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  1. the/APQ-180,a synthetic aperture radar for long-range target detection and, identification , The gunship's navigational devices include inertial navigation systems and a
  2. The city's police unconstitutionally forced homeless persons to produce, identification ,without probable cause. In January 2010,the American military released the
  3. A source seeks to convince by a claim of authority or by personal observation, identification ,of conflicts of interest are not ad hominem – it is generally well accepted
  4. And Latin prose possessed such clause; and some scholars have rejected the, identification ,of Litanies' Marcellus with Minus, since Marcellus was a very common
  5. UV absorbance spectrum than the others. This is particularly useful in the, identification ,of Pass. Most Pass are also fluorescent, emitting characteristic wavelengths of
  6. Manuals of penance produced as a result of the Fourth Lateran Council. Alain's, identification ,of the sins against nature included bestiality, masturbation,oral and anal
  7. Is critical in determining the effete of alloy constituents in a bulk material, identification ,of solid-state reaction features, such as solid phase precipitates. Such
  8. And the UCS support more characters by separating the concepts of unique, identification ,(using natural numbers called code points) and encoding (to 8-,16- or
  9. The IUPAC nomenclature is used in scientific publications and where precise, identification ,of the substance is important. In other less formal contexts, an alcohol is
  10. In fact had previously passed animal test, but more vigorous tests after its, identification ,in Ames test showed it to be carcinogenic. Their positive tests resulted in
  11. Was not that of any well-known art. A wide range in space was proved by the, identification ,of the Interstate and the Dialysis vases with the new style, and a wide range
  12. Of war, and misguided past restorations. The project included collection and, identification ,of all stone fragments, even small ones, from the Acropolis and its slopes and
  13. Of the host is grounded. The standard dictates color-coded connectors for easy, identification ,by both installer and cable maker. All three connectors are different from one
  14. In determining the age of the victim (e.g., a 15-year-old who used a fake, identification ,document claiming they were 16 or older). * Marriage — in some jurisdictions
  15. To complete human genome projects leading to the birth of genomics. Protein, identification ,and peptide sequencing by mass spectrometry opened a new field of proteomics.
  16. Must also inform emergency room personnel and keep information with their, identification ,indicating that they are on MAO inhibitors. Some doctors suggest the use of
  17. The Roman Missal identified the Saint Felix of 29 July with the antipope. This, identification , still found in the 1920 typical edition, does not appear in the 1962 typical
  18. Suggested that this identification may go back to the Early Bronze Age. This, identification ,is later than the archaic period of" Orientalization ". In native Greek
  19. Of the hero was placed, a practice which recalls the Roman Lectisternium. The, identification ,of Ajax with the family of Abacus was chiefly a matter which concerned the
  20. Josefa. Identifying Abandon The symbolism of Revelation 9:11 leaves the exact, identification ,of Abandon open for interpretation. Some bible scholars believe him to be the
  21. Control codes were together, and all graphic codes were together, for ease of, identification , The first two columns (32 positions) were reserved for control characters.
  22. Srv car_not_frame&idNotice 20221 in this relief),so the, identification ,of Armaments' Ares with the Ares Borges is not secure. At Pegasus there was
  23. Against the violent protesters, mainly due to the difficulties encountered in, identification ,of the many masked protesters and the fierce opposition at Congress held by
  24. Stated this in his lectures on aesthetics and language games. A collective, identification ,of beauty, with willing participants in a given social spectrum, may be a
  25. Though some masonry in the ruins is certainly pre-Roman, the Suda's, identification ,of it with China, famous as a treasure city in the wars of Eugene of Cardiac
  26. Different pieces of ". In this sense the process of abstraction entails the, identification ,of similarities between objects and the process of associating these objects
  27. New elements including flexible arrays, slices,parallelism, operator, identification , and various extensibility features. Nicklaus With based his own ALGOL W on
  28. Al-Hazmi and Salem al-Hazmi were selected because they did not provide adequate, identification ,and were deemed suspicious by the airline check-in agent. Hangout, Mihdhar, and
  29. That they are on MAO inhibitors. Some doctors suggest the use of medical, identification ,tags. Although these reactions may be lethal, the total number of deaths due to
  30. With the planet Venus. Scholars such as Bend Alter have suggested that this, identification ,may go back to the Early Bronze Age. This identification is later than the
  31. Gutenberg, Op. 4 Notes Analytical chemistry is the study of the separation, identification , and quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial
  32. Leaving) (though it may then have been of greater extent),and this, identification ,agrees with the indications given by Bede. In the Norwegian seafarer Ohthere's
  33. Episodes are depicted one after another although not in a linear order. Their, identification ,has been a core area of research since the site's rediscovery in 1819. Dieter
  34. As the evening star and Phosphorus as the morning star. The Greeks adopted the, identification ,of the morning and the evening star as well as its identification as
  35. To health, a transformational experience that changed their worldview, identification ,with a number of groups committed to environmentalism, feminism,psychology
  36. A red stripe on the top of the lunar EVA sunshade" hood ",to allow easy, identification ,of the commander while on the surface; on the Apollo 12 pictures, it had been
  37. A material this uncertainty may still, in some cases, confound definitive, identification ,of atomic species. Effects such as superposition of differing ions with
  38. Empire. An important parallel between Ishtar and Aphrodite is their, identification ,as the evening star. Babylonian astrology associated the planet Venus with
  39. And sometimes also a bit synchronization bit sequence, typically 01010101,for, identification ,of the bit transition times. Note that at the physical layer, this is
  40. Change from simple imitation to political commentary was the start of German, identification ,with rap. The sound of“ Fred I'm agency Land” was influenced by the 'wall of
  41. To some imprecision in definition, the term" amoebic" does not provide, identification ,of an organism, and is better understood as description of locomotion. When
  42. Of view" ) can be selected, depending on the experimental objectives. A common, identification ,assay involves culturing a sample of the organism deep within a block of
  43. In violation of known physical properties. Another problem was that the gradual, identification ,of more and more chemically similar and indistinguishable lanthanides, which
  44. To reduce yields by 17-68 % in field experiments. This makes the proper, identification ,of Amaranths species at the seedling stage essential for agriculturalists.
  45. Line they are connected to. Because this system is based on automatic number, identification ,(not caller ID) and meant for phone company technicians, the ANA system
  46. Specimen, even though not present in the original specimen. This may also limit, identification ,of Hydrogen in some samples. However, reiterated samples have been used to
  47. Class, namely that which we can most directly experience. Schopenhauer's, identification ,of the Kantian Simenon (i.e., the actually existing entity) with what he
  48. The silhouette of the aircraft. Taken together these clues will enable the, identification ,of an aircraft. If the observer is familiar with the airfield being used by the
  49. Adopted the identification of the morning and the evening star as well as its, identification ,as Ishtar/Aphrodite during the 4th century BC, along with other items of
  50. Or more species to have sufficiently close time-of-flights to make definitive, identification ,impossible. History Field Ion Microscopy Field ion microscopy techniques were

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