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  1. Language, a variant of Lisp that adopted the block structure and lexical, scope ,of ALGOL, also adopted the wording" Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language
  2. And music, is more unified, and achieves the aim of its mimesis in shorter, scope , it can be considered superior to epic. Aristotle was a keen systematic
  3. Today as physics, biology and other natural sciences. In modern times,the, scope ,of philosophy has become limited to more generic or abstract inquiries, such as
  4. Scope,e.g. 8:1 if the eventual scope should be 4:1,10:1 if the eventual, scope ,should be 5:1,etc.) to lower a stern anchor. By taking up on the bow cable
  5. Of these. The ratio of the length of rode to the water depth is known as the, scope , Anchoring with sufficient scope and/or heavy chain rode brings the direction
  6. For the eight-hour day. In 1890 a second attempt, this time international in, scope , to organize for the eight-hour day was made. The event also had the secondary
  7. Within Chinese Medicine / traditional Asian healing systems or within the, scope ,of practice of regulated health professions. The practice of acupuncture is
  8. And everywhere, whereas the human mind is limited in its comprehension and, scope , Only a sovereign God could properly detect infringements of the moral law and
  9. Of the notion of coordinate system in a different direction, and enriched the, scope ,of algebraic geometry. Much of the development of algebraic geometry in the
  10. The term" wiki" does not readily appear in the Japanese language outside the, scope ,of Bud. This has led to many possible interpretations of the word. Is mainly
  11. Acupuncture is not a regulated health profession. Osteopaths have a, scope ,of practice for Western Medical Acupuncture and Related Needling Techniques.
  12. Consists of determining the location, dropping the anchor, laying out the, scope , setting the hook, and assessing where the vessel ends up. The ship will seek a
  13. The Annals historians did not try to replicate Braudel's vast geographical, scope ,in La Mediterranean. Instead, they focused on regions in France over long
  14. Modern theory of algebraic geometry. His research program vastly extended the, scope ,of the field, incorporating major elements of commutative algebra, homological
  15. First on a line perpendicular to the wind. After this second anchor is set,the, scope ,on the first is taken up until the vessel is lying between the two anchors and
  16. Of a theory like Piano arithmetic is an unprovable assertion within the, scope ,of that theory. It is reasonable to believe in the consistency of Piano
  17. Russia, etc.) are independent of AA World Services in New York. Program The, scope ,of AA's program is much broader than just abstinence from drinking alcohol.
  18. Of both primary perspectives vehemently deny these claims. Within the broad, scope ,of the history of Christian theology, Arminianism is closely related to
  19. Between Abolitionists and others over the morality of slavery,the, scope ,of democracy and the economic merits of free labor versus slave plantations
  20. Enforce hunting and fishing regulations. Due to the varied terrain and wide, scope ,of the Troopers' duties, they employ a wide variety of land, air,and water
  21. Of Philosophy, Literature and History, at this time heavily ideological in, scope , As he himself makes clear, he did not question the state ideology or the
  22. War II. Development since 1945 As governments met to set the standards and, scope ,for an emergent civil air industry toward the end of the war, the U. S. took a
  23. Also the first language implementing nested function definitions with lexical, scope , Fragments of ALGOL-like syntax are sometimes still used as pseudocode. There
  24. For the sake of easy pronunciation. Titles Anagrams used for titles afford, scope ,for some types of wit. Examples: * Shakespeare's Hamlet is an anagram for the
  25. And anti-state cryptography to bring about an anarchist society. About the, scope ,of an anarchist society, some anarchists advocate a global one, while others do
  26. Overlap, presenting a further variable. Boats on permanent moorings, or shorter, scope , may not swing as far as expected, or may swing either more rapidly or more
  27. 25 ft (8 m) deep, and the anchor roller is 3 ft (1 m) above the water,the, scope ,is the ratio between the amount of cable let out and 28 ft (9 m). For this
  28. Of the bow cable (or to double the desired scope ,e.g. 8:1 if the eventual, scope ,should be 4:1,10:1 if the eventual scope should be 5:1,etc.) to lower a
  29. Israel, the collapse of the communist states in East Europe, which reduced the, scope ,for sanctuaries for terrorists, and the more cautious attitude of countries
  30. Organisations a few years ago rallied the scientific community, and now the, scope ,of antibacterial research has broadened considerably. The pipeline of new
  31. And action-angle variables Throughout the 1910s,quantum mechanics expanded in, scope ,to cover many systems. After Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus
  32. Papyri towards the end of the nineteenth century dramatically increased the, scope ,of scholarly research. In fact, eight important fragments have now been
  33. Of rode to the water depth is known as the scope . Anchoring with sufficient, scope ,and/or heavy chain rode brings the direction of strain close to parallel with
  34. Be veered out under control, so it will be relatively straight. Once the desired, scope ,is laid out, the vessel should be gently forced astern, usually using the
  35. Combination of beliefs on its morality; beliefs on the responsibility, ethical, scope , and proper extent of governmental authorities in public policy; and on the
  36. 36) # Outputs 39 Functions can have variables that are in the local, scope , The names of these are added to the end of the argument list, though values
  37. Only be accessed and limited types can only be modified or copied within the, scope ,of the package that defines them. Ada 95 adds additional features for
  38. On the critical topics of profit, social egalitarianism, and the proper, scope ,of private property, both schools of thought agree on other issues. Of
  39. Calculators using electrical relays, that machines were built having the, scope ,Babbage had envisioned. " Mathematics during the 19th century up to the
  40. To where the vessel might swing. This is also important when determining, scope , which should be figured for high tide and not the current tide state. Swing
  41. Networks to spread the Annals gospel across Europe and the world. The, scope ,of topics covered by the journal is vast and experimental—there is a search for
  42. Then drop back to the limit of the bow cable (or to double the desired, scope , e.g. 8:1 if the eventual scope should be 4:1,10:1 if the eventual scope
  43. With no outgoing calls allowed. Some AWACS are very regional or local in, scope , while others are state-/province- or area-code-wide: there appears to be no
  44. And extensively draws on sheaf theory. Another important difference lies in the, scope ,of the subject. Grothendieck's idea of scheme provides the language and the
  45. Which vary significantly between armed forces in size, composition,and, scope ,of responsibility. In the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Air Force," Armies "
  46. Is any small application that performs one specific task that runs within the, scope ,of a larger program, often as a plug-in. An applet typically also refers to
  47. With Fashion,Kurosawa's productions had become increasingly large in, scope ,and so had the director's budgets. Too, concerned about this development
  48. Is useful for describing many reactions, it is also quite limited in its, scope , In 1923 chemists Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted and Thomas Martin Lowry
  49. Choose to anchor without them. The depth of water is necessary for determining, scope , which is the ratio of length of cable to the depth measured from the highest
  50. By Maxim Gorky, taking place in May and June 1957. In contrast to the gigantic, scope ,and sweep of Throne of Blood, The Lower Depths was shot on only two confined

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