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  1. Form of robust overhead cover. Combined with TOT or MRS tactics that give no, warning ,of the incoming rounds, these rounds are especially devastating because many
  2. Both actions and thoughts. He emphasizes in this section, by way of, warning , that philosophers with nuanced thoughts will likely be cast aside in favor of
  3. Self-defense. Jackson captured Pensacola, Florida,with little more than some, warning ,shots, and deposed the Spanish governor. He captured and then tried and
  4. Sources claim that the primary use of the F-14 was as an airborne early, warning ,aircraft, guarded by other fighters. However, Cooper claims that the IR IAF used
  5. The recipient can" warn" the sender, which increases the sender's, warning ,level. Warning levels reduce the rate at which users can send messages and can
  6. Time. This is useful because many more shells can land on the target with no, warning , With traditional volleys along the same trajectory, anybody at the target
  7. Crush the Panther groups definitively. However, Massoud had received advance, warning ,of the attack through his intelligence agents in the government and he
  8. Augustine argued that God had allowed the Jews to survive this dispersion as a, warning ,to Christians, thus they were to be permitted to dwell in Christian lands.
  9. On American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In 1998,two years after the, warning , the Clinton administration ordered several military missions to capture or
  10. In the Quran, Sulayman () is said to have heard and understood an ant, warning ,other ants to return home to avoid being accidentally crushed by Sulaiman and
  11. Songs. Bond formation, the claiming and maintenance of territories, and the, warning ,of other birds of potential predators, sometimes with specific information
  12. EE COM Mission Report (on pg E-10) recounts how the master caution and, warning ,alarm had been turned off for a previous low pressure reading on hydrogen tank
  13. The ghost of Achilles appears in the Percy Jackson novel The Last Olympian, warning ,Percy that if he enters the river Styx, he will obtain great strength but also
  14. Positions. Their job is twofold; first, to give the ambush commander early, warning ,of the approaching enemy, and second, when the ambush is initiated, to prevent
  15. He instructed them to cut themselves with a blade on each occasion to serve as, warning ,or reminder. Later the student could move on to the" Horse" of action and the
  16. Forced to leave him for a short time. Before she leaves, she gives Adonis one, warning ,: do not attack an animal who shows no fear. Adonis agrees to her advice, but
  17. Or user-written add-ons may still allow users to bypass" soft" removal of, warning ,abilities. * AIM Closed List, Allow Only, Buddies Only, or Privacy refers to
  18. Although careful attention must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine, warning ,markers by the side of the road. The Angolan government has contracted the
  19. Executed for allying with Lucius. Persia was also pillaged and burned as a, warning ,for others. Both Antony and Octavian were vying for an alliance with Compass
  20. Agency to list the chemical among the product's ingredients and carry the, warning ," Contains a source of phenylalanine" – this is usually at the foot of the
  21. To Darwin that it seemed likely that the conspicuous color scheme served as a, warning ,to predators and thus could have evolved through natural selection. Darwin was
  22. More efficient uses. Friedrich Hayek was one of the few economists who gave, warning ,of a major economic crisis before the great crash of 1929. In February 1929
  23. Arachne a chance to redeem herself by assuming the form of an old woman and, warning ,Arachne not to offend the deities. Arachne scoffed and wished for a weaving
  24. 400 ppm Ammonia vapor has a sharp, irritating,pungent odor that acts as a, warning ,of potentially dangerous exposure. The average odor threshold is 5 ppm, well
  25. Severe than for anabolic steroid use, with the first offense bringing only a, warning ,and further testing. Amphetamine was formerly in widespread use by truck
  26. This time, concern over airline bankruptcies and falling stock prices brought a, warning ,from American's CEO Robert Crandall. " I've never invested in any airline "
  27. Attempting to inform Hank Rear den about a government plot, but does succeed in, warning ,Rear den just before he dies. *Edwin" Eddie" Willers is the Special Assistant
  28. OFF, an abbreviation for transmit off) as a" handshaking" signal, warning ,a sender to stop transmission because of impending overflow, and Control-Q (
  29. Defence programs. In the end, the council recommended deployment of early, warning ,and surveillance systems as well as regionally controlled defense systems.
  30. Dangerous and will charge a hunter if provoked, Adonis disregards Aphrodite's, warning ,and pursues the giant creature. Soon, however,Adonis is the one being pursued;
  31. Wine coolers, which are being marketed the same way. Some bottles now carry a, warning ,stating that they are not for consumption by people under the legal drinking
  32. Besides being co-discoverer of natural selection. These included the concept of, warning ,coloration in animals, and the Wallace effect, a hypothesis on how natural
  33. The whole Azeris aerospace. Also in Azerbaijan there is a former Soviet early, warning ,radar. The Cabala Radar is a bistatic phased-array installation, currently
  34. Although careful attention must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine, warning ,markers by the side of the road. The Angolan government has contracted the
  35. Guns. Traditionally this data is relayed via radio or wire communications as a, warning ,order to the guns, followed by orders specifying the type of ammunition and
  36. One afternoon about three days ago the publishers showed up at my door with no, warning , and loaded about forty pounds of supplies into the room: two cases of Mexican
  37. To make love to Jenny and the other whores. The men sing the" Mandalay Song ", warning ,that love doesn’t last forever, and urging those ahead of them to make it
  38. Who has anxiety, they are a common symptom. Panic attacks usually come without, warning , and although the fear is generally irrational, the perception of danger is
  39. Was the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) that would give little, warning ,to the defense. Another problem was high altitude EMP (whether from offensive
  40. Advice, but,secretly doubting her skills as a huntress, quickly forgets her, warning , Not long after Aphrodite leaves, Adonis comes across an enormous wild boar
  41. Corresponded with Darwin about a variety of topics, including sexual selection, warning ,coloration, and the possible effect of natural selection on hybridization and
  42. Was reported and safety measures to prevent it (including a Surgeon General's, warning ,and changes to the labeling of aspirin-containing drugs) were implemented
  43. Light's 1837 plan. However, by mid-1837 the South Australian Register was, warning ,of escaped convicts from New South Wales, and tenders for a temporary jail were
  44. Copperheads" ) and War Democrats, but energized most Republicans. By, warning ,that free blacks would flood the North, Democrats made gains in the 1862
  45. The same friend spiked a drink. The ATP dropped the failed drug test as a, warning , He stated upon admitting to his drug use that the letter was a lie. He quit
  46. A magnitude 7 earthquake struck near the Andaman Islands, causing a tsunami, warning ,to go into effect. On 30 March 2010 a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck near the
  47. Confront them. At that moment, Cora receives a telegram from the governor, warning ,that if the quota of forty-nine cookies is not filled, she will be impeached.
  48. The AC inverters dropped offline. These power supply problems lit nearly every, warning ,light on the control panel and caused much of the instrumentation to
  49. Iraqi flights. Also, some F-14s were modified into specialized airborne early, warning ,aircraft. Supporters of these claims point to the fact that, in the 1991 Gulf
  50. Collision with terrain (FIT),aircraft use systems such as ground-proximity, warning ,systems (GPWS),which use radar altimeters as a key element. One of the major

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