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  1. Linchpin of the historic axis (Axe historize) – a sequence of monuments and, grand ,thoroughfares on a route which goes from the courtyard of the Louvre, to the
  2. Was cemented by the famous DB5 in 1963. The company continued developing the ", grand ,touring" style with the DB6 (1965–70),and the DBS (1967–1972). In 1955
  3. F01) debuted in 2009. Based on the 5 Series' platform, the 6 Series is BMW's, grand ,touring luxury sport coupe/convertible (E63/E64). A 2-seater roadster and
  4. In fifty-three quid for £53 and forty-seven bucks for $47. A hundred and fifty, grand ,in either dialect could refer to £150,000 or $150,000 depending on context.
  5. Where Party rallies were held. Speer also made plans to reconstruct Berlin on a, grand ,scale, with huge buildings, wide boulevards, and a reorganized transportation
  6. Sphinx, and the Death of T, and drawings. In 1962,Giacometti was awarded the, grand ,prize for sculpture at the Venice Biennale, and the award brought with it
  7. Victoria, which brings together architecture, sculpture,and theater into one, grand ,conceit. The later Baroque style gradually gave way to a more decorative Rococo
  8. Of 50 dancers. With those 50 students, in July 1993,Dance Arts Project had its, grand ,opening on Chestnut Street, where it still operates today. Dance Arts Project
  9. Envoys who didn't speak English. Kelly retaliated by giving away Capp's baby, grand ,piano. According to Camp, who loved to relate the story,Kelly's two perfectly
  10. Ivan IV, considered themselves to be the rightful successors of the Athenian, grand ,duke dynasty, and their use of the name" Russia" as referring to all former
  11. About the whole business. In Mahagonny, operatic love is mutated from a, grand ,aspiration to a mere commodity. Another trope of operas is the deus ex machina
  12. Before or since to breaking the power of his northern rival, whose armies his, grand ,vizier Nevşehirli Dam at Ibrahim Pasha succeeded in completely surrounding at
  13. The palace, was designed by Sir Aston Webb and completed in 1911 as part of a, grand ,memorial to Queen Victoria. It extends from Admiralty Arch, up around the
  14. ARTEMIS is the acronym for" Architectures de kilometers pour DES Telescopes a, grand ,champ de Vue days LE domain sub-Millimetrique AU Sol," a large kilometer
  15. Bidding and making small slam (level 6,i.e. 12 tricks) and the rather rare, grand ,slam (level 7,i.e. all 13 tricks). The contracts below game level are
  16. A stable government, along with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. This, grand ,coalition comprises the three largest parties. This coalition will have a large
  17. Under the title of Douse and days la Hate Ethiopia. Both brothers received the, grand ,medal of the Paris Geographical Society in 1850. Abbasid, a Basque and
  18. Was flagging, and have become iconic events of the war. In 1777,as part of a, grand ,strategy to end the war, the British sent an invasion force from Canada to seal
  19. Australia, Ceylon,Egypt, Italy,France, and England. The tour returned to, grand ,receptions in New York, Philadelphia,and Chicago. The tour included future
  20. In peace if he returned to Russia. The whole matter was solemnly submitted to a, grand ,council of prelates, senators,ministers and other dignitaries on 13 June 1718.
  21. On the banks of the Goose River, is marked by a cross he made himself. His, grand ,niece Anne-Marie Schweitzer Sartre was the mother of Jean-Paul Sartre.
  22. 1687–91) in 1691. Ahmed II's best known act was to confirm Mustafa Copula as, grand ,vizier. Only a few weeks after his accession the Ottoman Empire sustained a
  23. Office. In the following century, on the South slope, Herodes Atticus built his, grand ,Deon. During the 3rd century, under threat from a Peruvian invasion, repairs
  24. The image of" Apollo riding his chariot across the Sun was appropriate to the, grand ,scale of the proposed program. " While NASA went ahead with planning for Apollo
  25. Was then sold to another PC manufacturer, Gateway 2000,which had announced, grand ,plans for it. However, in 2000,Gateway sold the Amiga brand without having
  26. In 1801,and named in honor of Alessandro Volta, with Bell receiving the third, grand ,prize in its history. Since Bell was becoming increasingly affluent, he used
  27. Plagiarism or Semi-Pelagianism. Arminius referred to Plagiarism as" the, grand ,falsehood" and stated that he" must confess that I detest, from my heart, the
  28. Set out to defeat him. This campaign, initially against Bess us, turned into a, grand ,tour of Central Asia, with Alexander founding a series of new cities, all
  29. Important settlements in the Roman period, but it was Ankara that grew into a, grand ,metropolis. An estimated 200,000 people lived in Ankara in good times during
  30. B was introduced by the FIA in 1982 as replacement for both Group 4 (modified, grand ,touring) and Group 5 (touring prototypes) cars. The IMA GT Series evolved
  31. Of Calais, for example, is found in fourteen cities. And Rodin's bronze Eve, grand ,model—version sans richer sold for $18.9 million at a 2008 Christie's auction
  32. The time it was built, and the first to employ pre-stressed concrete. It has a, grand ,reception area and is surrounded by Japanese-style gardens; and it has had many
  33. BALCO's connections with athletes from baseball and many other sports. During, grand ,jury testimony in December 2003 – which was illegally leaked to the San
  34. In October 1747,when the chiefs of the Afghans met at a loyal JIRA (, grand ,council) in Kandahar to select a new ruler for the Abdul confederation, the
  35. Arbitrage opportunities in commodities, goods,securities and currencies, on a, grand ,scale, tend to change exchange rates until the purchasing power is equal. In
  36. In sports car racing, production derived versions of sports cars also known as, grand ,tourers (GTS),and purpose built sports prototype cars compete within their
  37. In chronicles written by Jan of Carnot, he spoke of the Lithuanian, grand ,duke Jail and his mother being imprisoned in 1381 at" Albeit Russian
  38. Bass in 2005. Adler's 11- and 12-string instruments have the same range as a, grand ,piano. Sub-contra basses, such as C#-F#-B-E (" C#" being at 17.32 Hz (C♯0)
  39. A doctor and his job are to relieve human suffering. He does not do it for any, grand , religious purpose, like Panel (Room does not believe in God),or as part
  40. Number of his works and sketches are displayed. Three of his bronzes grace the, grand ,staircase of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City: Summer (1910–11)
  41. Of Nader Shah in 1747,the Afghans gathered near Kandahar at a loyal JIRA (", grand ,assembly" ) to select their head of state from a group of generals and Ahmad
  42. Help students see the beautiful artistry of the subject they are studying. The, grand ,style is not quite as elegant as the mixed style, but is exciting and heartfelt
  43. Only diamond mine). In the year 1687 the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb led his, grand ,Mughal army against the Deccan Qutbshahi fortress of Golconda the only diamond
  44. Donelson, who died in 1804. Andrew Jackson Hutchins was Rachel's orphaned, grand ,nephew. Caroline Butler, Eliza Butler, Edward Butler, and Anthony Butler were
  45. Law The Aruba legal system is based on the Dutch model. Instead of juries or, grand ,juries, in Aruba, legal jurisdiction lies with a Each in Verse Analog (
  46. some players had conspired to purposefully lose. At last, in 1920,a, grand ,jury was convened to investigate these and other allegations of fixed baseball
  47. Together with Theodosius and Ephors, for the" rhetorical effects and, grand ,periods" these historians implausibly gave to men in the midst of urgent
  48. Power and control. Baroque palaces are built around an entrance of courts, grand ,staircases and reception rooms of sequentially increasing opulence. Etymology
  49. Are completely ruined, but enough remains to enable us to identify the, grand ,cruciform church, the cloister-court with the chapter house, the refecrefectory
  50. Recognized position within the empire's borders. His demands were certainly, grand ,— the concession of a block of territory 200 miles long by 150 wide between the

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