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  1. Television *" Animals" ( The Goodies),an episode of The Goodies Other, entertainment ,*Animals (comedy),a stand-up show written and performed by Ricky Gervais
  2. Aaliyah's mother was a vocalist, and her uncle, Barry Hankerson, was an, entertainment ,lawyer who had been married to Gladys Knight. She then auditioned for several
  3. Entertainments for a diverse audience. It accommodated a serious purpose, light, entertainment , hauntingly beautiful lyrics, the buffoonery of puns and invented words
  4. By comparison, it is argued that Thomas Edison may have meant his invention as, entertainment ,for rich people, not as a movie to be seen in public. The Acts of the Apostles
  5. Exclusive, as many of them may overlap. For example, art for the purpose of, entertainment ,may also seek to sell a product,i.e. the movie or video game. Controversial
  6. Disseminating information (as well as creating and disseminating information, entertainment ,). The most notable is the public Radio y Television de Andalucía (RTA)
  7. It was moved to a Friday and a change of venue to L. A. Live, the newly built, entertainment ,complex developed in Downtown Los Angeles. * The 8th annual" Night Before "
  8. Impresario In early 18th century Venice, opera was the most popular musical, entertainment , It proved most profitable for Vivaldi. There were several theaters competing
  9. Cappella, and Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations on the Sabbath sometimes feature, entertainment ,by a cappella ensembles. During the Three Weeks use of musical instruments is
  10. Comic and children's television host (b. 1907) *1994 – Frank Wells, American, entertainment , businessman (b. 1932) *1995 – Alfred J. Bills, Canadian businessman (
  11. Green house, when resupply is nonexistent. The base provides living and, entertainment ,amenities for roughly 3,000 staff that visit each year. Crystal Island is a
  12. Contemporary and a countryman of Sappho and, since both poets composed for the, entertainment ,of Mytilenean friends, they had many opportunities to associate with each other
  13. And sophisticated dramatic form incorporating many approaches to humor and, entertainment , In Aristophanes' early plays, the genre appears to have developed around a
  14. Are now businesses, such as health clubs and licensed restaurants. Culture and, entertainment ,During the later part of the 16th century Amsterdam's Rederijkerskamer (
  15. Towers, providing everything necessary to the society (nutrition, energy, entertainment , jobs, etc.). These buildings seem like a cross between a building and a
  16. North shore News (Vancouver, Canada newspaper),New Times (Los Angeles weekly, entertainment ,newspaper),BLU Magazine (underground hip hop magazine),BAM Magazine (
  17. Gave rise to the Can-Am series in the 1960s and 1970s. Clubmans provided much, entertainment ,at club-racing level from the 1960s into the 1990s and John Webb revived
  18. 1992. In 1993,Atari positioned its Jaguar as the only 64-bit interactive media, entertainment ,system available, but it sold poorly. By 1996,a series of successful lawsuits
  19. Blogs on topics including breaking news, politics,health, business, entertainment , and Black History. Education By 2000,African Americans had advanced greatly.
  20. The side wall of the church. The two" hospital" or guest-houses for the, entertainment ,of strangers of different degrees (X1 X2) comprise a large common chamber or
  21. Software used on the Mendocino train Geography * Atlas District, an arts and, entertainment ,district in the Near Northeast neighborhood of Washington’D. C., USA * Atlas
  22. Also known as guerrilla advertising, is when a product or brand is embedded in, entertainment ,and media. For example, in a film, the main character can use an item or other
  23. A rotating control knob and 'segment' buttons – designed to control all in-car, entertainment ,devices (radio, CD changer, iPod,TV tuner),satellite navigation, heating
  24. And history, as well as a comprehensive calendar of events; Current,an, entertainment ,guide; and the Communicator, a local high school paper. The University of
  25. With symbolic meanings as a means of communication. " -Steve Mitten # Art as, entertainment , Art may seek to bring about a particular emotion or mood, for the purpose of
  26. Would have voiced the Governor. On May 20, 2011,Schwarzenegger's, entertainment ,counsel announced that all movie projects currently in development were being
  27. The 1970s). Charles' recording is very commonly played at major sporting and, entertainment ,events, such as the Super Bowl, and WrestleMania; Charles gave a live
  28. Brazilian musician *1943 – Lana Cantrell, Australian-American singer and, entertainment ,lawyer * 1943 – Alain Cornea, French film director * 1944 – Robert Mueller
  29. In Piraeus area, is the Karaiskakis Stadium, a state-of-the-art sports and, entertainment ,complex, host of the 1971 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final. In 2004 Greece's
  30. Calgary, or the Minneapolis Skyway System. They include supermarkets, malls and, entertainment ,complexes. The +15 is the world's the most extensive skywalk, Minneapolis has the
  31. Digital media located on the LA campus. The lab explores and creates digital, entertainment ,prototypes for film, television,video games, broadband and mobile phones. AFI
  32. Front unbounded vowel, the vowel sound represented by the æ symbol Media and, entertainment ,* Ash (comics),Comic book about a superhero firefighter * Ash, the
  33. Is a practitioner in the visual arts only. The term is often used in the, entertainment ,business, especially in a business context, for musicians and other performers
  34. With a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 for her contributions to the, entertainment ,industry. Biography Early years Grant (born in Augusta, Georgia ) is the
  35. Frequently. Informal lobby or poolside cocktail bars often offer free live, entertainment , In addition, there is the beach bar zone, where younger crowds go. These are
  36. S products, such as Pong and the Atari 2600,helped define the computer, entertainment ,industry from the 1970s to the mid 1980s. In 1984,the original Atari Inc. was
  37. To introduce products and services covering the entire section of the India's, entertainment ,industry. Its operations were mainstream commercial film production and
  38. Of Flight Museum located next to Love Field in Dallas, Texas. Depiction in, entertainment ,Portions of the Apollo 7 mission are dramatized in the miniseries From the
  39. Nicolas Douches, French footballer * 1980 – Courtney Frail, American sports &, entertainment ,reporter * 1980 – Carlos Hernández, Venezuelan baseball player * 1980 – Aaron
  40. Healthful properties. The town's attractions included horse racing and other, entertainment , It appealed to a wide variety of classes, becoming almost as popular as Hot
  41. The handling of live cattle. However, sprint races were also popular weekend, entertainment ,and racing became a source of economic gain for breeders as well. As a result
  42. Mass consumption, mass education, mass media, mass recreation, mass, entertainment , and weapons of mass destruction. You combine those things with standardization
  43. American diesel engine builder * Atlas Media Corporation, a non-fiction, entertainment ,company based in New York City, USA * Atlas Model Railroad, maker of scale
  44. Aberration of light, which produces an apparent motion of celestial objects In, entertainment ,: *Aberration (Dungeons & Dragons),a creature type in the role-playing game
  45. Immigrants to Adelaide. See: Immigration history of Australia Arts and, entertainment ,Adelaide's arts scene flourished in the 1960s and 1970s with the support of
  46. The vision of becoming a 10 billion rupees (approx 250 million $US) premier, entertainment ,company by the year 2000. ABCL's strategy was to introduce products and
  47. As well as discotheques, cinemas,museums, amusement parks, and various other, entertainment ,venues. Each year, the town hosts several festivals and concerts, including
  48. Students in voice, and finally simple songs, rounds or canons written for home, entertainment ,; many with original poetry by the composer. He also composed one large scale
  49. Information Systems. The data were used by Websites such as AOL stalker for, entertainment ,purposes, where users of AOL stalker are encouraged to judge AOL clients based
  50. The first weekend in October. *Since 1997,a series of cultural, art,music and, entertainment ,events have taken place in November at various locations in the town, under the

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