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  1. Above the doorway of this cave, is a lovely fantasy. All the paintings seem to, illustrate ,the beauty of nature and human love and happiness as described by the poet of
  2. And Faulkner bought several of her drawings of her rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, to, illustrate , verses by Frederic Weather titled A Happy Pair. In 1893 the same printer
  3. The industrial working class. In this work, he uses both vitriol and satire to, illustrate ,how this marginalized social stratum was termed" Hands" by the factory owners
  4. They did during apartheid. The popular saying by 'Colored' South Africans to, illustrate ,their dilemma is: In 2008,the High Court in South Africa ruled that Chinese
  5. Result. Of course this particular equation can be solved at sight, but it does, illustrate ,that when general formulas are used to solve cubic equations with real roots
  6. And webmaster of the site WWW. Berlinbrigade. Com. The stamps splendidly, illustrate ,that even twenty years on, veterans of service in Berlin still regard their
  7. Will also lead to God's blessing. In the sixth dispute, the people of Israel, illustrate ,the extent of their disillusionment. Malachi has them say" 'It is vain to
  8. Or enjoy it. The Palace of Versailles and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, illustrate ,this view: such vast collections of art are the preserve of the rich, of
  9. nation's wealth and achievement. With this fictional strike, Rand intended to, illustrate ,that without the efforts of the rational and productive, the economy would
  10. Flora and wildlife. Maps are included for each walk while photographs, illustrate ,the routes and give a sense of the striking landscape. This is the most
  11. Released a bouncing ball demo at the 1978 Consumer Electronics Show, to, illustrate , the capabilities of the VIC chip. A similar theme was used by Amiga Corporation
  12. In addition to rich dinosaur fossils, there are also plant fossils that, illustrate ,the reduction in plant species across the K–T boundary. In the sediments below
  13. The person uttering it. Events are that which can be said to occur. To, illustrate , consider the claim" John went to a ballgame "; if true, then we must
  14. Was later collected by her father, was a great influence. When she started to, illustrate , she chose first the traditional rhymes and stories,“ Cinderella ”,“ Sleeping
  15. Powerful bishops like Eugenics of Caesar and Eugenics of Comedian, further, illustrate , how Arius' subordinationist Christology was shared by other Christians in the
  16. Treated with sympathy and respect, using the analogy of doctor and patient to, illustrate ,the ideal relationship between prosecutor and criminal. In the Consolation
  17. Sports Channel clips from other broadcaster's sports output would be used to, illustrate ,the sports headlines. The BBC took BSB to court to sue them for copyright
  18. Hydrogen ions (), be used in favor of the older accepted term" polonium" to, illustrate ,reaction mechanisms such as those defined in the Brønsted–Lowry and solvent
  19. Pitch accent system much like modern Japanese. A very common example used to, illustrate ,the use of tones in Chinese are four tones of Standard Chinese applied to the
  20. Secret when it is revealed explicitly in Galt's Speech. Rear den also serves to, illustrate ,Rand's theory of sex. Lillian Rear den cannot appreciate Hank Rearden's
  21. Include ethidium bromide and acridine. Examples The following DNA sequences, illustrate ,pair double-stranded patterns. By convention, the top strand is written from
  22. A negative number. The remaining 14 combinations are invalid signs. To, illustrate ,signed BCD subtraction, consider the following problem: 357 − 432. In signed
  23. This country is, after all, a huge melting pot. Why should its cooking not, illustrate ,the American transformation of diversity into unity? Puck's former colleague
  24. Of colonialism and many others as root causes of Man's inhumanity to man. To, illustrate ,the depth of an anthropological approach, one can take just one of these topics
  25. To convey a specific emotion or mood, to address personal psychology, to, illustrate , another discipline, to (with commercial arts) to sell a product, or simply as
  26. U+06xx are ones for +. All other ligatures (+, etc.) are optional. Example to, illustrate ,it is below. The exact outcome may depend on your browser and font
  27. Able to memorize it. This story may be true, or it may be a myth intended to, illustrate ,the young Alfred's love of learning. Legend also has it that the young Alfred
  28. Instead, it transforms by beta-decay into 249Bk:: \math rm The above reactions, illustrate ,that although 247Bk is the most stable isotope of berkelium, its production in
  29. Between the sixth and seventh syllables (as the examples from Pope below, illustrate ,). Robert Bridges noted that in the lyrical sections of Samson Agonists
  30. A large population would make it impossible to control the flow of trade. To, illustrate ,this point, Bairoch offers an example:" Western Europe during the
  31. Mad cow disease and issues such as the use of genetically modified organisms), illustrate , the complexity and importance of this debate. Fields or related disciplines
  32. Relative complement and the absolute complement from the previous section. To, illustrate ,these ideas, let A be the set of left-handed people, and let B be the set of
  33. Of salvation. * God purposely exercises his sovereignty in ways that do not, illustrate ,its extent – in other words, He has the power and authority to predetermine
  34. Credited to Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869,who intended the table to, illustrate ,recurring trends in the properties of the elements. The layout of the table has
  35. The universe while using bold and hard-to-demonstrate hypotheses. However, they, illustrate , the beginning of a phenomenon sometimes called the" Greek miracle ": men try
  36. That will enable the manual or automatic stopping of malicious applets. To, illustrate ,this method, AppletGuard was used to observe and control any applet in a
  37. Names. Aesop's Fables (6th century BC) compares the rose to the amaranth to, illustrate ,the difference in fleeting and everlasting beauty:: A Rose and an Amaranth
  38. Articles in the Journal fur Practice Cherie. Some translated quotes, illustrate ,his manner of articulating the deep conflict between his interpretation of
  39. Bees are one of the few insects regularly used on advertisements, being used to, illustrate ,honey and foods made with honey (such as Honey Nut Cheerios). In ancient
  40. Scored 8/10. In Olympiad play, Karpov lost only two games out of 68 played. To, illustrate ,Karpov's dominance over his peers as champion, his score was +11 −2 20 versus
  41. From virtually every site of importance in Egypt and the Sudan. Together they, illustrate ,every aspect of the cultures of the Nile Valley (including Nubia),from the
  42. Farmer keenly interested in land preservation. She continued to write, illustrate ,and design spin-off merchandise based on her children’s books for Warner until
  43. Matter. His works typically utilized delightful and decorative designs to, illustrate ,graceful stories with Arcadian shepherds, goddesses and cupids playing against
  44. For the reprinting of four panels (from Batman #79,92,105 and 139) to, illustrate ,Christopher York's paper All in the Family: Homophobia and Batman Comics in
  45. LED arrays, dubbed the" blinkenlights ", were built into the front bezel to, illustrate ,the CPU load. The bottom most LED on the right side indicated hard disk activity
  46. History - Deuteronomy, Joshua,Judges, Samuel and Kings - was intended to, illustrate ,a theological scheme in which Israel and her leaders are judged by their
  47. Be news games. These are short games related to contemporary events designed to, illustrate ,a point. For example, TAKE ACTION games is a game studio collective that was
  48. King of the Danes. The first section of the poem, ( the first),helps the poet, illustrate ,the settings of the poem by introducing Hrothgar’s lineage. The funeral leads
  49. Began to write hymns with poet William Cowper. " Amazing Grace" was written to, illustrate ,a sermon on New Year's Day of 1773. It is unknown if there was any music
  50. And yet greatly vary from one another in both style and content and also, illustrate ,De Palma's evolution as a film-maker. In essence, the excesses of Scarface

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