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  1. Level, Mousa in Shetland and Dun Dornaigil in Sutherland, all of whose walls, exceed ,6.5 m (21 ft) in height. Mousa's walls are the best preserved and are still
  2. In many villages where per capita income can be $20,000 or less. Fuel cost can, exceed ,$8.00 per gallon. Transportation Roads Alaska has few road connections compared
  3. Mass of microbial life in so-called" uninhabitable zones" may, in biomass, exceed ,all animal and plant life on the surface. The actual thickness of the biosphere
  4. Same figure for January is; the year averages out at. Summer temperatures can, exceed , doing so on 10 days, Out of the 45,693 households,23.0 % had children under
  5. The starting disk block of the file. The scheme is simple, but the file cannot, exceed ,its created size. Other operating systems allow a file to grow. The resulting
  6. When official data for all the world's countries are added up, exports, exceed , imports by almost 1 %; it appears the world is running a positive balance of
  7. At 192 kg; it can be reduced with a water or steel reflector but would still, exceed ,the world production of this isotope. Berkelium-247 can maintain chain reaction
  8. During flight deck operations in order to increase the wind over the deck to, exceed ,a safe minimum. This increase in effective wind speed provides a higher launch
  9. Archimedes postulates that any magnitude when added to itself enough times will, exceed ,any given magnitude. This is the Archimedes property of real numbers. In
  10. Wager on blackjack. Some games require that the blackjack wager should equal or, exceed ,any side bet wager. A non-controlling player of a blackjack hand is usually
  11. And a wingspan of. The largest are Alaskan birds, where large females may, exceed ,and have a wingspan of over. Its diet consists mainly of fish, but it is an
  12. Lowest boiling point is helium. Both the boiling points of rhenium and tungsten, exceed ,5000 K at standard pressure; because it is difficult to measure extreme
  13. The voters in their area. These local taxes have a ceiling or cap; they cannot, exceed ,$25 for each 1 % of tax assessed. These additional taxes are collected by the
  14. 600 liters compared to a mammalian requirement of 2,950 liters, which would, exceed ,the available space. The overall thoracic volume of Apatosaurus has been
  15. Ultimately result in significant unemployment as machines begin to match and, exceed ,the capability of workers to perform most routine and repetitive jobs. Ford
  16. The ostrich reaches speeds of and the red kangaroo, while the cheetah can, exceed , Bipedalism in kangaroo rats has been hypothesized to improve loco motor
  17. They are made up mostly of wood or metal. Beam bridge spans typically do not, exceed ,long, as the strength of a span decreases with increased length. However, the
  18. Climate is pleasant. In summer, temperatures in the southeast Bulgaria often, exceed ,but remain cooler by the coast. The town of Salvo, near Provide, has recorded
  19. Advantages over alternative implementations when node access times far, exceed ,access times within nodes, because then the cost of accessing the node may be
  20. Levels, and in some areas of the US, over 20 % of wells may contain levels that, exceed ,established limits. Low-level exposure to arsenic at concentrations found
  21. Then be joined into a single node with 2L−2 elements, a number which does not, exceed ,U−1 and so is a legal node. Unless it is known that this particular B-tree does
  22. Of Attica excluded, and whilst in 1674 the population of Regina did not seem to, exceed ,3000 inhabitants,2/3 of which were women. The Aeginetans had been led to
  23. Credits to each power plant in participating states. Any power plants that, exceed ,emissions for the amount of carbon credits will have to purchase more credits
  24. To the drain of an FET. Based on this definition, the drain efficiency cannot, exceed ,25 % for a class A amplifier that is supplied drain bias current through
  25. And we are starting to observe the temperature response. Present levels greatly, exceed ,the range found in the ice core data. Isotopic analysis of atmospheric confirms
  26. Will perform well and some may not survive. When boron levels in plant tissue, exceed ,200 ppm symptoms of boron toxicity are likely to appear. As an ultratrace
  27. Only using the worst words the captain had ever heard, but creating new ones to, exceed ,the limits of verbal debauchery. In March 1748,while the Greyhound was in the
  28. Bongos held in captivity in North America alone may already be similar to or, exceed ,the total number remaining in the wild. European zoos supporting bongo
  29. 13 is available only to individuals with regular income whose debts do not, exceed ,prescribed limits. If you are an individual or a sole proprietor, you are
  30. The computer would function satisfactorily. No variables could be allowed to, exceed ,the computer's limits, and differentiation was to be avoided, typically by
  31. The Magistrates' Courts deal with Contract and Tort law where claims do not, exceed ,$10,000.00. *The Supreme Court: is made up of High Court and Court of Appeals.
  32. 700 mph,1,130 km/h). Technically, the current version of the aircraft can, exceed ,its speed restriction, but not without risking potential damage to its
  33. Forming trees (e.g. Agave, Cordyline, Yucca,Dracula),some of which can, exceed ,10 m in height. Succulent genera occur in several families (e.g. Aloe). One
  34. Considerable grants and loans. Total loans extended to Armenia since 1993, exceed ,$800 million. These loans are targeted at reducing the budget deficit
  35. With a long-rod stabilizer, the long-rod having sufficient turning moment to, exceed ,the negative effect of the reverse weights, and so keep the forward roll of the
  36. The smallest specimens are those from Florida, where an adult male may barely, exceed ,and a wingspan of. The largest are Alaskan birds, where large females may
  37. In the arbitral decision, with the only real limitation being that they may not, exceed ,the limits of their authority in their award. An example of exceed ing arbitral
  38. S median income, the plan must generally be for five years. A plan cannot, exceed ,the five-year limitation. In contrast to Chapter 7,the debtor in Chapter 13
  39. S is compressible by a number c if it has a description whose length does not, exceed ,| s|-c. This is equivalent to saying K (s) \LE | s|-c. Otherwise, s is
  40. The United States Air Force also presents an Astronaut Badge to its pilots who, exceed ,in altitude. Deaths Eighteen astronauts (fourteen men and four women) have
  41. Expenditure for scientific research and Development in Albania does not, exceed ,0.18 % of GDP, which marks the lowest level in Europe. Economic competitiveness
  42. Lowlands of the extreme southeast. The yearly average in these areas can, exceed , Environmental problems Air and water pollution are widespread and pose great
  43. Was justified due to the public service remit of the BBC and that it did not, exceed ,actual costs. The channel's journalistic output has been overseen by
  44. Of the span is calculated as p: (L + R)/2,then the value (L + R) will, exceed ,the number range if last is greater than (for unsigned) 4294967295/2 or (for
  45. summer heat index can be high, even though mid-August temperatures rarely, exceed ,30 °C (86 °F). Winters are mild, with average daytime temperatures in January
  46. Year old Athlon EV6 bus architecture had scaled to its limit. To maintain or, exceed ,the performance of Intel's newer processors would require a significant
  47. That nuclear licensed sites cannot be built there — the sites would already, exceed ,legal radiation limits before they opened, and the natural topsoil and rock
  48. FAI) Sporting Code for astronautics recognizes only flights that, exceed ,an altitude of. In the United States, professional,military, and commercial
  49. Flowering ", the changes in a single minute of the Blight's life are said to, exceed ,those of 10,000 years of human civilization. Recognizing the danger of what
  50. Effects are usually ignored when the Mach number in the flow does not, exceed ,0.3 (about 335 feet (102 m) per second or 228 miles (366 km) per hour at

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