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  1. Of macroeconomic stabilization and related reform measures, as well as to, undertake ,increased privatization and to create a favorable climate for business and
  2. Refused to bear the additional expense, whereupon the patricians offered to, undertake ,it, on condition that they were admitted to the mediumship. The plebeians
  3. This figure. This is especially crucial during tough economic times as airlines, undertake ,massive cuts to ticket prices in order to retain demand. Operating costs
  4. Not possible to achieve our objectives with Castro in power and had agreed to, undertake ,the program referred to by Mr. Merchant. In July and August we had been busy
  5. Minister Edward Heath commissioning the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widely to, undertake ,it. Many witnesses intended to boycott the tribunal as they lacked faith in
  6. Barrister ". However, before they can practice independently they must first, undertake ,12 months of papillae. The first six months of this period is spent shadowing
  7. Of absence (later extended) thus enabling him to write for La Scala and to, undertake ,a tour of Italy. Salieri's Italian tour of 1778–80 began with the production
  8. Dollar limit on military aid to South Vietnam. *1979 – In Afghanistan, Maoists, undertake , an attempted military uprising. *1981 – Ronald Reagan fires 11,359 striking
  9. Approval from the Secretary of State) invest in UK companies, providing they, undertake ," not to influence the affairs of the company ". BEEN is no longer exempt from
  10. He wouldn't play until he got his raise, suggesting that he might retire to, undertake ,other profitable ventures. Free finally lost patience with Ruth, and decided
  11. In agreement on the issue. Ansgar was convinced he was commanded by heaven to, undertake ,this mission, and was influenced by a vision he received when he was concerned
  12. The first decade of his reign, and had no longer the energy required to, undertake ,the task suggested to him. The consequence was that the relations between
  13. In December 1963 and by the following year the United Nations agreed to, undertake ,peacekeeping operations (UNITY). UN-sponsored negotiations to develop
  14. Pace and Alcestis C. Rig ode Righi, the group travelled to British India to, undertake ,the task. Throughout the expedition, there was much argument between Crowley
  15. Disarmament at Geneva and at the United Nations. It provides that the Parties, undertake ,not to develop, produce,stockpile, acquire or retain biological agents or
  16. Or medical bills. BAP CPA also requires individuals seeking bankruptcy relief to, undertake ,credit counseling with approved counseling agencies prior to filing a
  17. Advertising in comic books and other publications encouraged many young men to, undertake ,weight training to improve their physiques to resemble the comic books '
  18. King of Persia to commission a Jewish leader (Zerubbabel, Ezra,Nehemiah) to, undertake ,a mission; the leader completes his mission in the face of opposition; and
  19. Vary among the different groups. Many land birds, shorebirds,and waterbirds, undertake ,annual long distance migrations, usually triggered by the length of daylight as
  20. Having no set migration route. Albatrosses nesting in the Southern Ocean often, undertake ,circumpolar trips between breeding seasons. Some bird species undertake shorter
  21. The Second World War, this frequently required the person seeking exemption to, undertake ,civilian work under the direction of the authorities. During the Second World
  22. In general, out of repair, and I am sure it requires no little courage to, undertake ,the management of a fleet furnished with such tools. " Nelson's arrival
  23. However, forced him to retire to Bohemia, but he was soon recalled to, undertake ,the task of checking Moreau's advance on Vienna. The result of the Battle of
  24. With approved counseling agencies prior to filing a bankruptcy petition and to, undertake ,education in personal financial management from approved agencies prior to
  25. Capable of reaching India. * 1998 – Travelers Group announces an agreement to, undertake ,the $76 billion merger between Travelers and Chicory, and the merger is
  26. Previously trained at the Hayden camp before coming to the United States to, undertake ,his mission. The U. S. Government further alleges that Ahmed Essay stated that
  27. He marched to the neighborhood of Constantinople but, finding himself unable to, undertake ,a siege, retraced his steps westward and then marched southward through
  28. Often undertake circumpolar trips between breeding seasons. Some bird species, undertake ,shorter migrations, travelling only as far as is required to avoid bad weather
  29. Then those of the universal church; accusing this of being an excuse not to, undertake ,systematic doctrine at all. Contrariwise, Sykes notes a high degree of
  30. Are certain aspects of a solicitor's role that a barrister is not able to, undertake , France In France, avocats, or attorneys, were,until the 20th century, the
  31. Under orders from the Select Committee on South Australia in Britain not to, undertake ,any public works, promptly oversaw construction of a governor's house, the
  32. And made preparations for a Crusade. He agreed with the Republic of Venice to, undertake ,the delivery of his troops to the Holy Land, in exchange he renounced the
  33. From Cuba under appropriate United Nations observation and supervision; and, undertake , with suitable safeguards, to halt the further introduction of such weapon
  34. Exhibit cultural transmission of knowledge across generations. Many species, undertake ,long distance annual migrations, and many more perform shorter irregular
  35. Demonstrate the existence of a population large enough and organized enough to, undertake ,constructions of considerable size and sophistication, such as the burial mound
  36. Army to forestall Ballard. But this reticence to fight induced Marlborough to, undertake ,a controversial policy of spoliation in Bavaria, burning buildings and crops
  37. The Avers. Historians consider this the decisive factor in convincing Albion to, undertake ,a migration, even though there are indications that before the war with the
  38. Apprenticeship, whereby an apprentice slowly developed the necessary skills to, undertake ,their job. For some specializations within conservation this is still the case.
  39. Derive their authority over their followers. The need to persuade his nobles to, undertake ,work for the 'common good' led Alfred and his court scholars to strengthen and
  40. The Bar-tailed God wit is capable of non-stop flights of up to. Seabirds also, undertake ,long migrations, the longest annual migration being those of Sooty Shear waters
  41. Court and present the case before a judge or jury. In some jurisdictions they, undertake ,additional training in order to hone their skills with evidence law, ethics
  42. PB. Because of the enormous size of the project—too large for any company to, undertake ,alone—the design and construction of the Big Dig were broken up into dozens of
  43. Through the relevant legal procedure or litigation. Before a barrister can, undertake ,Public Access work, he must have completed a special course. At present, about
  44. For the lower incidence of major diseases and better health of those who, undertake ,regular exercise. However, no benefits for physical performance to athletes are
  45. Participants are contacted and asked whether they would be prepared to, undertake ," a particular type of work as a contribution to the war effort ". The
  46. Shadowing more senior practitioners, after which pupil barristers may begin to, undertake ,some court work of their own. Following successful completion of this stage
  47. The Viking raiders. However, the Vikings lacked both the equipment necessary to, undertake ,a siege against the Bush and a developed doctrine of siege craft, having
  48. With the mother-in-law for whom she had built up an affection, and offer to, undertake ,the back-breaking and humble work of gleaning (Leviticus 23:22) to support
  49. With a strong beer culture. In the same year, Hawke accepted a scholarship to, undertake ,doctoral studies in the area of arbitration law in the law department of the
  50. However, these initial forays into experimentation with sound led Bell to, undertake ,his first serious work on the transmission of sound, using tuning forks to

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