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  1. Man who wants to wear clothing sold for women. While most male cross-dressers, utilize ,clothing associated with modern women, there are some who are involved in
  2. Information optically inside crystals or photopolymers. Holographic storage can, utilize ,the whole volume of the storage medium, unlike optical disc storage which is
  3. Visible wherever another object has not covered it up. In total the system can, utilize ,25 colors on a scan line at one time. The graphics resolution, color palette
  4. The area and establish a village next to Buffalo Creek. Ellicott decided to, utilize ,the spoke pattern for his new village, which he called" New Amsterdam ", and
  5. Operation (as opposed to a field ionization modes) the atom probe does not, utilize ,a secondary source to probe the sample. Rather, the sample is evaporated in a
  6. Term for the Albanian language, shqip, a derivation of the verb Shinto" to, utilize ,a correct Albanian pronunciation ". This theory pertains to Hahn and it holds
  7. Of thousands of habitable worlds. Races on these worlds may have been able to, utilize ,the tremendous amounts of power required to bridge the space between the stars
  8. Content (also known colloquially as 'DLC' ). Studios may choose to, utilize ,this to issue original content after the game is released, such as Rock star
  9. Osmotic balance disturbances; 3) Binding to proteins that do not require or, utilize ,copper; 4) Oxidative stress by hydrogen peroxide generation. Research is being
  10. To these naturally occurring colloids, modern chemical process industries, utilize ,high shear mixing technology to create novel colloids. The dispersed-phase
  11. Technology. Genetic engineering has expanded the genes available to breeders to, utilize ,in creating desired germ lines for new crops. After mechanical tomato-harvesters
  12. The formation of carboxyhemoglobin. In cyanide poisoning, the body cannot, utilize ,oxygen, so the venous blood remains oxygenated, increasing the redness. While
  13. Plastics as it attempts to move away from petroleum based plastics and, utilize ,more environmentally friendly alternatives. In statistics, analysis of variance
  14. Federal Information Technology, ordering the heads of all federal agencies to, utilize ,information technology fully to make the information of the agency easily
  15. Power Systems alongside IBM i and Linux. AIX was the first operating system to, utilize ,journal ling file systems, and IBM has continuously enhanced the software with
  16. The essence of a swarmer is non-stop aggression. Many short in-fighters, utilize ,their stature to their advantage, employing a bob-and-weave defense by bending
  17. Company bought by IBM in 1964. Lawrence asked Iverson and his group to help, utilize ,the language as a tool for the development and use of computers in education.
  18. Ten-key limited chord system that places one key under each finger in order to, utilize ,all of them, however only two are needed for any operations (excluding the" F
  19. Extended into digital signal processing and digital image processing, which, utilize , digital versions of Fourier analysis (and wavelet analysis) to transmit
  20. Are literal translations of grammatically correct Bulgarian sentences that, utilize ,a double or multiple negation:" Никой никъде никога нищо не е направил. " (
  21. To return the slide to its original position. Some examples of instruments that, utilize ,triggers or throws are: Trumpet or cornet Triggers or throws are sometimes
  22. Diatoms live in environments with very low zinc concentrations and thus they, utilize ,cadmium to perform functions normally carried out by zinc. The discovery relied on
  23. Derived from the FN P90 SMG). Unlike the above-mentioned PCs, these carbines, utilize ,either magazines from their SMG derivatives, or proprietary magazines (as in
  24. Award in 1997 as it was praised as the first university in Canada to fully, utilize ,information technology in the undergraduate curriculum. In October 2006,Dr.
  25. From the LM before he spoke. Shepard's moon walking suit was the first to, utilize ,red bands on the arms and legs and a red stripe on the top of the lunar EVA
  26. Murder By Death, Spaceballs, and the films of John Waters, which purposely, utilize ,elements from films" so bad they're good" for comedic effect. This may be
  27. Rodents move by hopping on both legs simultaneously. Tree kangaroos are able to, utilize ,either form of locomotion, most commonly alternating feet when moving
  28. Civilization) to leave Microphone and found Fir axis. Although unable to, utilize ,the same IP as Civilization II, the new company felt that players wanted" a
  29. Body blows. In addition to these distinctive pieces of equipment, boxers also, utilize ,sport-nonspecific training equipment to build strength, speed,agility, and
  30. Step to flush out unwanted biomolecules. However, HPLC techniques exist that do, utilize ,affinity chromatography properties. Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (
  31. Can work on a problem at the same time, whereas distributed algorithms, utilize ,multiple machines connected with a network. Parallel or distributed algorithms
  32. Bowland no-nonsense license agreement ". This allowed the developer/user to, utilize ,its products" just like a book "; he or she was allowed to make multiple
  33. Stone of an end placed in front of the house but outside the four-foot zone to, utilize ,the free guard zone. Corner guards are key for a team to score two points in an
  34. Using this technique. **Plasma-Enhanced CVD (PECVD) – CVD processes that, utilize ,plasma to enhance chemical reaction rates of the precursors. PECVD processing
  35. Newer Thoroughbred and Barton cores. Some specialized low-power Athlon XP-Ms, utilize ,the microPGA socket 563 rather than the standard Socket A. The CPUs, like their
  36. Space Interferometry Mission (SIM PlanetQuest) (now cancelled) was to, utilize ,asymmetric techniques to detect terrestrial planets orbiting 200 or so of the
  37. That because of the legal barriers poor people in those countries can not, utilize ,their assets to produce more wealth. Lack of widespread" Third World" support
  38. And many jump with only one parachute, since there would be little time to, utilize ,a reserve parachute. If modified, by removing the bag and slider, stowing the
  39. Also at this time that clock cases began to be made of wood and clock faces to, utilize ,enamel as well as hand-painted ceramics. On November 17, 1797,Eli Terry
  40. Consciousness, and the use of stored knowledge to interpret, integrate and, utilize ,visual information. The field of biological vision studies and models the
  41. Sexual reproduction in the plant life cycle. Fungi and some algae can also, utilize ,true asexual spore formation, which involves mitosis giving rise to
  42. Users of Arabic usually write long vowels but omit short ones, so readers must, utilize ,their knowledge of the language in order to supply the missing vowels. However
  43. The vast tributary river systems of the Mississippi drainage basin. Pole boats, utilize ,muscle power of" walkers" along the sides of the craft pushing against a pole
  44. Through Brazil). The government is planning an ambitious program to more fully, utilize ,the main rivers for transport. In addition, the navy's riverine brigade has
  45. In the samurai genre as a whole. " With The Hidden Fortress, Kurosawa began to, utilize ,the widescreen (anamorphic) process for the first time in his work. These
  46. Of Else when ", presents a multiverse of secretive cross-time societies that, utilize ,a variety of means for cross-time travel, ranging from high-tech capsules to
  47. Injury, allowing boxers to throw punches with more force than if they did not, utilize ,them. Gloves have been required in competition since the late nineteenth
  48. In the Broadway musical West Side Story, composer Leonard Bernstein chose to, utilize ,a string section without violas. George Martin, producer and arranger for The
  49. With 2D acceleration. *Livestream is a stream processor designed to, utilize ,the stream processing/GP GPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Units)
  50. Sets a hardware limit on the range of integers the software run by the CPU can, utilize , Integer range can also affect the number of locations in memory the CPU can

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