre-determined, and the results
  27. And honors be made, but that it be said that he tried to" feed the hungry ",", clothe ,the naked "," be right on the Vietnam War question ", and " love and serve
  28. I was a stranger, and you did not invite me in, I needed clothe s, and you did not, clothe ,me, I was sick and in prison, and you did not look after me. ' They also will
  29. Immortal name is listed in the heavens and calls down a heavenly procession to, clothe ,Yin xi in the garb of immortals. The story continues that Nazi bestowed a
  30. Great is his glory through your saving help. With glory and honor will you, clothe ,him, Lord. Closing Prayer (Postcommunion): We who have been fed at the table
  31. Rights to slaves and responsibilities to the master, who was obliged to feed, clothe , and provide for the general well-being of their slaves. The code noir also
  32. Voicing of these characters echoes that of f and s. Both are voiced (as in ", clothe ,") between other voiced sounds: over, la leas, su era. Otherwise, they are
  33. The study of fish receives its origins from human's desire to feed, clothe , and equip themselves with useful implements. According to Michael Barton, a
  34. For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall, clothe ,a man with rags. " * Proverbs 23:2" And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be
  35. And matter-of-fact description ", and that its goal instead was to ", clothe ,the Ideal in a perceptible form" whose" goal was not in itself, but whose
  36. Sometimes chosen to replace the“ the sky ”, as is the case in Isaiah 50:3:" I, clothe ,the heavens with darkness and make sackcloth its covering. " At times the TIV
  37. Questions, called Cert amen. Rigging (from Anglo-Saxon origin or wringing," to, clothe ,") is the apparatus through which the force of the wind is used to propel
  38. An inhuman priority and funds should be spent instead to" feed the hungry, clothe ,the naked, tend the sick, and house the homeless. " Mr. Paine told Abernathy
  39. Part of the costume of the Dionysian cult. ... To raise my Bacchic shout, and, clothe , all who respond/ In fawn skin habits, and put my tarsus in their hands–/ The
  40. That it recognizes the terrifying possibility that whatever words we may use to, clothe ,our fears, the fabric cannot protect us from them. " Adaptations and cultural
  41. Come off as jokes. Robert Schumann remarked of them," How is 'gravity' to, clothe ,itself if 'jest' goes about in dark veils? " In addition, Brahms regarded the
  42. An occasional cloak of beaver or rabbit skin, although the fathers endeavor to, clothe ,the converted Indians with something as best they can. " Revitalization One of
  43. Abaca fiber. The half-finished product is then made into finally or hand woven, clothe ,out of Tina ready to be made into other sinamay-based products. Products are
  44. The cathedral. He helps Mrs. Hamilton decide to give her money to feed and, clothe ,the needy—much to Henry's chagrin. He also redecorates the Broughams '
  45. Theodore (d. 690) speaks of any who, on the talents of January (January 1), clothe , themselves with the skins of cattle and carry heads of animals. This, coupled
  46. The minds of men prepared for his message, a language ready for him in which to, clothe ,the new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival, which will
  47. Were started was to search for and to receive waifs and strays, to feed, clothe ,and educate. The system under which the institution was carried on is broadly
  48. An abolitionist. It was the job of the Freedmen’s Bureau to help house, feed, clothe , educate and provide medical care to newly freed slaves in the South after the
  49. As the groom places the veil over his bride, he makes an implicit promise to, clothe ,and protect her. Finally, by covering her face, the groom recognizes that he
  50. Distributed through local relief channels. Cotton goods were later included, to, clothe , the needy. In 1935,the federal government formed a Drought Relief Service (

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