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  1. Returned to sea on a windjammer destined for New York City. However,the, urge ,to become a writer and the hopelessness of life as a sailor overtook him, and
  2. Huerta to suppress Zapata's troops. Madero once again traveled south to, urge ,Zapata to disband his troops peacefully, but Zapata refused on the grounds that
  3. Storm and Stress "; a more literal translation, however,might be stormed and, urge , storm and longing, or storm and impulse) is the name of a movement in German
  4. With the institution. They worked with slaveholders in the South to, urge ,a paternalistic institution. Both denominations made direct appeals to slaves
  5. On s). Many of Reed's articles speak of a yearning for a simpler time, and, urge , the reader to forgo the pursuit of money and comforts in favor of a cultured
  6. Of danger. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an, urge ,to confront it or flee from it (also known as the Fight or Flight response)
  7. School classrooms. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood of America to, urge ,the legalization of contraception for poor, immigrant women. In its time
  8. Temple had introduced his secretary to William III, and sent him to London to, urge ,the King to consent to a bill for triennial Parliaments. When Swift took up his
  9. Leave-it-alone" approach, and called many business leaders to Washington to, urge ,them not to lay off workers or cut wages. Lee Ghanian, from UCLA, has argued
  10. Around the world, since Internet address registries (Airs) began to, urge ,all resource managers to plan rapid adoption and conversion. IPv6 is not
  11. The Soviet Union to reach their ears. Ribbentrop tried to convince Matsuda to, urge ,the government in Tokyo to attack the Great British naval base at Singapore
  12. The first player meanwhile making a repressive gesture with his hand, as if to, urge ,the bowl to stop short of his own; the third player is depicted as in the act
  13. And the desire to create the best opportunities for children, rather than an, urge ,to improve the species as a whole, which characterized the early 20th-century
  14. On her health and political optimism. Willard used a cycling metaphor to, urge ,other suffragists to action, proclaiming," I would not waste my life in
  15. Contract; he returned to Oklahoma within 24 hours. Phelps continued to, urge ,Brooks to return to Nashville, which he did. In 1986,Brooks married Sandy Mail
  16. Upon the government to recognize the Ainu people as indigenous to Japan and, urge ,an end to discrimination against the group. The resolution recognized the Ainu
  17. Labor Government of Harold Wilson, and King allegedly used the meeting to, urge ,Mountbatten to become the leader of a Government of national salvation. Solely
  18. People have been leaking stuff into the news," Mattes said. " I can only, urge ,you to keep the conversation that we're having here amongst ourselves. The
  19. Lost Rhine gold. Siegfried happens by, separated from the hunting party. They, urge ,him to return the ring and avoid its curse, but he laughs at them and says he
  20. The precise, realist,encyclopedic appetite to get it all in, and the exquisite, urge ,to make writing out of sensation rendered exactly — were both alive in him. "
  21. Sense of understanding with the Africans. Kurtz embodies all forms of an, urge ,to be more or less than human. His writings show in Marlow's view an" exotic
  22. Told by friends and relatives that they had prayed for him, he resisted the, urge ,to ask them," Did you also sacrifice a goat? " Selected books * Brainstorms:
  23. Arousal, and hyperactivity (e.g., many users get an" uncontrollable, urge ,to dance" while under the influence) Adverse effects In January 2001,an
  24. Commitment to demarcation. The stalemate has led the President of Eritrea to, urge ,the UN to take action on Ethiopia. This request is outlined in the penned by
  25. Attack. This instinct is so strong that Dales have been depicted fighting the, urge ,to kill The Fifth Doctor characterizes this impulse by saying," However you
  26. Jujutsu or ninjutsu are diverging from what Yeshiva taught. Such critics, urge ,practitioners to embrace the assertion that" Ueshiba's transcendence to the
  27. Living to ask for prayers to end their suffering. Other dead souls returned to, urge ,the living to confess their sins before their own deaths. Medieval European
  28. Returned it to Goldwater, with the inscription," For Barry Goldwater – Whom I, urge ,to follow the career for which he has shown such talent – photography! – from
  29. I do not believe in the art which is not the compulsive result of Man’s, urge ,to open his heart. ” In October 2006,the color woodcut Two people. The lonely
  30. Accepted necessity. Human rights expert Philip Alston argues: He, and others, urge ,caution with prioritization of rights: Some human rights are said to be "
  31. Anthropology. After three decades of amassing material, Boasians felt a growing, urge ,to generalize. This was most obvious in the 'Culture and Personality' studies
  32. Twinned with * Abettor (from to abet, Old French abeter, á and better, to bait, urge ,dogs upon anyone; this word is probably of Scandinavian origin, meaning to
  33. Made his first invasion of Italy, Supernatural influences were not lacking to, urge ,him to this great enterprise. Some lines of the Roman poet Claudia inform us
  34. Builder UND her Jesse (Proposal Concerning Images and the Mass). He did not, urge ,an immediate, general abolition. The council decided on the orderly removal of
  35. While Bill O'Reilly devoted a segment of his show, The O'Reilly Factor, to, urge , students to stay away from Acapulco. In June 2009 a number of incidents
  36. By a difference in the internal makeup of the speakers or thinkers. They, urge ,us to move from externalism about meaning of the sort Putnam defended to
  37. And epithets * Timorese (three-formed) and, according to Saint Open would, urge ,them" No Christian should make or render any devotion to the deities of the
  38. A moment that a single A. A. quit the fellowship. On the contrary, I strongly, urge ,sticking with it. To anyone who is having trouble with alcohol I say: try A. A.
  39. Speaking in tongues),just to list a few. At the same time, anthropologists, urge , as part of their quest for scientific objectivity, cultural relativism, which
  40. In unleashing a world war, that would mean the end of the Jews in Europe. ... I, urge ,you: Stand together with me ... on this idea at least: Save your sympathy for
  41. On Boccaccio's deathbed sent another Cartesian (Geocaching CIASI) to, urge ,him to renounce his worldly studies. Petrarch then dissuaded Boccaccio from
  42. Due to fizzled marketing efforts, caused the company’s new president to, urge ,Thomas back into a more active role with Wendy's. Thomas began to visit
  43. And to disadvantaged people in rich countries. Anti-globalization advocates, urge ,that preservation of the natural environment, human rights (especially
  44. East Africa prompted Cecil Rhodes, pioneer of British expansion in Africa, to, urge , a " Cape to Cairo" railway linking the strategically important Suez Canal to
  45. Praised the admirable moderation of the Caribbeans in expressing the sexual, urge ,despite the fact that they live in a hot climate, which " always seems to
  46. Which he defined as" those qualities of intellect and disposition, which, urge , and qualify men to perform acts that lead to reputation ... a nature which
  47. The opposition. 10. For there are many, particularly from the circumcised, who, urge , vain and misleading words upon listeners,11. And who ought to shut their
  48. By representing the inevitable decay and collapse of human creations—thus the, urge ,to add fake ruins as eye catchers in English landscape parks. English Gothic
  49. Painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia),fever, painful urination or the, urge ,to urinate more frequently than usual (urinary urge ncy). Men In men
  50. The New York Times wrote in 1962 that Singer was one of the first scientists to, urge ,the launching of earth satellites for scientific observation during the 1950s.

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