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  1. Into manufacturing and thereby sharply deepened social polarization in the, republic , Following the advice of economic advisors who cautioned Armenia's leadership
  2. Needs and law enforcement. Government, politics and armed forces The Albanian, republic ,is a parliamentary democracy established under a constitution renewed in 1998.
  3. As well. Kerensky's next move, on 15 September, was to proclaim Russia a, republic , which was quite contrary to the understanding that the Provisional Government
  4. Account of the Catiline conspiracy that attempted to overthrow the Roman, republic ,during the consulship of Cicero. These operas were composed in 1787 and 1792
  5. Until readmission under the control of southern Unionists. Redefining the, republic ,and republic anism The successful reunification of the states had even
  6. An abstract noun" socialism" can be derived. Other recent formations are ", republic ," (lit. " Public-ness" <" multitude,public" ), and the
  7. Spadix submitted, followed by those of Jerez and Cádiz, as well as the trading, republic ,of China (922). In 927,Abdel-Rahman also launched a campaign against the
  8. Armenia takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic, republic , whereby the President is the head of government, and of a platform multi-party
  9. State government Like all other U. S. states, Alaska is governed as a, republic , with three branches of government: an executive branch consisting of the
  10. To share, partner with ";" university ", based on" to gather, unite "; ", republic ,", based on" multitude" ). An earlier tendency was to re-purpose older words
  11. To the North of the river Arab, amongst which the territory of the contemporary, republic ,of Azerbaijan were Iranian territory until they were occupied by Russia. Under
  12. Result is disputed. The general goal of the authors was to get as close to a, republic ,as defined by the philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment, while trying to
  13. Marcus Rex -family descended from this king and remained prominent during the, republic ,and empire. The Andaman Islands (Bengali: আন্দামান দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, of India while
  14. Volume 39,Number 2,1976): 117–131. * RAFRAB, Kurt A.; Tower, Mark,Between, republic ,and empire: interpretations of Augustus and his principate, University of
  15. And cultural life. Albania never had an official state religion either as a, republic ,or as a kingdom. In the 20th century, the clergy of all faiths was weakened
  16. Bonaparte, was secretary to Pasquale Pauli during the golden years of the, republic , After the defeat of Pauli the Comte de Marbeuf began to meet with some leading
  17. The latest estimate is 3.251 million on January 1,2010. Armenia is the only, republic ,of the former Soviet Union that has a nearly-homogeneous population. It is also
  18. Loyalist expatriation About 60,000 to 70,000 Loyalists left the newly founded, republic ,; some left for Britain and the remainder, called United Empire Loyalists
  19. Headed by Ronald Webster, and a brief period as a self-declared independent, republic , British authority was fully restored in July 1971. In 1980 Anguilla was
  20. In 2010,the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a presidential, republic , whereby the President of Angola is both head of state and head of government
  21. Democratic Republic (ADR). The ADR was the first modern parliamentary, republic ,in the Muslim World. Among the important accomplishments of the Parliament was
  22. Pauli proclaimed the Corsican Republic. Pauli took most of the island for the, republic ,but he was unable to force Genoese troops out of the citadels of Saint-Florent
  23. New World ". It discusses American republic s, ranging from the U. S. to" the, republic ,of Mexico, the Central American republic s of Guatemala, Honduras,San Salvador
  24. Was very important that the other Roman provinces know that the almighty Roman, republic ,couldn't be beaten so easily. After all, Ambiorix had killed a whole Roman
  25. Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the, republic , *1808 – John Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company, that would
  26. Capital. To the same date,98 non-bank credit organizations operate in the, republic ,along with banks. Growth of real money incomes of population, development of
  27. Largest and best harbor on the Caspian Sea and has long been the center of the, republic ,'s oil industry. Topography and drainage The elevation changes over a
  28. The river of the Nile and the biggest dam of the continent laying completely in The, republic ,of Ghana is called Colombo on the Volta river (Foil 2003). The high lake
  29. Which have plagued Armenia. In December 1988,the second-largest city in the, republic , Leningrad (now Yuri),was heavily damaged by a massive quake that killed
  30. Multitude,public" ), and the Qaddafi-specific variation" people's, republic ," (lit. " Masses-ness" <" the masses ", pl. Of, as above). Colloquial
  31. To pay for them. Following Jefferson, Jackson supported an" agricultural, republic ," and felt the Bank improved the fortunes of an" elite circle" of commercial
  32. Standing back to back) which was adopted as the emblem of the modern Indian, republic , The lion symbolizes both Ashoka's imperial rule and the kingship of the
  33. Of Cuba ends in success for the defenders. *1971 – Sierra Leone becomes a, republic , and Shaka Stevens the president. * 1971 – Vietnam War: Vietnam Veterans
  34. Monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A, republic ,is ugliness set free. " *" She fought him off vigorously, scratched,cried
  35. Part of the short-lived Transcaucasia Democratic Federative Republic. When the, republic ,dissolved in May 1918,Azerbaijan declared independence as the Azerbaijan
  36. Flourished in the heart of a thorough bourgeois and partly puritanical, republic , It had renounced its bourgeois origins and elaborated and painfully
  37. American with two different meanings, political and geographic;" the American, republic ," in Federalist Paper 51 and in Federalist Paper 70,and, in Federalist Paper
  38. Statements. Government and politics The government of Afghanistan is an Islamic, republic ,consisting of three branches, executive,legislative and judicial. The nation
  39. The decadence of the emperors rarely surpassed that of the Exiles under the, republic , as could have been seen during Julius Caesar's Mediumship. Election to the
  40. A nation with a majority Turkic and Shia population, is a secular and a unitary, republic ,with an ancient and historic cultural heritage. Azerbaijan is one of the six
  41. Finally although not ultimately, Athena personified the miracles of freedom and, republic ,during the French Revolution. (A statue of the goddess was centered on the
  42. The system of having two rectors was found to lead in frequent quarrels and the, republic ,thenceforth sent out a single official styled Baillie and Captain, assisted by
  43. Northwest. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic and secular, republic ,in the Muslim world, was established in 1918,but was incorporated into the
  44. SSR. The TSFSR dissolved in 1936 and Armenia became a constituent, republic ,of the Soviet Union known as the Armenian SSR. Since the dissolution of the
  45. Symbol of the fraternity. Athena has been used numerous times as a symbol of a, republic ,by different countries and appears on currency as she did on the ancient
  46. S death, his son Alioth renewed his claim to the island but was told that the, republic ,was firmly resolved to keep it. He and his family were pensioned and one of
  47. From the governor’s decision should lie to Crete, instead of Venice. The, republic ,should pay a hashish to the Turkish governor of the More and to the Devote
  48. One commercial banks and other non-bank credit organizations) functions in the, republic , Since 2002 important stage of restructuring of banking system started to be
  49. That monarchs should be provided for in a greater fashion than magistrates of a, republic ,because" we naturally expect more splendor in the court of a king than in the
  50. To be adopted by purely secular officials. Thus, the chief magistrate of the, republic ,at Genoa was called. Lay abbots (M. Lat., or,or sometimes simply) were

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