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  1. To use dynamic incremental compilation to produce code for an APL-specific, virtual ,machine. It recompiled on-the-fly as identifiers changed their functional
  2. Environment, and demonstrate our 'Sprung Dutch Technic' with the, virtual ,e-tron race. " Kai Mensing's the most recent statement on the Audi Space was that
  3. Or mobile) that maintains tension in the tether or kite line; they rely on, virtual ,or real wind blowing over and under them to generate lift and drag. Pythons are
  4. Partake in what is called" Exposure Therapy" where the person is exposed to, virtual ,spiders and then eventually live spiders little by little until they have
  5. To detect the end of packets. Types of virtual circuits and paths ATM can build, virtual ,circuits and virtual paths either statically or dynamically. Static circuits (
  6. Can be accommodated by the uncertainty principle. This opens the way for, virtual ,pair production or annihilation in which a one particle quantum state may
  7. Required, and disks larger than about 400 KB had to be split up into multiple ", virtual ,disk volumes. " ProDOS, a 1983 descendant of the Apple /// is SOS, became the
  8. Why virtual circuits? ATM operates as a channel-based transport layer, using, virtual , circuits (VCs). This is encompassed in the concept of the Virtual Paths (VP
  9. This live announcement via an online meeting of all community leaders in a, virtual ,arena, Brian Williams of Dallas led many community leaders in a virtual "
  10. As they use the frame end bit to detect the end of packets. Types of, virtual ,circuits and paths ATM can build virtual circuits and virtual paths either
  11. Safe Channel series Caprice, in the season one episode" Unvanquished," the, virtual ,reality personage known as Zoe-A walks through New Cap City with a dark hooded
  12. Such as voice and video. ATM uses a connection-oriented model in which a, virtual ,circuit must be established between two endpoints before the actual data
  13. Adopted by some Perl 6 implementations, and has been used by the Parrot, virtual ,machine since version 0.4.13. The OSI recommends that all developers and
  14. Packets. Types of virtual circuits and paths ATM can build virtual circuits and, virtual ,paths either statically or dynamically. Static circuits (permanent virtual
  15. Contract. Traffic policing To maintain network performance, networks may police, virtual ,circuits against their traffic contracts. If a circuit is exceeding its traffic
  16. Video games ", explains Kai Sensing, who is responsible for video games and, virtual ,worlds in Online Marketing at Audi. " With the Audi Space, we can bring this
  17. Also be entered by tapping with the stylus on a small on-screen pop-up QWERTY, virtual ,keyboard, although more layouts were developed by users. Newton devices could
  18. The formal qualities of video games are non-linearity, interactivity and, virtual ,presence. The form of a particular work of art is determined by the formal
  19. Multiple ISPs, the economic feasibility of DSL is substantially improved. Why, virtual ,circuits? ATM operates as a channel-based transport layer, using virtual
  20. And the two end points. Finally, ATM networks create and remove switched, virtual ,circuits (Sacs) on demand when requested by an end piece of equipment. One
  21. To try to limit performance. The FIA attempted to make Group C into a, virtual ," two-seater Grand Prix" format in the early 1990s,with engine rules in
  22. By a different route than the others). Another advantage of the use of, virtual ,circuits comes with the ability to use them as a multiplexing layer, allowing
  23. Scheduler has been enhanced to dynamically increase and decrease the use of, virtual ,processors. ** Ability to run on the IBM BladeCenter JS20 with the PowerPC 970.
  24. A useful ability to carry multiple logical circuits on a single physical or, virtual ,medium, although other techniques exist, such as Multi-link PPP and Ethernet
  25. And Cabinet separatists. The Cabinet separatists, FLEC-FAC, announced a, virtual ,Federal Republic of Cabinet under the Presidency of N'Rita Henriques Tiago. One
  26. Thus cannot be applied to cyberspace. Judge Patricia A. Sat found that the ", virtual ,ticket counter" of the website was a virtual construct and hence not a "
  27. Features. An assembly language is thus specific to a certain physical (or, virtual ,) computer architecture. This is in contrast to most high-level programming
  28. Is the generated (by the assembler) object code that coincides with the, virtual ,computer's architecture (or ISA). In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia ()
  29. POWER/PowerPC releases **Support for 256 cores / 1024 threads in a single, virtual ,machine **The ability to run AIX V 5.2 inside a Workload Partition **A XML
  30. Were also widely imitated abroad—Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars was a, virtual ,(unauthorized) scene-by-scene remake—but most agree that Kurosawa's original
  31. Of assembly language source code Example of a selection of instructions (for a, virtual ,computer) with the corresponding address in memory where each instruction will
  32. Static circuits (permanent virtual circuits or PVC's) or paths (permanent, virtual ,paths or PVP's) require that the circuit is provisioned as a series of segments
  33. Islamic Azad University in 2004. * Virtual Woman, the oldest continuous form of, virtual ,life — a chatterbot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video game, and
  34. Often defined as at least a 25 % reduction. The term remission indicates a, virtual ,elimination of depression symptoms, albeit with the risk of a recurrence of
  35. Channels, software such as Octave uses software mixing to allow eight or more, virtual ,channels, and it was possible for software to mix two hardware channels to
  36. Tend to focus on image manipulation while 3D techniques usually build, virtual ,worlds in which characters and objects move and interact. 3D animation can
  37. Virtual Woman, the oldest continuous form of virtual life — a chatterbot, virtual ,reality, artificial intelligence, video game, and virtual human. * Opening, an
  38. And virtual paths either statically or dynamically. Static circuits (permanent, virtual ,circuits or PVC's) or paths (permanent virtual paths or PVP's) require that
  39. Life — a chatterbot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video game, and, virtual , human. * Opening, an open-source framework for Artificial General Intelligence
  40. Speed is less critical and many popular languages are implemented using, virtual ,machines - instructions that are interpreted at runtime. The Burroughs/Unisys
  41. For the CD32. The software included a walkthrough of various exhibits and a, virtual ,tour of the museum. *The" Weird Al" Markovic film UHF contains a computer
  42. Operating system, which had its own disk format and emitted code for a ", virtual ,machine" rather than the actual 6502 processors. The UCSD P-system had a
  43. Identifier (VCI) pair defined in its header. Together, these identify the, virtual ,circuit used by the connection. The length of the VPI varies according to
  44. Study of Babbage's plans, with a view to then build and test a fully working, virtual ,design which will then in turn enable construction of the physical Analytical
  45. World, including globalization, medicine and biotechnology, indigenous rights, virtual ,communities, and the anthropology of industrialized societies. Controversies
  46. Services (such as voice, Frame Relay, n* 64 channels, IP ). Using cells and, virtual ,circuits for traffic engineering Another key ATM concept involves the traffic
  47. The campuses. In addition to the physical campuses, ASU includes a fifth ", virtual ,campus" for online and extended education. Tempe campus ASU's Tempe campus is
  48. A. Sat found that the" virtual ticket counter" of the website was a, virtual ,construct and hence not a" public place of accommodation. " As such," To
  49. In a virtual arena, Brian Williams of Dallas led many community leaders in a, virtual ," strike" or" sit-in" to protest the new charges the community leaders were
  50. Developing a full academic program, and it serves principally as a center for, virtual ,studies, connected to Spanish and French universities. The Virtual Studies

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