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  1. Sirius has been played in a variety of TV shows and movies including the, episode ," Vanishing Act" of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and the 2009
  2. Posited different point of divergence creating an alternate time-line for each, episode ,and dramatized the results along with commentary from various historians.
  3. Of the word 'prior ', which is Portuguese slang for 'has gone crazy '. In one, episode ,of Freakazoid!, after a commercial break the title character finds himself in
  4. Game Proposal draws its title from A Modest Proposal. On the December 13, 2010, episode , of The Colbert Report, Stephen reads a passage of A Modest Proposal in support
  5. Film starring Taylor Later *" Abduction" ( The Outer Limits), episode , of the television series *" The Abduction ", episode of the television series
  6. Revised and cleaned of suspect statements and anti-Soviet insinuations (this, episode ,is recounted and documented in The Oak and the Calf). The publishing of his
  7. Has a notable drawing style, itself parodied in" Brittle Bullet ", the fifth, episode ,of the anime FLCL, released several months after" Chinpokomon" aired. This
  8. to spend some time with his love interest, Sophie,whilst in another, episode , Mark's boss, Alan Johnston, announces that he is" just back from Aberdeen. "
  9. As a character actor in American and TV series and plays. In the 1972, episode , of Gun smoke titled" Hidalgo ", Arau portrayed the bandit" Mango" who shoots
  10. Apollo 8 mission are dramatized in the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, episode ," 1968 ". The S-IVB stage of Apollo 8 was also portrayed as the location of an
  11. Mexico. After this success, director Sydney Pollack hired Charon to direct an, episode ,of Fallen Angels, a series of neo-noir stories produced for the Showtime
  12. Hercules Poiret ". In the final host segment of Mystery Science Theater 3000s, episode ," The Rebel Set ", Tom Servo dresses up as Poirot and impersonates him in an
  13. Storm Front" Also, the universe of" Mirror, Mirror ", while in the original, episode ,was just implied to be a parallel universe, was in later episode s (of DS9 and
  14. Their powers in the second season premier of the TV series Charmed; the, episode ,is entitled" Witch Trial" In the television series, Babylon 5," Abraxas79713
  15. Simpsons" is heard cheering" Go Aberdeen" upon waking up from a dream in the, episode ,titled 'Souse Me While I Miss the Sky. Also, in an episode when Homer and Mr
  16. Protagonist goes to theater to see a tragedy representing Actaeon's myth. This, episode ,is relevant because it is a foreshadowing of the protagonist's violent death
  17. Him in biographical film Le Grand Blanc de Nazarene *Also in 1995,in an, episode ,of Star Trek: Voyager called" Heroes and Demons ", the holographic doctor
  18. Hector) was also the son of a goddess. Many Homeric scholars argued that, episode ,inspired many details in the Iliads' description of the death of Patrols and
  19. Apollo 8 was also portrayed as the location of an alien device in the 1970 UFO, episode ," Conflict ". An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human
  20. Into five sections, which culminate in a loose ABA format. Gershwin's first A, episode ,introduces the two main" walking" themes in the" Allegretto grains" and
  21. The film). *In the short-lived Safe Channel series Caprice, in the season one, episode ," Unvanquished," the virtual reality personage known as Zoe-A walks through
  22. Of bounds; young limbs had no longer the run of its delights. " A significant, episode ,occurs near the end of part IV, when Narrow and Room sit on the terrace of a
  23. Autonomy. *1953 – The first U. S. experimental 3D-TV broadcast showed an, episode ,of Space Patrol on Los Angeles ABC affiliate KDKA-TV. *1965 – Pakistan's Space
  24. No estoy Uganda ", and " A vices regress" ) * Fallen Angels (1993) (, episode ," Murder, Obliquely ") Arianism is the theological teaching attributed to
  25. France/Czechoslovakia,1973); Tale of Tales (Russia,1979),The pilot, episode ,of the TV series (and sometimes in episode s) of South Park (US,1997). **
  26. From a dream in the episode titled 'Souse Me While I Miss the Sky. Also, in an, episode ,when Homer and Mr Burns go to Loch Ness in search of the Loch Ness Monster
  27. This, episode ,was taken up by the modern Turkish writer Bedim Nurse and made into the
  28. He buried him, honored with a tomb and a shrine to Aphrodite Argonne. This, episode ,is also found in Clement of Alexandria, in Stephen of Byzantium (Copies and
  29. The viewer" I think I'm on the wrong channel. " In Phony Fern, an Arthur, episode , Fern Walters plays detective Hercules Watteau (with classmate George in the
  30. And Julia McKenzie: From 2004 to 2005,Japanese TV network NHK produced a 39, episode , anime series titled Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple
  31. Mr. Dagenham" ) Animated In 2004,NHK (a Japanese TV network) produced a 39, episode , anime series titled Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple, as
  32. Episode of Death Note, a Japanese animation television series *" Abducted ", episode ,of Invader ZIM, an animated television series Music and literature *
  33. May also be involved. When the patient suffers more than one desalinating, episode , it is called Recurrent disseminated encephalomyelitis or Multiphasic
  34. In the Islamic holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The BBC aired a Panorama, episode , entitled A Question of Leadership, which reported that Al-Siddiq referred to
  35. And by its" 20th century," controlled a galactic empire. In the Twilight Zone, episode ," The Parallel," an astronaut is transported to an alternate Earth where
  36. Pine easily seized control of Thebes and eventually the Delta and recorded the, episode ,on his steal of victory. Pine set the stage for subsequent 25th dynasty
  37. IL est Minuit, Docteur Schweitzer *In 1982 Christopher Carey played him in an, episode ,of Voyagers! *In 1990 Malcolm McDowell played him in biographical film
  38. Not have an Aberdeen accent. *Star Trek's chief engineer, Mr. Scott, in the, episode ," Wolf in the Fold ", described himself as" an old Aberdeen pub crawler ", but
  39. Context of the mortal's reproach to the amorous goddess is translated to the, episode ,of Archives and Aphrodite. Daphne too was a herdsman loved by a goddess and
  40. Episode of the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman *" Abduction ", episode ,of Death Note, a Japanese animation television series *" Abducted ", episode
  41. Marple with Gracie Fields, the legendary British actress, playing her in a 1956, episode , of Goodyear TV Playhouse based on A Murder Is Announced, the 1950 Christie
  42. As President. Jackson blamed John Quincy Adams for Rachel's death because the, episode ,ridiculing his wife was repeatedly used in the campaign of 1828. He felt that
  43. Also involved travel to the same alternate Earth, and the series four, episode ," Turn Left" showed an alternate history where the Tenth Doctor has been
  44. Iliads description of the death of Patrols and Achilles' reaction to it. The, episode ,then formed the basis of the cyclic epic Ethiopia, which was composed after
  45. And pro-life groups in Citizen Ruth (1996). The Law & Order television, episode ," Dignity" deals with the trial of a man who killed a late-term abortion
  46. One was just a bit larger than the other. " Allosaurus appeared in the second, episode ,of the 1999 BBC television series Walking with Dinosaurs and the follow-up
  47. Where she sneaks away to plan revenge against her husband) and the Doctor Who, episode ," The Unicorn and the Wasp" ( with Fella Wool gar, her disappearance being
  48. Steve Vie from Passion and Warfare Television *" Animals" ( The Goodies),an, episode ,of The Goodies Other entertainment *Animals (comedy),a stand-up show written
  49. As the employer of one of the main characters has an office in Aberdeen. In one, episode ,Mark Mórrígan is desperate to be put on secondment to Aberdeen to spend
  50. The Outer Limits), episode of the television series *" The Abduction ", episode ,of the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman *" Abduction ", episode of

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