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  1. Residing in coastal areas of the state follow Shaft'i school. Most of Tamil, muslim , people follow Shadhiliyya Sufi order and Er wadi in Ramanathapuram district and
  2. Of Mariyah is nearly exclusively Shi‘a Muslims with large Mandarin and Sunni, muslim , communities,until 1951 the town was a home to a sizable Jewish community.
  3. Muslim 36th Division (National Revolutionary Army) defeated the Turkic, muslim , Uyghur and Kirghiz armies of the Turkish Islamic Republic, and destroyed the
  4. Qatari Ethnic groups Arab 40 %, Pakistani 85,000 Indian 600,000 (60 %, muslim ,40 % Hindu),Iranian 10 %, other 14 % Religions Islam 71 % - 77.5 %, Christian
  5. Muslims. Teachers at schools with large shares of Muslims revealed that, muslim , students often" praise or admire Adolf Hitler for his killing of Jews ", that
  6. The Turkic Muslim Emirs Abdullah Buffy and Our Ahmad Jan Buffy. The Chinese, muslim , General Ma Chongqing then entered Idea Mosque in Kashmir, and lectured the
  7. Which was the most sophisticated culture during antiquity, suffered under, muslim , conquests limiting its scientific prowess during the Medieval period. Christian
  8. With the prayer hall, also known as the Mulally in another room for the 5 daily, muslim , prayers prostration. Other doctrines of the Nation of Islam are disputed
  9. To have had any direct effect on this region of the central plain. " The Hui, muslim , population of Beijing was unaffected by the Muslim rebels during the Duncan
  10. On July 29, 2006,one person was killed at a Jewish center in Seattle when a, muslim , opened fire in the location. This shooting was in response to the offender's
  11. Small Tai groups include the Shan, Lue, and Bhutan. Malay and Yawi-speaking, muslim , 's language of the south comprise another significant minority group (2.3 %).
  12. Of the area to the control of the Republic of China government, Chinese,Muslim, forces then executed the Turkic Muslim Emirs Abdullah Buffy and Our Ahmad Jan
  13. To man's premarital (Fit rah) nature practiced by all prophets of God. A, muslim , may trim or cut hair on head. The hairs on the chest and the back but may be
  14. To Article VI of Treaty of Cars on condition that autonomy is provided for the, muslim , population. The Soviet Union established the Adar Autonomous Soviet Socialist
  15. Against landaus. The king conquers San from the Christian allies of the, muslim , taifas. In a drive to consolidate his southern border, he repopulates the city
  16. And a coalition of the King of Afghanistan Ahmad Shah Abdul with 2 Indian, muslim , allies --- the Gorilla Afghans of the Drab, and the Away of Ouch
  17. The disarray that followed the second Anglo-Afghan war. Known to be a hard core, muslim , who converted mass number of Hindus and Buddhists to Muslim by way of slaughter
  18. The Byzantine Empire's gradual loss of territory to an expanding Islam and the, muslim , conquest of Persia. This caused Christianity to become important to the
  19. Of Venice the fact that it was the only part of Greece never conquered by the, muslim , Turks. A series of attempts by the Ottoman Turks to take the island began in
  20. And 20 % of Muslims living in the Middle East and North Africa. Etymology A, muslim , (,;, or Mosley) is the participle of the same verb of which Islam is the
  21. And became the most powerful military official in the province. Also, the Hui, muslim , population of Beijing was unaffected by the Muslim rebels during the Duncan
  22. Of Kashmir (1934),Battle of Yang Hussar and Battle of Garland. The Chinese, muslim , Generals Ma Yuan and Ma Chancing declared the destruction of the rebel forces
  23. The current government of China defines a Hui as a Chinese speaker with foreign, muslim , ancestry. Practicing the Islamic religion is not required. History Origins The
  24. Shi'a Muslim cities of Barbara and Naval in Iraq, massacred parts of the Shi'a, muslim , population and destroyed the tombs of Human in Ali, the grandson of Muhammad
  25. One Jewish father also told that his child after school had been taken by a, muslim , mob (though managed to escape),reportedly" to be taken out to the forest
  26. First name was Hüsamettin, which means" sword of faith". Tarzan comes from a, muslim , family. His parents were part of the generation of Turkish immigrants that came
  27. President, Asian American Journalists Association * Zhang Changsha 张承志, Hui,Muslim, writer and author of History of the Soul. * Zhang DAI 張岱 (1597–1689),Ming
  28. Again divided between north and south. Miscellaneous Bad Chong, the future, muslim , General,then a student at a law and political science school, joined a student
  29. Into western art. Note that despite the taboo of figurative visualization, some,Muslim, countries did cultivate a rich tradition in painting, though not in its own
  30. After Indonesia),and its status as a declared nuclear power, being the only, muslim , nation to have that status, plays a part in its international role. Pakistan
  31. Of refugees people migrated from various parts of Pakistan and settled on the, muslim , properties in Partial. The then Maharajah of Partial, His Highness Ravindra
  32. The EK. II personally by Himmler in the days after the mutiny. Because of his, muslim , faith,only wore the ribbon, and not the cross. Knight's Cross of the Iron
  33. Under Abdul Aziz in Muhammad in Said attacked and captured the holy Shi'a, muslim , cities of Barbara and Naval in Iraq, massacred parts of the Shi'a Muslim
  34. And animals ", that despite the massive killings between government forces and, muslim , rebels in the Duncan revolt (1862–1877) in Gansu," Yet while this slaughter
  35. Is a monastery of cloistered monks, which is located in what was a farm or, muslim , almunia called Andaman that means Fountain of the Tears, and had a wealth of
  36. Chinese and the Tongans (Chinese Muslims). Yakut Beg seized AKS from Chinese, muslim , forces and forced them north of the Then Shan mountains, committing massacres
  37. As Jahangir Nagar. It was a provincial capital and a center of the worldwide, muslim , trade. The modern city, however,was developed chiefly under British rule in
  38. Vijayanagar in 1565,the empire crumbled at the Battle of Talbot. Most, muslim , rulers of south India were Shia Muslims. Mughal era The Mughal Empire () was
  39. Is the second form of marriage. It is" Harm" in Sunni Islam according to, muslim , scholars. It is a fixed-term marriage, which is a marriage with a preset
  40. Defeated Yaqui Beg and destroyed his army. Yakut Beg was disliked by his Turkic, muslim , subjects,burdening them with heavy taxes and subjecting them to a harsh
  41. The ritual of the gnaw (or group) follow rules, that are part from the, muslim , sufi tradition and partly of African animistic origin similar to the traditions
  42. By Habit Camilla Abdullahi and Muhammad Amino Buffy. However, the Chinese, muslim ,36th Division (National Revolutionary Army) defeated the Turkic Muslim Uyghur
  43. Republic of China government, Chinese Muslim forces then executed the Turkic, muslim , Emirs Abdullah Buffy and Our Ahmad Jan Buffy. The Chinese Muslim General Ma
  44. A multi-ethnic and multi-culture democratic country with the majority of moderate, muslim , population,Indonesia faces the challenges to deal with terrorism that linked
  45. 1901–1955) of British India during the Anglo-Afghan Wars would castrate non, muslim , soldiers who were captured, like British and Sikhs. Slave Trade Early on in
  46. The Huey and Answer armies made up the larger Baying Army. In the war Chinese, muslim , Hui soldiers engaged in battle against Japan. Qing Muslim General Duo Bangui (
  47. For his killing of Jews ", that " Jew-hate is legitimate within vast groups of, muslim , students " and that" Muslims laugh or command teachers to stop when trying to
  48. City and capital of Norway, until Bergen is founded in 1070. * In Spain,the, muslim , de facto ruler of landaus, al-Mansur, with the support of the Christians
  49. Malappuram District owes to the Kerala Gulf diaspora. Malappuram is one of two, muslim , majority districts or Union Territories in south India other being Lakshadweep.
  50. To be a hard core Muslim who converted mass number of Hindus and Buddhists to, muslim , by way of slaughter. {Background and early career Before his death in Heart

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