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  1. He wrote that, on seeing the original design for the Berlin rally on Hanke's, desk , he remarked that the site would resemble a Schützenfest – a rifle club meet.
  2. Combinations. A tabletop unit is a type of multi-effects device that sits on a, desk ,and is controlled manually. One such example is the Pod guitar amplifier
  3. To original plans for the building; replacing the clock over the information, desk ,in the Fifth Avenue lobby with an Anemometer, as well as installing two
  4. At the north. There are three small islands located in the pass. And to a, desk ,in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London since. The primary industry
  5. Mouse is largely a matter of personal preference. One exception occurs when the, desk ,surface creates problems for the optical or laser tracking, for example, a
  6. With David Letterman, which ended chaotically with her standing on Letterman's, desk ,and exposing her breasts. That same evening, Love was arrested in Manhattan for
  7. Of Hopper's marriage to Hayward, his unwillingness to leave the editor's, desk , and his accelerating abuse of drugs and alcohol. In 1971,Hopper released The
  8. Went wild as Letterman stood up and proudly invited Carson to sit at his, desk , The applause was so protracted that Carson was unable to say anything, and he
  9. Blow out the candle ... end of skit. * Empty Arms Hotel: Roy Clark as the head, desk ,clerk at one of the few accommodations in all of Cornfield County, who would
  10. The President with the recall code (OPE) which he has deduced from Ripper's, desk ,blotter doodles but has to use a pay phone to do so. Guano has to shoot open a
  11. Appeared, up to 18th century, books were often chained to a bookshelf or a, desk ,to prevent theft. These chained books are called Libra catenary. At first
  12. Of a new Fellini, no longer just a screenwriter, working and sketching at his, desk , but a filmmaker out in the field ”. The apolitical Fellini was finally freed
  13. The only relief he could get was in his bath over which he improvised a, desk ,to write his list of suspect counter-revolutionaries who were to be quickly
  14. His" lifetime companion" ) After Fountain left the letter unattended on his, desk , someone turned it over to the Naval Investigative Service, which allegedly
  15. Use electronic logic but was based on relay technology, and was built into a, desk , In October 1961 the world's first all-electronic desk top calculator, the
  16. As one of his most popular works. 1953 also saw a stream of premieres of the ", desk ,drawer" works. During the forties and fifties Shostakovich had close
  17. except the captain, who was found sitting in his cabin at his, desk , clutching a coffee cup. David Kusch pointed out a common problem with many of
  18. To discreetly leave while the man, Warren Lockean, is asleep. Kate sits at his, desk ,to leave Warren a note and finds a document indicating that he has contracted a
  19. Be reconfigured to change its behavior. This is acceptable for devices such as, desk ,calculators or simple digital signal processors. Von Neumann machines differ in
  20. The uses of Bakelite to extend into other genres of ephemera. Jewelry boxes;, desk ,sets; clocks; radios; game pieces like chessmen, poker chips, billiard balls
  21. A science exhibition. One of his more humorous devices was a box kept on his, desk ,called the" Ultimate Machine ", based on an idea by Marvin Minsky. Otherwise
  22. In the financial district, the only skyscraper in Frankfurt with an observation, desk ,open to the public. Debunk is the central Asset manager of the Sparkasse in
  23. Mukluk, Canuck,bluff and grow op, but does not list common core words such as, desk , table or car. It is a specialist, scholarly dictionary, but is not without
  24. Works aimed at securing official rehabilitation, and serious works" for the, desk ,drawer ". The latter included the Violin Concerto No. 1 and the song cycle From
  25. Time machine and a duplicator. In addition, Calvin uses a cardboard box as a, desk ,when he is attempting to sell things. Often,Calvin's merchandise is something
  26. She will always be searching for Serge in this life and beyond, set upon a, desk ,on which a wedding photo of Kid appears - with the man's face not revealed
  27. Embonpoint: a plump, hourglass figure.; escargot: snail; escritoire: writing, desk ,; spelled" escritoire" in current French; esprit de corps:" spirit of the body
  28. Involvement and evaluation. Accessible Input devices for Computers Sitting at a, desk ,with a QWERTY keyboard and a mouse remains the dominant way of interacting with
  29. This resulted in two of his most original operas being consigned to his, desk ,drawer, namely Kublai, gran Kan de' Tartary (" Kublai Grand Khan of Tartary "
  30. Creation since many of the Dilbert strips make fun of the standard cubicle, desk ,and the environment it creates. The result was both whimsical and practical.
  31. In 1882,Gilbert had a telephone installed in his home and at the prompt, desk ,at the Savoy Theatre so that he could monitor performances and rehearsals from
  32. From the tasking position, which typically involves leaning inward towards a, desk ,or table. One solution to this problem can be found in the kneeling chair. A
  33. At the age of 7 when he injured his eyes on the sharp corner of a teacher's, desk , became part of the French resistance during World War II. He spent a year in
  34. Wire,280 dual-triode vacuum tubes,31 gyrations, and was about the size of a, desk , It was not a Turing complete computer, which distinguishes it from more
  35. Was his determination to hoodwink me that I found it necessary to place on my, desk ,a notice saying: REMEMBER, IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, HE WAS A GREAT MAN. " While
  36. Applied directly to roots, such as the" nouns of location" in ma- (e.g. ", desk , office" < k-t-b" write "," kitchen" < box" cook" ). The only three
  37. Wilhelm (called B),both found accidentally by Eremite in an antique writing, desk , An additional layer to the book includes the famous Seducer's Diary, itself
  38. Dizziness, headaches,racing heartbeats, nausea,fidgeting, and drumming on a, desk ,are all common. Because test anxiety hinges on fear of negative evaluation
  39. On Late Show with David Letterman, Barrymore climbed onto David Letterman's, desk ,and bared her breasts to him, her back to the camera, in celebration of his
  40. A position that ceased to exist after the revolution),were shown stuffed in a, desk ,drawer in Castro's office during a television interview with the leader years
  41. Première dame:" first lady "; prairie:" pray to God "; a type of prayer, desk ,; PRI fine:" fixed price "; a menu on which multi-course meals with only a few
  42. In past and present computing machines of the most varied types, e. g., desk ,multipliers, standard IBM counters, more modern relay machines, the ENAC" (
  43. The building also houses The Axe Lounge, a convenience store, an information, desk ,and two food outlets. The university press, The Athena, is a member of CUP.
  44. Because in order to roll smoothly, the ball requires more friction than common, desk ,surfaces usually provide. So-called" hard mouse pads" for gamers or
  45. For a boy),is almost unheard of.; (pl. bureau): office. Also means ", desk ," in French. C; CA NE wait rain:" that doesn't matter "; rendered as San
  46. Form VIII" he bought "," he buys ". Examples:" book "," writer ",", desk ,"," desk s "," library" ( but" library" in short pronunciation),(Modern
  47. Toughness—with Championship Productions. A poster of Knight hangs above the, desk ,of character Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offer man) in the NBC show Parks and
  48. Several of Coppola's Oscars along with memorabilia from his movies including a, desk ,from The Godfather and a restored 1948 Tucker Sedan. This winery is located on
  49. Characterized by a simpler design and finish, and many of the early automatic, desk ,phones in Ericsson's catalogs were simply the proven magneto styles with a
  50. General John Pershing. Even after he had become a General, Powell kept on his, desk ,a pen set he had won for a drill team competition. Upon graduation, he received

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